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Diet Breakers That You Should Watch Out For!

Updated on July 21, 2018

Losing weight is one of the frustrating goals that people set. You work out. You make sure that you eat healthy, low fat foods. But, somehow, none of the things that you do work. When you eat lunch with your colleagues, you glance at the meals that they are enjoying and can't help but wish that you could exchange the carrot sticks that you are eating with the fries that the person beside you is munching. Not only does your unsatisfied craving make you feel miserable, you just can't get any satisfaction when you look at the weighing scale. What is keeping you from losing weight?

The Truth About Weight Loss

Weight loss revolves around one rule: You lose weight whenever the calories that you take in is lesser than the calories that you burn. It is true that even if we don't move, we burn a lot of calories. And, yes, you do burn calories when you work out or do a physical activity. But then, in order to make sure that you are doing enough, you should know the number of calories that you burn. You can do this by using a BMR (Basal Metabollic Rate) Calculator and computing the amount of calories that you burn for each activity that you do.

Another value that you should look at is the calorie content of the foods that you eat everyday. You may try to eat the right type of foods and maybe a little of the high calorie stuff that you like, but this doesn't mean that you are doing enough. Sometimes, the little things that we do can cause big damages to our diet. And, we end up not burning more than what we take in. Here are some seemingly harmless practices that can ruin your weight loss program.

Not Minding The Fluids That You Take In

For people who want to lose weight, water is actually the best fluid to take in. It doesn't contain any calories. The same cannot be said for other fluids. Although juices contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your body, too much of it can be bad for diet. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains 111.1 calories. So, think about how many glasses of juice you drink in a day. That extra glass of juice may be the reason why you couldn't ditch those pounds.

Another liquid villain we should point our fingers at is coffee. Although coffee is a low-calorie beverage (approximately, 0.592 calories for brewed coffee), just think about the things that you add to your coffee. A teaspoon of sugar (15 calories) here and a teaspoon of cream (20 calories) there can add to almost a hundred calories if you drink coffee three times a day.

And, when you work out, what do you drink? Sports drinks do contain calories. 8 fl. oz. of Gatorade, for example, has around 75 calories. Although this is good for you since it helps you rehydrate, you should perahps stick to only one bottle and a lot of water. Taking in two bottles mean that you'll be consuming 150 calories.

Take note that even though 100 calories may not be a lot on its own, it can be a lot when you start taking a good look at the amount of calories that you consume per day.

Eating a piece of this and another piece of this....

When you eat something one piece at a time, it's difficult to define how much you've eaten. Sometimes you even lose count. Shrimps, for example, are great low-calorie treats. That is, if you eat around 3 ounces which is approximately 80 to 90 calories. But, can you imagine what can happen if you eat more than three ounces at one time? And, if you have a shrimp platter in a party, it's really difficult to count how much you'd end up eating.

Think about the types of low-calorie foods that you munch on and don't keep track of. Although their calorie content is low, you could end up damaging your diet by eating up too much of these products. Do you honestly have an idea how much you are eating?

Not exercising enough.

You should start calculating the calories that you burn for the activities that you do. Although 30 minutes of physical activity per day is advisable, it may not be enough to make you lose weight. You may need to do more than that in order to burn more than you eat. You may walk to your office everyday or use the stairs instead of the elevator. But, this may not be enough after you've added up the calories that you've burned and deducted it from those that you have consumed. So, it's either you add more physical activities in your daily routine or you eliminate some of the extra food sources that increase your calorie consumption in order to lose weight. This can only be done by taking note of the things that you do and the things that you eat. Monitoring the calories that you take in and burn with a food-activity diary can help you find out where you've gone wrong.

© 2008 Shanti Rose


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