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Easy Ways to Eat Healthier and Save Time and Money

Updated on July 25, 2018
Erich Heinlein profile image

Erich has been a health and fitness coach over the last five years

It seems that more often than not a lot of things that take time to cook are the best for you. However, over the last couple of years that statement is starting to change.

Replacement foods that can be healthier and sometimes quicker

It is no secret that in today's busy world eating healthy can be a challenge. It seems that more often than not a lot of things that take time to cook are the best for you. However, over the last couple of years that statement is starting to change. The rest of this article is going to talk about some foods that can very easily be turned into something healthier and/or quicker so here they are:

  • Pasta: Usually with pretty much any type of pasta you have to throw it in a pot and make it with sauce that has to be cooked and you have to watch it for a period of time. While pasta is generally considered to be reasonably healthy food the main downside is that it has a lot of carbohydrates which is terrible for the evening because carbs gives you energy.

The healthier version? Lentil pasta. The advantage to cooking lentil pasta is you don't have to cook it with sauce and instead of putting it over a stove you just throw it in the microwave for about three to four minutes. Why is lentil pasta healthier you may ask? Because it has less carbs. The only exception to eating regular pasta is if you are an endurance athlete and need to load up on carbs for a race within that week.

  • Ice cream This one is an american favorite. Very few people if any dislike Ben and Jerry's and Mayfield which is OK in moderation. However, there is a much version healthier of ice cream called Halo Top. It is only 320 calories and it actually has lots of protein with it which can help you feel fuller for a longer period of time and therefore you will end up eating less of it.
  • Vegetables On this one I am NOT saying vegetables are unhealthy. This is quite simply a faster way to cook traditional vegetables. The health benefits are the same There is a company called Bird's Eye which makes vegetables and instead of putting them over the stove you can put them in the microwave and it is considered an entire meal. Even a college student who knows nothing about cooking can't screw this one up. It's actually what you don't do that can ruin it more than what you do to cook it. The directions are quite simply throw the bag in the microwave heat it up and take the vegetables out. What you don't do? Take the vegetables out before microwaving.
  • Pepper In some ways pepper actually can be good for you with clearing sinuses and things like that. But an even healthier version? Chia seeds. Even a teaspoon of chia seeds has as many omega 3's as fish and also has high volumes of iron which is key for women, especially when it comes to be that time of the month. You can put chia seeds on pretty much anything that goes well with pepper plus it also tastes good on peanut butter toast.
  • Bread This one can be tricky. The main downside to some versions of bread is the excess carbs which can have the same negative effects of pasta and if eaten to much can even deplete your energy. Here is an article from Men's that gives healthiest types of bread. The main issue with bread is the excessive amount of carbs and sugars that are in bread.

So what are the biggest things to look for in healthy foods? Those that are low in sodium and sugar, foods that are lower in carbs and contain lots of protein and vitamins to keep you fuller longer.

Cauliflower potatoes which is a Bird's Eye product pairs well with steak.
Cauliflower potatoes which is a Bird's Eye product pairs well with steak.

Information on replacement foods

Where it can be purchased
Why it's healthier
Bird's eye vegetables
Amazon, Food City, Walmart, Target
A lot of the foods are made with cauliflower and carbs are taken out
Halo top ice cream
Walgreens, Food City, Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods,, Amazon
Has more protein and significantly less carbs and sugar than most ice cream
Chia seeds
Walmart, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods
Has significantly more omega 3's along with Iron and Magnesium
Note: Retail list is not extensive and prices are average

Which healthy food are you looking forward to trying

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