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Diets, Weight Loss And Food For Life

Updated on June 26, 2014

Diets and Food For Life

This is not one of the usual articles about weight loss, why you need a diet, how to live your life healthier and fitter and recommending how many servings of vegetables and fruits you should have a day. I could give you all the book advice about how many calories a day you should eat, warn you that McDonald's and Burger King have higher nutritional numbers on their labels than I have in my bank account. I could, but you already know that.

Now a veteran of Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, Nutrisystem, Scarsdale diet, Slim Fast, starving myself and many other well known diet plans, I am always battling the scale, dreading the special events and worried about my weight. I have successfully lost and kept off the weight sometimes for years. Each time I gain a little less that I have to lose, but I hate that I re-gain it at all. It's not easy and I know I'm not alone in this battle so I just wanted to share, if not my food, than at least my thoughts along this weight loss journey that is as much a part of my life as anything else.

Can life really expect you to never have another cupcake in order to be healthy? Life has to be sweeter than that!

Recipe For Weight Loss Success

Recipes For Success
Recipes For Success

Recipes are measured and mixed, stirred and baked. The right ingredients rise to the occasion and when the time is up you have a whole bunch of different spoonfuls, cups, dashes and pinches that turned out just right and leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Today's healthy living and fitness recommendations no matter which diet plan you look at all say the same have to change your way of eating for life. Not for six months, one month or two years. For Life. Fruits and vegetables in abundance, lots of green salads with little or no dressing. Protein is good, but only a portion the size of the palm of your hand, and only so much a day. Cut down on the calories, cholesterol, sodium, fats, carbohydrates, soda, sugar and there you have it, you are fit for life! So easy, why didn't we think of that?


Nutrisystem is great. It's that simple. Food delivered to your door about once a month. Pre-packaged in the perfect portions means no weighing, no measuring, no worrying about sneaking that little bit extra while your cooking or cleaning. Hungry and ready to eat? Your food will take about a minute to heat in the micro while you are cutting up your salad or preparing your vegetables to go with it. You provide the lettuce and salad fixings or vegetables and Nutrisystem sends you everything else. A really nice assortment of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks you can choose on your own or let NS choose for you.

How's the food? The food tastes great! I really like it and although I admit I'm not a gourmet let's face it, how many of us are. Sometimes my biggest problem is choosing which meal to have because I like so many of them. I look forward to eating again and not dealing with the agony of worry about cheating, portions, cooking and now even clean up is easy. How can pre-packaged foods be good for you? I don't know but they are and I really like them. The commercials and ads are big on the pizza and burgers so I thought that would be some favorites but the truth is I really love the Chicken Pasta Penne, and the Sausage Beans and Rice oh and did I mention the rotini and meatballs? Thats only a few of my favorites and while there are some I like better than others, I haven't really tried anything except one breakfast that I didn't like much.

Decisions, decisions - should I have the banana nut muffin - cinnamon bun or blueberry muffin?

Oh and have I lost weight? I started in November 2009 and in a month I lost 10 pounds and best of all I wasn't miserable, hungry or grumpy. In two months I lost just under 20 pounds and still wasn't starving, mean or praying for a chinese buffet. In fact I was feeling great! Today I am 22 pounds down and I am so grateful to Nutrisystem, it's plan and foods, it's wonderful online support and awesome food.

What Made Me Try Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem Pancakes
Nutrisystem Pancakes

My daughter. I never would have thought of really doing it. It seemed so extreme. It seemed like it was for people who couldn't do a real diet. It seemed crazy to have food delivered to your house, how good could the food be really. I saw the ads on tv all the time. Got the coupons in the Valuepaks every month. But I really never looked at the plan or considered it. My daughter said she thought she would give it a try after she gave birth to my first granddaughter. My reaction was just "Really?"

Time went by and the pounds came on. Not like in the past but I knew I was just fooling myself and if I didn't do something I would be way overweight again. I was trying Weight Watchers online again. I was really counting my points. Measuring my food, weighing my protein. But the cravings kept coming. As soon as I was done eating I was craving sweets, more food, anything! This went on for months with little success.

One night I kept hearing my daughter's voice saying I think Nutrisystem looks great. Then a late night tv commercial. It was actually Jenny Craig. Valerie Bertinelli is adorable and I saw her on Rachel Ray talking about JC. That was it. I went to my best friend for answers, my laptop and google. What was the difference between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Wow there is a world of information online.

I compared cost. Jenny Craig is more expensive than Nutrisystem. I compared foods and they looked pretty similar. I read reviews, everything from blogs to Consumer Reports. People hated both, people loved both. By now I knew I was going to choose one of these plans. It was three in the morning and I had surfed, googled and reviewed everything online I could find. I figured I better get a couple of hours sleep before I made this commitment. I couldn't wait to wake up and decide. I woke just a few hours later and excited, but anxious to make the right choice I googled and surfed some more!

By now my daughter who was genius enough to think this was a great idea was pregnant again but she still thought it was a great idea and so supportive. My younger daughter wanted to hear all about the plans and I knew plenty!

