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Disaster Survival Tips

Updated on October 27, 2012

Disasters Can Strike When You Least Expect It ... So Be Prepared!

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike at any time and virtually anywhere.

However, with today's technology experts can predict or forecast with some accuracy the likelihood of a disaster. There are exceptions of course and the most notable exception is earthquakes. Certain regions of the country and world are more prone to earthquakes than are others, so people may expect one yet do not know when one may strike.

Hurricanes can be tracked by satellite and with a great deal of accuracy meteorologists can predict when and where the storm will make landfall. Tornadoes while they are not necessarily predictable they can be forecasted if current weather conditions are favorable.

Blizzards and ice storms are common occurrences in some parts of the world and country and can potentially happen at any time during the winter months.

Disaster Preparedness is Vital
Disaster Preparedness is Vital

Disaster Preparedness is Vital


The aftermath of any disaster can be as devastating as the disaster itself so when planning you must plan for the days after.

You can expect power outages, possible disruption/contamination of your water supply and travel restrictions because of damaged infrastructure. You may be essentially trapped in your home for days or even longer following a natural disaster.

Supplies, tools and materials are not generally disaster or situation specific.

However, there are again some exceptions such as with nuclear or biological disasters. Regardless of the crisis, you will always need water, food, fire/energy and medical supplies.

Make A List!
Make A List!

Disaster Essentials That Are Not Specific To Any One Crisis

The list is certainly not comprehensive; it must be adapted to medical needs, dietary concerns and personal preferences.

01. . . .Food For Seven Days That Does Not Require Preparation Or Significant

. . . . . .Amounts Of Water In The Event Your Water Supply Is Limited

02. . . .Powdered Milk And Infant Formula If Applicable

03. . . .Diapers/Children's Medical Supplies

04. . . .Seven Day Supply Of Water: You Can Calculate The Amount Based On

. . . . . .The Recommended Amount Of One Gallon/Four Liters Daily Per Individual

. . . . . .This Includes Water For Personal Hygiene

05. . . .Tools And Materials For Making Emergency Repairs To Your Home

06. . . .Flashlights/Oil Lanterns

07. . . .Matches/Lighters

08. . . .Portable Radio

09. . . .Cash/Change

10. . . .Orange Or Red Garbage Bags Can Be Used For Signaling Rescue Personnel

11. . . .One Gallon Of Unscented Chlorine Bleach For Emergency Water Purification

12. . . .Dust Masks

13. . . .Gloves

14. . . .Personal Hygiene Items Include Waterless Bathing Wipes To Conserve Water

15. . . .Hand Sanitizers

16. . . .Insect Repellent/Netting If Applicable

17. . . .Shovel For Burying Garbage And Digging Make Shift Latrines

18. . . .First Aid Supplies

19. . . .Tarps/Nylon Tents For Emergency Shelters And For Screening Latrines

20. . . .Bag Of Lime For order And bacteria Control In Garbage Pits And Latrines

21. . . .Portable Propane Cooking Stoves/Charcoal Grill

22. . . .Gel Cans Of Heat

What To Do Before Disaster Strikes
What To Do Before Disaster Strikes

What To Do Before Disaster Strikes

Ensure all of your personal and financial documentation is where it can be carried with you if you have to evacuate. You will need insurance paperwork, deed, mortgage agreements and lease or rental paperwork, to file claims and apply for disaster relief.

Consider evacuation when and if an order to evacuate is issued. You should know where all local storm shelters are located and you must know the evacuation routes you are expected to use. Make sure more than one member of your family knows the locations.

Drive the routes during daylight and at night so when the time comes to leave there is no hesitation. Keep in mind familiar landmarks may be destroyed by the disaster so if you find your way using landmarks they may not be visible.

Fill up all bathtubs with water.

This water can be used to bathe with, flush toilets and once purified can be drinking water.

Shut off your gas supply at the meter (make sure that you have any tools required to do this), and turn off the main electrical breaker to prevent electrical and or gas fires.

Disaster Preparedness . . . . Indefinate Shelf Life Items


The Aftermath Of A Disaster Can Be a Real Test of Survival

Once the situation calms down you must begin, an inspection of your dwelling to ensure it is safe to live in.

Assign tasks to keep young children occupied and begin setting up a temporary kitchen. Food is comforting and it will go a long ways in calming nerves. Organization and knowing the next step will keep you moving forward.

Avoid commercial areas if you must leave your home. Looters are very common during and after a disaster.

Friends' neighbors and even strangers may approach you for help. People for whatever reason simply do not prepare. The reasons may include economic factors, procrastination and not believing anything can happen.

Be prepared to encounter desperate people. Friends and neighbors will act differently during a crisis.

Nothing makes a person feel more desperate than when they cannot provide food and shelter for their family. Not knowing what to do will cause panic. Knowledge along with some skill sets and the proper supplies will keep panic at bay.

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    • UrbanTG LM profile image

      UrbanTG LM 5 years ago

      Very useful info, Like

    • sunlightseer profile image

      sunlightseer 5 years ago

      Very good, informative lens. We have some of the same interests.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      What a great lens! I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @EEWorkouts: Thank you for the comment, yes I agree 100%, People need to start thinking about having at least some basic survival supplies and a plan. Most of us think that any sort of disaster will never happen to them, but mother nature has been proving us wrong time and time again lately! If this makes just a few people take action I would be happy :)

    • EEWorkouts profile image

      EEWorkouts 5 years ago

      Great lens! It seems like people only prepare for a season or when something is coming, but if one prepares for the unknow they are odd... Nothing wrong with making preperations for the unknown, our ancestors were preppers because they had to be - most of us have gotten to comfortable.