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Digestive Enzymes Supplements

Updated on October 10, 2014

What Can Digestive Enzyme Supplements Do For Me?

Can digestive enzyme supplements make you feel more energetic? Help you lose weight? Or reduce gas and/or heartburn after meals?

Let's take a quick look at:

- What digestive enzyme supplements are

- Where to find high-quality enzyme supplements

- How to save money buying digestive enzyme supplements

- Different kinds of digestive enzymes

- How to get more information on enzyme therapy and supplements

What Are Digestive Enzymes and Why Do People Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

Digestive enzymes are proteins that your body uses to break down the food we eat into useful nutrients and waste products. You can only get the full benefit of food and nutritional supplements if your body has enough enzymes to properly digest and absorb the nutrients.

Here's the problem. Many digestive enzymes are found only in raw foods which most people do not eat enough of. Other digestive enzymes are produced by our bodies, but the older we get, the less our bodies produce of them. A lack of digestive enzymes can contribute to a myriad of illnesses including arthritis, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

Many people have begun to take supplements to increase their levels of digestive enzymes and improve their bodies ability to access and use food nutrients for energy, cell growth and repair. By improving one's digestion, supplements will often reduce gas, heartburn, and improve regularity.

Can Digestive Enzyme Supplements Help Arthritis?

Consumers and health professionals can learn how protease and digestive enzyme supplements can effectively treat arthritis. According to Dr. Liz Lipski, nationally-known nutritionist and author of "Digestive Wellness", the cure for arthritis still eludes us and very often just relief from the pain becomes difficult at best. It may involve many joints or just one, and it can vary in severity from very mild to severe pain.

An estimated 15% of Americans suffer from arthritis, which is usually characterized with adjectives for inflammation such as; pain, swelling, stiffness, and redness. However, arthritis is not a single disorder, but the name of joint disease from a number of possible causes.

Dr. Lipski asserts in Digestive Wellness that arthritis has many causes: genetics, infections, physical injury, allergies, stress, and faulty digestion. Clinical work at the Transformation Enzyme Corporation now reveals that most arthritis sufferers respond well to treatment with protease and digestive enzyme supplements because arthritis is related to inflammation and digestion. Several studies have shown protease enzymes to be as effective as the drugs Methotrexate and Indomethacin for arthritis pain relief, but without the negative side-effects. By increasing support of the digestive and immune systems, inflammation is reduced.

"I'm now using the combination of protease and digestive enzymes along with other natural anti-inflammatory supplements, and a low-antigen diet with my arthritis clients, and I'm seeing very positive results," said Dr. Lipski. "Many clients report a significant improvement in five to seven days."

Dr. Lipski gives the following tips to alleviate arthritis:

- Explore a low-antigen diet. For two weeks eat only: fruits, vegetables, rice, olive oil, safflower oil, and fish.

- Get regular exercise to your ability: stretch, yoga, walking, water aerobics, etc.

- Try glucosamine sulfate and chrondroitin sulfate, and vitamin C to repair your joint tissues.

- Take digestive enzymes with each meal

- Take 1-3 protease enzymes twice daily on an empty stomach (these enter the blood stream and help reduce inflammation)

For more information from Dr. Lipski, see her book "Digestive Wellness", listed in our book list below.

Where to Buy Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Quality and Savings

Where to Find Additional Information

I found three excellent sources of both digestive enzyme supplements and information on their use.

  1. Transformation Enzyme Corp. (TEC) founded by Dr. DicQie Fuller has been actively involved in oral enzyme therapy for over 20 years. TEC operates an Enzyme Therapy clinic in Houston and supplies pharmaceutical quality, therapeutic enzymes to health professionals throughout the U.S. Enzyme Essentials, LLC was established as a consumer-oriented extension utilizing the proprietary enzyme formulations developed and clinically tested by TEC. Enzyme Essentials maintains a FAQ that will answer many of your questions about digestive enzyme supplements and if your question is not answered, then click on the link which says Don't see your question answered, email us. I have personally sent several questions via that link and all have been promptly and thoroughly answered.
  2. A second company that focuses exclusively on therapeutic enzyme supplements is
  3. Finally if you prefer a company with information and products on a wider range of alternative health treatments, then consider A recent issue even included an article on digestive enzyme supplements.

Digestive Enzymes & Supplements Books - Learn More About How Enzymes Therapy is Used to Treat Many Different Diseases

Digestive Wellness: How to Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion (3rd Edition): Completely Revised and Updated Third Edition
Digestive Wellness: How to Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion (3rd Edition): Completely Revised and Updated Third Edition
Offers "natural remedies for ulcers, heartburn, diarrhea, IBS, colitis, acid reflux, food sensitivity and more". Currently with 51 user ratings, it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
The Enzyme Factor
The Enzyme Factor
Originally published in Japan, this book became a huge bestseller and has now been published in the U.S. The book blurb mentions, "While some readers may find Shinya's ideas unusual, others may welcome his unorthodox approach." With 233 user ratings and a 4.5 out of 5 average rating, it seems quite a few people welcome the approach.
Living on Live Food by Cohen, Alissq (2004) Paperback
Living on Live Food by Cohen, Alissq (2004) Paperback
Living on Live Food teaches you what a raw and living food diet is and how to get started immediately! Includes recipes, menu planning, and a few pep talks too.

Different Kinds of Digestive Enzymes and... - Where to Get More Information on Digestive Enzymes

I used the following sources of information when developing this page. Not being a medical expert, I would rather just point you towards this additional information about digestive enzymes, including the different kinds of enzymes.

Was the information on Digestive Enzyme Supplements Useful?

I welcome suggestions on any additional information you were looking for and didn't find here.

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Other Ways to Improve Digestive Health

Eating more raw uncooked foods will also help your digestive health.  I like keeping a bag of baby carrots handy to munch on.  Delicious.  Heading to the kitchen.  TTYL!
Eating more raw uncooked foods will also help your digestive health. I like keeping a bag of baby carrots handy to munch on. Delicious. Heading to the kitchen. TTYL!

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