I made my decision. I chose Nutrisystem. I chose good. I eat good. I look good. I feel good!

Official Weight Watchers Photo From Web MD
Official Weight Watchers Photo From Web MD

Weight Watchers

Yes I have lost weight on Weight Watchers and I think its an excellent plan. It's healthy, teaches you portions and like they advertise one of their strong points is that you can literally eat anything, even though it might be very little of it. You count your points as they assign it per their plan. Points are determined by the food, amount, calories, fat and fiber.

How many times have I lost weight on Weight Watchers. Twice. The first time was years and years ago after my first baby with oh about 60 pounds to lose. In those days the only option was going to a meeting and they were fine. People share and counselors talk about how to change how you eat for the rest of your life. I lost the weight and kept it off each time for years but I guess the change for life theme was not so successful. The last time I lost about 25 pounds after losing about 20 on the Atkins diet. That stayed off for a couple of years and I really did look and feel great. I had done the plan online and that worked way better for me than going to meetings. Life is way too busy for that.

But last year when I realized I needed to lose weight again, this time about 25-30 pounds again I tried Weight Watchers again. This time though, no luck. I had trouble controling my portions and not slipping extra food in after meals and inbetween snacks. I had cravings for sweets that I gave in to way to often and ate way too much. When I didn't give in and called on every ounce of self control, I was grumpy, hungry and upset with myself for not being true to the plan. I didn't take the time to read what new ideas Weight Watchers had come up with. Eating filling foods at every meal, tracking your hunger. They have lots of great nutritional and diet information on their site, but I was upset and in a hurry. When that didn't work I switched to Nutrisystem. Back to weight watchers in a minute.......

It was miserable. I was unhappy. I was still overweight and I felt like I was a little lost.

But maybe it will work for you - the Photo from WEBMD website and their Weight Watchers Information is linked.


Water For Health
Water For Health

No kidding, they are definitely right about this. Drink your water because it changes everything. If you balance your foods pretty good, it helps stop the cravings. It helps control side effects like upset stomach and the always embarrasing gas before, during and after meals.

One thing all the fitness experts, diet plans and nutritionists agree on is drink alot of water! Experts suggest at least 64 ounces of water daily or eight 8-ounce glasses of this perfect drink. If you are exercising, add more so you don't get dehydrated. If your trying to lose weight, add even more! Drinking plenty of water boosts your metabolism which gives you more energy and they say, hunger and thirst triggers the same sensations and most of the time we attribute it to hunger and go for the food to satisfy the sensation. They also say you burn about 50 calories for every quart of water you drink. Yes, you can drink too much water, don't go drinking gallons and gallons because it can intere with your salt balance. So an extra few glasses, yes. Quarts, no.

Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers all back the drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day. If you are on a high protein diet like Atkins add more water to your day to help your kidneys flush out all the extra protein breakdown. There's even a Cold Water Diet that basis your weight loss on drinking water.

I Have Alot To Say About Food and Weight Loss

All About Food
All About Food

I have alot to say about food. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist or a diet doctor. I am not a paid representative of any diet plan or company. I am someone who has spent so many years letting my weight, my food choices, my clothes size and my guilt over "cheating" dictate whether I feel like socializing, hold me back when I could have strived ahead. It's made me not want to go to parties. It's held me back from speaking confidently because I felt overweight and uncomfortable.

I remember most stages of my life, most occasions and memories by weight. Oh I remember that party, I weighed so much and wore size whatever dress. I remember the foods I ate, and the ones I wouldn't eat. I love the way party cakes and fun meals are part of laughter, birthdays and sharing. And I have hated food and the fact that I had to eat. Silly how this has all been way too important in my life.

My determination to feel well and be happy leads me to write all of this. There is much I think we still have to learn about diets, health, fitness and well being. Obviously the experts don't know everything or we wouldn't all still be having problems with this. Food experts beware, I'm ready to serve up some ideas of my own.

Choosing The Right Diet Plan

I hope these links will help guide you if you are trying to make the decision which diet plan is right for you. If you are already on NS you will really love some of the great tips, recipes and guidance that others share. Not all of it is positive feedback but it's important to read everyone's perspective and see what might work or not for you. Read everyone's links and info and see what their inspirations and frustrations might mean to you.

Oreo Cookies Calling My Name

Did you hear all that noise last night? Oreo cookies were calling my name. Chocolate cookies double stuffed with cream and it wasn't just one or two cookies calling me name, it was the whole bag. I didn't want to give in to the cravings but they are delicious. How come sometimes you don't get the cravings at all, sometimes you can beat them when you get them and sometimes, the cravings gonna win.

Maybe it's the glycemic index thing, it's too complicated to really figure that whole thing out. Maybe it's the combination of carbs, protein and fat and when you eat it. Weight Watchers might be onto something too when they talk about eating filling foods at each meal so the cravings don't happen. Maybe it's hormones, bad karma, stress, the work of the devil or just my life's challenge. I'm not sure but I think finding the key to beating these cravings and I don't mean just not eating too much of a good thing but the one's that make you ready to eat your own arm if you have to, is what we have to get a handle on.

