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Why YOU Need a Diva Cup

Updated on August 5, 2015

Diva Cups: My Story

Let me just start this off by saying that the Diva Cup has been one of those amazing discoveries for me and I can't quite believe that I didn't know about it before. Like seriously, how did it take me 35 years to clue in and finally try it. But, better late than never and I'm super-excited to be done with disgusting pads and annoying tampons forever.

I'm a really active person and always out biking, running, hiking, surfing or swimming so for me having to deal with pads and tampons was just so annoying and I'd often bleed out of the heaviest tampons before my session was done. And who needs to deal with that? Diva cups and other menstrual cups hold a lot more fluid, which means that I just go and don't worry and so far, I've always made it through without any embarrassing situations, even on my heaviest days.

Plus, the Diva Cup has never spilled while I'm sleeping, which is amazing because I don't have to stagger to the bathroom to deal with any grossness. Not to mention the ick factor if someone is sharing my bed with me!

I love you Diva Cup!!! I'm never going back.

The Diva Cup Saved My Life!

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The Diva Cup
The Diva Cup

Menstrual Cups are Convenient

Nobody likes carrying around sanitary supplies with them when they’re out and about and finding a store that sells them if you get your period unexpectedly is just plain annoying. Plus, finding a spot to dispose of pads and tampons in a discreet way can sometimes be a big hassle, especially if you're doing something like scuba diving or backpacking.

Diva Cups and other menstrual cups can be left in for 10-12 hours so just put it in the morning, wear it all day and then change if when you get home in comfort. Even on the those heavy flow days, you can leave menstrual cups in for 8 hours without leakage, far longer than even a jumbo size tampon.

How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cups are Good for the Environment
Menstrual Cups are Good for the Environment

Menstrual Cups are Great for the Environment

The average woman uses around 18 pads and/or tampons per cycle and there are women with heavy flows who use significantly more. That’s a whole lot of plastic and paper that require large amounts of energy to make as well as going straight to the landfill because recycling isn't possible. It's been estimated that woman use over 10,000 sanitary products in their lifetime, so just picture the amount of trash that more than 3 billion women in the world produce.

However, reusable menstrual cups last for years so you can avoid all that trash going straight to the landfill, month after month and year after year. It really does make a difference and menstrual cups are a product that you can feel good about using. Imagine how different out world would look if more and more women started using reusable menstrual cups? Let's start a revolution by taking this simple and easy step that will make a big difference for our world.

Pads and Tampons are Expensive
Pads and Tampons are Expensive

Tampons and Pads are Expensive!

The average woman with a normal flow uses one pack of tampons and one pack of pads/cycle. Those with heavy and/or long periods can use even more. If each pack costs $5, that’s $10/cycle and $120/year. Over her lifetime (12 years—>50 years old), she’ll spend about $4,500. That money could be put to such better uses!

In order to save some money, you could buy something like the Diva Cup, replace it every 4 years and the cost will be $300 (10 replacements x $30) for a savings of $4200. Note: Diva Cup officially recommends replacement every year, although many women use them for much, much longer.

Menstrual Cups-All Night Protection
Menstrual Cups-All Night Protection

Menstrual Cups go the Distance

One of the most annoying things about pads and tampons is on the night of your heaviest flow, they just can't hold enough and we wake up with stained underwear and bedding. It's terrible! Or, perhaps we get up in the night and stagger to the bathroom, interrupting our sleep just so we can take care of the situation down there.

Menstrual Cups hold 1 ounce of blood (30ml) while the most absorbent tampons only 15-18ml so your margin of safety is almost doubled. No more stained underwear or bedding and no more stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night to change tampons.

Diva Cups: Ideal for Active Women
Diva Cups: Ideal for Active Women

Menstrual Cups are Perfect for the Active Woman

For active women, the menstrual cup including the Diva Cup and Moon Cup is almost too good to be true. You just put it in and go for your long hike, run, bike, scuba dive or swim and don't have to worry about carrying an extra tampon with you and because it holds more than even a jumbo tampon, you can go for a much longer time without worry about leakage. Because when you're out enjoying nature, or at that yoga class who has time to worry about disaster happening and stained clothing as well as embarrassment.

Another benefit of menstrual cups is that you can shower in a public place without worrying about the gross factor of having a tampon string hanging out of you. Plus, you can just towel off in a leisurely manner without running to the bathroom to put in a tampon or use a pad.

Less Odor than Pads or Tampons

Menstrual fluid smells when it comes into contact with the air, which is the case especially for pads and also partially for tampons. One of the best things about a Diva Cup is that there is no contact and it is fully contained inside of you, eliminating any bad odors. Plus, you don't have to dispose of it in the trash because you just empty it into the sink or toilet, rinse if out and put it back in.

Just another reason why YOU need a menstrual cup today. It'll change your life-guaranteed!


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