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Different Types Of Cancer

Updated on June 19, 2013

Different types of cancer

Cancer is no fun, and can be extremely painful, and life threatening. No one can avoid getting cancer, unfortunately , no one has a 100 percent chance of not getting cancer. Cancer is actually formed by normal cells in the body. The normal cells multiply as others die out, and if the normal cells get out of control and cells divide to fast, that's when a person develops cancer.

There are many different reasons why someone can get cancer which i am going to explain below. Cancer can be formed in any organ, or tissue. Some cases cancer can be overcome, but others are not so lucky. Some different causes of cancer are:

-different chemicals (in the air, by cleaning, etc.)

-drinking a lot of alcohol

-poisons that grow in the environment (such as mushrooms)

-a lot of sunlight

-passed down by genetics




Symptoms of cancer depends on where the cancer is located, and the type of cancer you have. There are various tests you can undergo to determine if you have cancer, or not. The tests you can ask your doctor about are:


-Blood tests


-Complete blood count

-CT scan, and

-MRI scan

Biopsy is usually the main procedure to determine if you have cancer or not. The biopsy procedure could be very simple, or can be a serious procedure. It is important that you discuss all precautions when dealing with the certain cancer that you may have. There are many different types of cancer you can.

Lung Cancer

The first type of cancer i am going to talk about is lung cancer. Lung cancer is the most common cancer one can get. Lung cancer always starts in the lungs. As you breath the air in you breath it though your nose, down though your windpipe, and into your lungs. Then air is releases into small tubes, called Bronci. There are two different types of lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer is simply the most dangerous cancer that you can get. Lung cancer usually occurs in adults over the age of 45, cigerette smoking is by far the leading cause of lung cancer. If you think you may have lung cancer, get in contact with your family doctor immediately. Lung cancer symptoms vary depending on the person. The most common symptoms you get from lung cancer is:

-Chest pain

-Consist coughing

-Blood coming up when coughing

-Losing a lot of weight

-Loss of appetite


-shortness of breath




The next type of cancer i am going to discuss with you is Leukemia. Leukemia is cancer that usually starts in the blood, or bone marrow. Leukemia is very life threatening, and a lot of people have died from having Leukemia, but there are survivors out there. There are many different types of Leukemia you can get, which you can find more information on though either your doctor, or though various sites over the Internet. Leukemia has many different reasons why people can get it. Some of the different causes are:


-easy bruising, and bleeding

-a rash, on the skin of the body

-Pains in different areas

There are many other symptoms of Leukemia, but hard to categorize as there are so many different types of leukemia. I wish you luck in overcoming this illness.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer usually only occurs in women, in the tissue of the beast. Breast cancer has different types, Ductal carcinoma, and Lobular carcinoma. Some breast cancer can spread to other parts of the breast, but is very rare. Breast cancer is one hundred more times likly to occur in women, then men, and usually only occur in women over the age of fifty years old. Some of the different symptoms of breast cancer are:

-Bone pain

-Breast pain

-Discomfort around the breast

-Skin ulcers

-extreme weight loss

-Swelling of your arm (usually your right arms)

There are many seport groups you can attend, to try to deal with the devastating news of having cancer. Cancer is not always life threatening.

Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer is usually found in the lining of the Uterus. Endometrial cancer are only found in women over the age of 35. Endometrial cancer of two different types one occurs in women in menopause and the other occur in women not in menopause. Endometrial cancer has different symptoms depending on the person, the most common symptoms of Endometrial cancer are:

-Bleeding from the vaginal area


-abdominal pain

-Thin white, and clear mucus coming from the vaginal area

You usually have to undergo surgery to treat Endometrial cancer, but is rare to die from it.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer only occurs in men, and it is a cancer that is found in the male's reproductive system. Prostate cancer are usually slow moving, but there have been reports of prostate cancer rapidly forming. Prostate cancer has bearly any symptoms, and usually occur in men over the age of fifty years old. The most common symptoms for prostate cancer are:

-urinating a lot

-difficult to have a steady urination

-painful urination

-Blood in your urine

-Bone pain

Prostate cancer is caused by the prostate cells mutate in cancerous cells, and usually have to undergo surgery to get rid of them.

These are the top five main types pf cancer people occur in there lifetime. There are many other different types of cancer you can get, and you can find various websites over the Internet that will give a lot of information on them. There are also a lot of resources for you as well. Talk to your doctor, read books, and articles, you can even attend focus groups. I wish you the best of luck with any occurrences with cancer. It is definitely no fun to deal with yourself, or anyone close to you having this possibly life threatening illness. Thank you.


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