Click on the cookie for a better way to show your love for chocolate, cookies, donuts and sweet treats that don't go right to your hips at: Gifts For Chocolate, Coffee and Cookie Lovers

Free Weeks Of Food and Coupons

Have you tried Ebates? This is a great way to earn money while you spend money. They work with thousands of stores, well known online and in-store coupons. All you do is click to the store through their site and voila, they put whatever that stores payback is in your account and you get a check. This is for real and I shop through them all the time. Shop for clothes, home decor, diets, foods, groceries and cooking stuff for your kitchen, everything.

I used the ebates link to start my Nutrisystem. Not only did I get money back, I got a great deal including 3 weeks of free food!

Weight Watchers is on Ebates too and their specials and coupons change but are definitely worth checking out!

Click here no matter what you shop for online. Use it once, use it often. No obligation at: EBATES COUPONS AND MONEY BACK!

Summer and Weight Gain

Seems like the temperature is not the only thing that has gone up, so has my weight! There's that 5 lbs creeping up. I put it on. I take it off. Its an old story. This time the story has a little better twist to it. The part where I take it off is alot better than the past when I haven't taken it off. The it grows quickly and five pounds turns into 10 and before you know it 20 pounds is back.

I guess your never supposed to put the 5 pounds back. Your supposed to have learned a new way of eating and care about your health and nutrition. How often does that really ever happen. I know there are alot of people who have lost it and never put it back on. Never ate the meatballs. Never munched on the Doritos. Passed on the cupcakes every single time. I guess I'm never going to be one those people. I struggle with the 5 pounds and at only 5 foot tall 5 lbs is alot, and I'm grateful when I hold it to just that. Up and Down. I'll take it I guess, it beats the other alternative of Up, Up and Up with a long way to go back down.

Thank You and Giving Back

If you want advice on diet plans, new recipes, ways to exercise and great new food ideas you can always reach out. I do all the time. I call upon the search engines to send me answers to my questions. I can ask a question like "How do you like Jenny Craig compared to Nutrisystem" and pages of answers appear. People who are kind enough to share with me and with you.

If I want to buy a new dishwasher, fix a hole in my wall or find a recipe for fondue all I have to do is go online. What a wonderful world of knowledge thanks to people who share. Some are the experts. Doctors, lawyers, executives in the corporate world. Some are people who know because they have been there, done that, bought that, ate that, made that meal and had an experience to share.

Now it's only fair that I give back to the communty too. Someone out there, maybe you if you are reading this is wondering what they can do. A new healthier way of eating, a strict diet regimen, or just some advice. Maybe someone is asking a question I can answer or supply some information to them that will help them decide. I have invited guest comments below so that you can ask your questions or tell us what you think that may help a new dieter choose too.

Get All the Facts Before You Decide

And keep reading, searching and learning more about fitness plans, healthy living and great recipes that will fit into your life so you can fit into your pants.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss That Lasts
Weight Watchers Weight Loss That Lasts

Each chapter includes an explanation of a myth and the kernels of truth and valid research that led to its perpetuation. Of course, the underlying basis for the book is that the way to achieve lasting, healthy weight loss is to follow the Weight Watchers method, and Rippe includes personal triumph stories from followers of that program. That quibble aside, a list of levelheaded suggestions (such as "Identify your five temptation foods. Develop specific strategies for dealing with them in a way that will reinforce learning the skill of flexible restraint") do clear away much of the confusion surrounding weight loss.

Lost weight, yes. Kept it off forever, no!

NutriSystem Nourish: The Revolutionary New Weight-Loss Program
NutriSystem Nourish: The Revolutionary New Weight-Loss Program

"Don't waste time contemplating whether or not this program could work for you. Trust me - it will work! Take this from someone who has struggled for the last 10 years and finally lost the weight. If I knew I could lose weight so easily and quickly I would have tried NutriSystem sooner!"

-Zora Andrich, reality TV star

lost 20 lbs. in two months (results not typical)

Results stated not typical but that's what I lost too!

The Jenny Craig Story
The Jenny Craig Story

The weight-loss guru celebrates her personal and professional journey in an autobiography that began as a journal for her children and grandchildren. In unadorned and sometimes awkward prose, Craig (neé Genevieve Marie Guidroz) tells how she and her husband built their business from a few storefronts in Australia to a company of 650 centers all over the world, where, she says, dieters can receive support and information about healthy living as part of the program designed to help them lose weight.

I didn't choose Jenny but it might work for you.

The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight
The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight

With great habits to remember like eating a healthy breakfast, fruits and vegies daily, eating whole grains, healthy fats - and my favorite habit: MOVE! That's right - get out there and well, MOVE! :)

In the two week period you will also be encouraged to break 5 habits and this is good to doccument as well - like no eating while watching TV (guilty!), No sugar, no snacks, only moderate meat and dairy, and no eating at restaurants.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life
The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life

You're basically eating lean protein, high-fiber, low-fat dairy, good fats (including some nuts), and plenty of vegetables. Those highly processed refined carbs that were your downfall are out of sight and, within a few days, out of mind.


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