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Difficulties and Major Obstacles To Yoga Practice

Updated on December 27, 2015

Practicing Yoga

Anyone can practice yoga but only few can experience yoga. Hence, this is also the same reason why many are intimidated to begin practicing this excellent method despite the fact that it has garnered increased popularity over recent years. But what are these challenges and obstacles that are keeping most from practicing yoga despite the fulfilling benefits it delivers?

ashtanga yoga demo

Physical Limitation or Illness

This is the most common form of challenge or difficulty that most people encounter upon choosing to undergo yoga. A misconception exists that only those who are gifted with immense flexibility and physical skills are capable of practicing yoga. The truth is, anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, gender, and skill level.

The key here is choosing the particular yoga style to practice. After all, it does not follow a one-size-fits-all scheme, especially since each individual have different physical and psychological needs.

Feeling of Apathy

Anyone who has devoted themselves into practicing yoga must retain that deep sense of devotion since the start until you have completed the entire stage of yoga practice. Just as important is also your ability to maintain that level of enthusiasm because experts believe that the only way for an individual to fully experience yoga is through regular and dedicated practice.

The best way for you to overcome this difficulty is to establish your own yoga routine, whether at home or in a yoga studio. Start by finding the most convenient place you believe will facilitate in the creating an internal experience through yoga. Then, choose a yoga style or technique that you want to learn and develop. From there, everything is up to you and you need to stick to your yoga plan so you can accomplish your goals.


Lack of Faith in Yoga

There two aspects to the practice of yoga: the physical and spiritual side. These two aspects need to be fulfilled in order to realize the effects of yoga in your body and for it to be developed as part of your daily life. While it has been known that yoga helps your body attain overall well being to fight or cure diseases, it also improves your perspective in life and produce a more positive mood.

Therefore, it is important for you to believe in the capacity of yoga to produce those effects in your life. Without that faith, you lose the depth that is in the practice of yoga. A good working relationship with your yoga instructor will help build your confidence and instill in your mind the importance of proper yoga execution. When you have both of these, it should be easy to proceed onto the succeeding stages of your yoga practice.

Lack of Willpower

The ancient practice of yoga would categorize this as both an art and science. Hence, those who did not know deep enough about yoga would fail to understand its potential and its promising benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. The approach to yoga also requires a certain level of skill, respect, care, and devotion. Once you have decided to practice yoga, you need to devote yourself into it until you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself. Becoming too erratic and proceeding without calculating your steps could potentially turn a supposedly beneficial experience, like yoga, into something that would bring harm instead.

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Sloth is considered as one of the deadly sins and it is too when it comes to the practice of yoga. Aside from the tendency to become lazy, in mind and body, such that one would put off practicing yoga and establishing a routine, the biggest obstacle here is really yourself. Even the teachings of yoga would claim that the mind is more powerful than your physical body; hence, you need to command your mental body to succeed past through this urge for laziness. This particular quality will prevent you from attaining fully and gaining a high level of experience for yoga.

False Vision

The concept of false vision as an obstacle in the practice of yoga lies in the fact that people who lack proper knowledge of yoga and its philosophy will also develop consequently false notion about yoga. This would comprise the practices involved in yoga and its corresponding effects on the body. Hence, it is always advised that you must start by educating yourself about yoga and gain a deep understanding of its concept apart from the mainstream knowledge of yoga.

Beginners to yoga who are not as skilled or knowledgeable about the intricacies of this practice need to find a qualified instructor to get them through it. This will ensure that all steps are well executed to maximize results and avoid injuries.

Non-attainment of Yoga Results

This particular obstacle is true not just in practicing yoga, but its impact is probably more significant in yoga. Indeed, it requires dedication and commitment in order for one to complete every single yogic stage before you can move onto the next, if you want to optimize results. One starts to feel discouraged because of this and some other negative behaviors begin to develop to the point of becoming pessimistic.

But you will soon realize that practicing yoga is also a test of character and focus such that you need to cultivate that inner strength to keep going despite the presence of this particular obstacle. The key to success here is your ability to work together with your yoga instructor and pay close attention to their instructions to ensure precise execution of movements.

Minor Obstacles

In addition to the obstacles listed above, which make it difficult for one to develop yoga as part of their regular routine, here are some obstacles that might arise:

  1. A feeling of pain and sorrow;
  2. Depression, which results from one's inability to fulfill desires or goals;
  3. Not having proper control of your body and its reaction to the exercises to be done in yoga;
  4. Formation of mental agitation due to disturbances that arise as one is trying to achieve breath retention or establish a breathing pattern.

Knowing how to overcome the obstacles cited above will help you become more successful in practicing yoga. But the most important thing of all is recognizing them when they appear so you are able to know what best to do to overcome these difficulties. You must learn to cultivate your mind by attaining a sense of one-pointedness wherein you are able to solely focus on the goals at hand.

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