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Digestive Enzymes Supplement for Your Health

Updated on January 6, 2013

A digestive enzymes supplement is crucial because of the modern diet we eat today. Did you know that the only things the human body is designed to digest are raw fruits and vegetables? Everything else you eat, and I mean, EVERYTHING ELSE, requires a lot of work for the stomach to break down.

If you're not willing to change your diet (or even if you are), a digestive enzymes supplement is the little helper that can assist your body in doing what it does naturally -- break down food, absorb the nutrients, and eliminate the waste. Find out about the positive effects of properly digested food, including weight loss, increased energy and more.

Why You Need a Digestive Enzymes Supplement

We need to take a digestive enzymes supplement because the way we eat works against our bodies. When you eat proteins and starches together (steak and potatoes, burgers and fries, a deli sandwich, etc.) the natural enzymes required to digest each type of food cancels the other out, making the meal even slower to digest. (In case the chemist in you is wondering, meat requires acid to break down, starch requires alkaline, and the two neutralize each other.)

Food combining is the practice of eating food in combinations that are easy to digest. The core principle is never mixing protein and starch in a meal, or more than one protein in a meal. It’s a healthy practice, but it can be difficult and impractical to do.

To make matters worse we drink with our meals, which dilutes any natural digestive enzymes that might’ve helped us digest our unnatural meals. (I’ve broken the habit, which fascinates my friends when we go out to eat.) Ideally, you should drink in between meals, not with them. I am not telling you to give up your wine or water with dinner. Just be aware of all the things you’re doing that make it harder and harder for your body to digest your food.

Even if you can’t or don’t want to implement food combining and drinking between meals, incorporating a digestive enzymes supplement into your diet can help you gain some of the benefits of these practices. (Read more about the principles of food combining.)

Digestive Enzymes Prevent the Ill Effects of Undigested Food

Undigested food causes the obvious ailments, like gas, bloating and indigestion. But did you know that it also contributes to excess weight? When your body holds on to toxins, it stores them as excess fat. A digestive enzymes supplement is not a weight loss product, but losing weight is by-product of properly digesting what you eat.

Low energy is another big effect of not properly digesting your food. First of all, your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients in food it can’t digest. Second, your body spends a ton of energy trying its best to digest a meal that it’s not designed to digest, and that sucks energy away from your brain and the rest of your body, because it’s directed to the stomach, where it’s needed. If you’ve ever felt tired or sleepy after eating, this is why.

Other side effects of undigested food include cellulite, abdominal fat, and even colon cancer. Leaving undigested food sitting in your stomach and intestines is bad business. A digestive enzymes supplement taken with your meals can help your body digest the complex foods you eat.

How to take a Digestive Enzymes Supplement

A digestive enzymes supplement should be taken with anything you eat that’s not fruit and vegetables. Meal. It’s that simple. Pack a couple in your lunch. Have one with breakfast (if it’s more than just fruit) and dinner. You’ll notice the difference in how you feel once you start taking digestive enzymes supplements.

Talk about your Digestive Enzymes Supplement

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