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Alli Diet Pill - Yes or No?

Updated on July 20, 2009

What is the Alli Diet Pill?

The Alli diet pill is recommended for people with a BMI over 28. An estimate for working out your BMI … the average height for girls is 5’6” at this height your BMI is 28 if you weight over 79kg (12st 6lbs). I’m not sure about the average height for men, but at 5’11” your BMI is 28 if your weight is over 92kg (14st7lbs). From what I understand, it used to only be available from your doctor but has recently been given permission to be bought over the counter from a pharmacy. According to the Alli diet pill website, the pill will only work effectively with a healthy eating plan, so they give you target amounts of fat that you should eat and suggestions as to what the best things to eat would be. They claim that for every 2lb that you lose by yourself Alli will help you lose 1lb more. You are recommended to take three a day, or with every meal (so if you skip a meal you skip a pill). Alli (and its main ingredient orlistat) works with the enzymes that digest fat to prevent it being absorbed and digested in your body.

But where does the fat go?

 … you may be wondering. You still ingest it, it’s in your body unabsorbed and undigested. Perhaps it’s obvious to you where it goes. This is to an extent true. At this point I’d like to point out that I’ve never taken these pills so have never had the following happen to me. The Alli diet pill website states that “the unabsorbed fat passes naturally out of your body in your stools.” Well, I suppose this is true to an extent; as natural as unabsorbed fat in your body is. But think about it: fat is liquid or kinda jelly-ish it’s not just going to wait around in your system. It can just slip out places when you don’t mean for it to! When your muscles relax, when you sneeze for example, it can easily just come pouring out of you. You don’t even have to sneeze, you’re just sitting at your desk at work, or out doing shopping or whatever you do from day to day and suddenly you feel a strange sensation and a massive grease spot appears on the ass of your trousers or you feel it running down your leg. Can you imagine anything worse?

But surely people wouldn’t take these if they knew what they did?

… I hear you cry. Well you wouldn’t think so would you! I first heard about this when it was on the news several months ago, when the Alli diet pill had just started being sold in pharmacies and people starting taking it unaware of it’s side effects. As far as I know there aren’t any other effects. According to the website the passing of fat through the body, will vary in quantity depending on how much fat you take in in the first place. This makes sense, and should keep you honest. If you start eating tons of chocolate, burgers, milkshakes and indulging in other guilty pleasures then it will reflect in the amount of fat that is unabsorbed. So that’s another reason to stick to a low-fat diet. Obviously the website also suggests lots of exercise as well. A friend of mine thought that it would be hilariously funny to try out these pills (although thank goodness she didn’t in the end). I wondered on what planet it would be funny to have to wear diapers all day and worry about fat just ejecting from your body and random intervals during the day. Perhaps it just seems so gross to me because I sneeze a lot!


I’m just curious, is there anyone who thinks it is actually worth it?


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    • profile image

      steph 8 years ago

      Eww, side effects do not sound great do they? I don't see the point to be honest, with diet and exercise you can get all the results you want if you do it right. I've seen a good documentary on BBC4 I think it was recently about this, and the bottom line (and their conclusion) was that there was no such thing as quick fixes. Diet pills, not a great idea unless you are extremely overweight and/or your doctor has recommended them directly to you.

    • jenblacksheep profile image

      jenblacksheep 8 years ago from England

      Thanx CG, but I'm not actually thinkin about taking them, I just think they are crazy n wonder if anyone really would take them!