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Diet For People With Gout

Updated on November 3, 2011

The right diet for gout sufferers will minimize the pain and damage from gout and arthritis.

Eat the right foods and your gout will thank you for it by staying away most of the time. But eat the wrong foods, and your gouty arthritis will punish you with all the agony and suffering of an acute gout attack. You have been warned!

People who have never experienced gout cannot begin to imagine the pain of this crippling disease, which has been around for thousands of years. It was once thought that gout was only a rich man's disease, and I say a man's disease because it affects mostly males over thirty, and mostly those who are overweight. But gout can affect females as well, and you don't have to be fat to get gout.

I'm just sure that it helps! ;-)

If Have Gout, Avoid High-Purine Foods

Gout trigger foods you must avoid

Well-known gout trigger foods include sherry, bacon and ham, but these are just a tip of the iceberg of food types you should exclude from your menu if you want the gout to leave you alone.

All alcoholic drinks are chancy things to enjoy when you have the gout. The worst for setting off an acute gout attack are beer beverages and red wines, especially the fortified red wines such as port and sherry.

All red meats are high in purines, so they add to the buildup of uric acid in your blood that is massing to strike you down when you least expect (or want) it to give you a screaming gout attack. The offal meats such as sweetmeat (brain), liver and kidneys are particularly high in purines.

In my own experience, one taste of one of these foods when I have relaxed and let my guard down, has resulted in a painful gout attack which had me limping about the place in agony for the next four or five days before I could bring it under control again with the prescription drugs I keep in my medicine chest.

Since red meat is bad for you when you've got gout, you would expect that white meats and fish would be okay. But they aren't really. It's not just meat... it is the high protein that is bad for gout as well.

Some white meats are okay and some not, but in small amounts. Chicken is fine if you eat it in moderation, but turkey flesh is apparently bad for gout and is a no-no.

Most fish are okay, but not all. All crabs, lobsters, shrimp and prawns, crayfish (crawdads), oysters, cockles, mussels and other shellfish are bad for gout. So don't eat them. And be sure to limit the amount of protein meat or fish that you eat each day to four ounces or so (or 5 oz for men).

Safe Foods For Gout Sufferers

No booze, no steaks, no shellfish... So what does that leave us with?

Think vegetarian if you want to be free from gout attacks. You don't have to be 100 percent vegetarian, but limiting meat or fish to two or three times a week and no more would be a very good start.

You can get your protein quota from cheese, eggs, milk, yogurt, tofu and beans. So your body will have everything it needs for good health.

Dahl is used as a meat substitute for millions of people in India. Beans are eaten by millions in South America, and tofu (bean curd) is eaten by more millions in China and Japan. Many in the middle-east live on chickpeas for their protein.They don't obsess on eating meat or flesh every day, and when they do it is usually chicken or maybe fish.

All you need then is a little rice or noodles, or a couple of boiled potatoes, and some freshly-cooked vegetables or a salad. Raw veggies in a salad are especially good for you, and they also keep you regular (no constipation).

Cherries for Gout

A lot of folks swear by cherry juice as an effective cure for gout attack or as a preventative. I love to drink cherry juice and to snack on cherries, but they have never gotten rid of a gout attack for me. You may have better luck.

You also need to see your medical doctor, and have him or her prescribe some gout medications for you. These meds are not expensive, but they are not over-the-counter drugs. They need a doctor's prescription. The meds are necessary to prevent the high uric acid in your blood from causing irreparable damage to the joints of your body because, you should remember, gout is a form of arthritis. it is nothing to be trifled with.

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    • profile image

      Mark 14 months ago

      Im confused also. Different sites say different foods are bad or good for gout. I been suffering over 6 years and its taking a toll on me

    • profile image

      GeordieDoonsooth 5 years ago

      I've suffered from gout for a number of years and have tried many cures. The medicines from the doctor have huge very bad side effects. I've looked at sites like this for foods I can & cannot eat and frankly I am totally confused for example your site says I can eat chick peas other sites say I shouldn't Some say eat peanuts others say avoid them at all costs. I am completely confused.

    • gedanate profile image

      gedanate 5 years ago

      @GoutDiet: Now that is interesting, because I can tell you that the sugar in soft drinks is 50 percent Fructose and 50 percent Glucose. The body has no problems with glucose, which is what the brain "burns" as its fuel. But fructose damages the body's natural appetite-regulation systems, according to the book, Sweet Poison by David Gillespie. So sweetened sodas cause obesity. Even sodas without sugar are bad for us all. I don't drink any sodas any more. See

    • GoutDiet profile image

      GoutDiet 5 years ago

      You have provided excellent information on gout and gout diet for the relief of gout attacks and pain. Another item to avoid is sugared soft drinks. Studies have shown that high sugar content soft drinks can cause gout attacks.