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5 Quick Tips to Help Maintain Your Diet When On Vacation

Updated on September 15, 2010

Vacation time can be a long awaited excursion that you have been dreaming about for a long time. Whether it is a destination for summer fun or winter pleasure, diets can often be tossed aside with thoughts of resuming once your trip is over. As thrilled as you may be about getting to go on that long awaited for vacation, there are a few ideas you will want to keep in mind before you indulge and go all for it. If you are intent about maintaining your health and staying on track with your diet plans, you will need to plan ahead to be prepared so you do not end up consuming those un-necessary calories.

The following article will share 5 quick tips to maintaining your diet while on vacation. By keeping these tips in mind, you should still be able to have a good time and enjoy some tasty foods.

Pack a goody bag for the ride

High fiber carbs and fruit are the best choice for packing a snack bag for your travels. Protein will help you stay feeling full a good length of time. A peanut butter and jam sandwich on whole wheat bread, will allow you to zip righton past the bakery and junk food section at the airport.

Nuts, fruit and whole grain crackers are the perfect snack when driving and will help you pass up the idea of pulling into a fast food joint along your way.

Go out there and get some exercise

With all of the new things to see when on vacation, one of the most enjoyable ways to burn off calories is by taking a long stroll with a loved one. You might want to make sure you inquire at the front desk of your hotel about what areas may not be safe to venture into to avoid getting lost or hurt. Then, grab some comfortable walking shoes, a big bottle of water, and your husband or best friend and get on the road. Not only will you be surprised at how far you can walk but you will be having so much fun chatting and enjoying the scenery that you won't even be thinking about all the calories you will be burning off.

Keep Your Drinks to a Minimum

It can be mighty tempting to sit on the beach for hours on end watching the waves, listening to the music, and taking in that awesome skyline with setting sun. While a Margarita may seem like the perfect vacation indulgence, the calories could kill your diet plans. There are as many calories in one sugary alcoholic drink to match eight tacos. So, pace out your drinks or opt for something lighter like beer or wine if you would like more than one.

Choose healthy cooking methods

When looking to choose which type of meats you would like, opt for something that is grilled over something that is fried. Seafood and veggies also make a healthier choice. Stay away from heavy creams such as a white sauce often served with fettucine. Lower calorie sauces like marinara or tomato are a much better option. You will most likely be able to swap a potato for a side dish of veggies if you ask.

Investingate the Menu if possible beforehand

If you know where you are going to be staying while on vacation, you will more than likely be able to find out what restaurants will be in the area. Take the time before you get to your destination to research the restauants online. Most chain restaurants will have a website that offers a menu for you to browse. Look to see if they have “diet friendly” entrees or items that will fit in with the preferences you have in mind for your diet. Take note of those food options that will be high in fat so you can avoid them. When you have found a restaurant that has a menu with enough healthy food choices for you to indulge in without risking blowing your diet, you will know where you can dine.

You want to relax and have a fun time when you are on vacation. Taking a few minutes out of you day to ensure that you are still able to nibble on some new flavor sensations while staying within your calorie count, getting some exercise through walking, dancing, or playing volleyball, and staying positive will all keep you on track to maintaining your diet while on vacation.


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