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do you know anything about the pelvic bone and how ling it takes to heal

Updated on June 3, 2008

Pelvic Injuries

An Injury to the pelvic structure could encompass many different types of problems. The pelvis is actually two separate bones joined in the front below the abdomen and in the back with the end of the vertebral column, the sacrum. The bones are thick and broad through their greatest part, but the lower half of each bone is molded like handles that allow attachment of muscles for the legs. In addition there is a hole, or acetabulum, on the outward surface of each pelvic bone into which the thigh bone fits to form the hip joint. The healing of an injury depends on where the bone was injured and if the bone was broken, bruised, or in the worst case crushed.

One of the more common injuries that can occur is a fractured pelvis. Often this occurs when a person falls while walking or slips on a slick surface. A fall onto the buttocks can cause one or both sides of the pelvic bone to fracture, but it can also cause bruising to the pelvic soft tissue, the muscles, ligaments, organs, and packing tissue. A crushing injury usually occurs during an automobile accident, but is can also occur when a person is pinned between two solid surfaces.

The length of time that a pelvic injury takes to heal is in part due to the extent of the damage. This injury is very painful. There is a lot of space in the pelvic outlet and in the surrounding tissue for bleeding to occur. Any impact causes blood vessels to rupture and bleeding into the tissues occurs. When the pelvis is fractured, the soft tissue is not excluded from damage. If the skin is cut, bleeding occurs, but there is a way for the blood to escape. Because the blood from the ruptured vessels can't escape after a pelvic injury, it builds up, creating pressure and resulting in pain. The first three weeks are the worst. Most people do not feel that they can put weight on one or both of the legs and they do not want to move in or out of bed, as that casues a lot of pain, too. The disability that results from this kind of injury is often thought to be exaggerated by the sufferer, because the extent of the damage can't be seen by onlookers.

Provided that surgery was not required to fix the injured bones, a non-crushing pelvic injury should heal within 6-8 weeks. However, light exercise will help if it is introduced slowly after the third week and under the direction of a lisenced physical therapist. Sometimes there are complications with the movements of the pelvis as the two halves join in front, the symphasis; and in back, the sacroiliac joints. It is important to identify if there are going to be problems in these areas, because if the issues are not revsolved quickly, they can stick around for years.


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    • profile image

      Sylvia 3 years ago

      I feel backwards on the tiled floor I have the same pain after three weeks dr gave me a steroid shot as he said my left knee was bone on bone after two great results then my right leg got unbearable I phoned. He said take two aleve twice a day if no better in a week call

      Him both hips have been replaced many years ago he said the right one the ball is wearing. What does a Phisyo do to help even snezzing


    • profile image

      Lori Lerner 3 years ago

      I Never had A Fall...Just One Day I wake up In PAIN In my Groin....Went 2 the Doctor & he gave me a M.R.I........The very Next Day..The DR. Called & T old me 2 get right 2 the Hospital..They Already had A Bed 4 Me...The Dr. SAID, that I Broke my Scarum, PELVIS. BACK, HIPS, BOTH & Tail Bone .I Was In the Hospital 4 only 3 Weeks...They never got me out of Bed...Then from the , they sent me 2 A Nurseing Home...I Stayed there 4 2 Months.....What Happened, was I Was very Over Weight....Being 5'4 & Weighing 213 lbs....So I Went On A Diet..But I Went 2 far...I Went Down 2 88 lbs...At this time, I Had Lost All the Vitamin's In my Body . Which made my Bones Crack, Like Putting Paper IN A Shredder.......It has Been Almost 3yrs & I;m Still In EXCRUCIATING PAIN, & Still Can't walk longer than 5 minutes....Still Going 2 the Doctor All the time Begging 2 Get out Of this PAIN !!!....It's Like they have No Clue how 2 get me better....At Least I'm Not FAT Anymore.....But I Rather B Fat, then IN This Pain......Anyone Out There Have Some Clues 4 me On What I Should do....Remember.l..3yrs & Still. Wheel Chair Bound............Thank U.........Lori

    • profile image

      John H. Rubel 3 years ago

      I am 94 yrs+4 months old fell about 7 was ago and cracked my pelvis. X-Rays now show no demonstrable bony pathology. However. severe pain when putting weight on left leg (was the RIGHT LEG for a few weeks)

      remains. I am confined to a wheel chair, and am told by my orthopedist that my unaltered pain results from " soft tissue" trauma. As a practical matter, the pain that appeared to have been caused by the pelvic crack remains, unchanged in severity, and taking a most unwelcome toll on my my mental and physical condition. QUERY: has anyone reading this a) had a comparable experience--post- trauma pain persisting after the putative source of the pain appears to have completely healed? And b) any suggested things to do or to have done to diminish or totally eliminate this lingering and debilitating pain...?

      Many thanks for any suggestions!

      John Rubel

    • profile image

      Ericka 3 years ago

      I was in a car accident and I broke my neck in 6 places broke my lower back in 4 places and and broke my sacrum right in half. It's been many years and now my hip hurts so bad every time I walk it hurts. is there something that can be done to stop this pain ? I can't take this pain any more please help me find someone to stop this pain.

    • profile image

      jance edmonds 4 years ago

      Fell on green seaweed stepping stones on 25.5.14 fell on large stone.lower back in lots of pain when get up or move positions. Not had it checked out yet think may have to see what damage has been done after reading these reports.

    • profile image

      Barb 4 years ago

      I fell while taking out my garbage. Went down like a ton of bricks on my right hip on cement. The pain was similar to childbirth. Excruciating.... I had to call 911, broke 2 pelvic bones. After 6 and a half weeks, I still have pain in the groin and leg. I've spotted but not a lot. This experience has been one of the worst in my life. And I've had head surgery.

    • profile image

      Valmay 4 years ago

      I fell heavily on my buttocks 2 weeks ago. Went to the hospital and had x rays no damage was found. I have been through the monst excruciating pain every time I move. Going from sitting to standing position is so painful. I would say the pain is as severe 14 days later as it was on the first day. How much longer before I start to heal. I have dropped my bundle. I feel I cannot handle this for much longer. Pain killers are not working very well.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago

      I was hit by a car while running and had three fractures in my pelvis. I probably was released from the hospital too soon since that day they released me even though I was extremely weak. I could barely move that leg and was in pain. The one fracture was right next to the ball and socket of my leg so I was non-weight bearing on that leg for 6 weeks. I too was told 6 to 8 weeks for the bone to form hard callus (not completely healed, but enough to start weight bearing). After 3 weeks I started PT doing basic range of motion exercises. 7 weeks after the accident I started walking with crutches and another week after that I started walking on my own. I had tingling and swelling in my foot and leg for weeks after however they all have started to go away. I do not have any more pain, just soreness if I try to push it too hard or too fast. Currently I am 10 weeks post accident and cannot run yet.

    • profile image

      Stacy 4 years ago

      My two daughters and I were in a horrible car accident 4 months ago. We were T-boned by a man that ran a redligth at 55 MPH. He hit my side ( passenger) of the car, my youngest had to be cut out of the car. I am very thankful that we are all alive. My oldest daughter suffered back and neck injuries and I had four fractures of my pelvis, requiring us both to be off work for nine weeks to recover. My youngest had minor head and leg injuries. The ER did a CT scan on myself and said I had "No broken bones" they sent me home in alot of pain, so much that I could'nt even stand without assitance. Three weeks later, when i wasn't getting any better, I t was foung by my orthopedic surgeon that I had broken fat least four bones in the pelvic ring! I have heard that my pain might be with me forever? I pray this is not the case, I too have a high pain tolerance, however, there are times daily I just want to cry from the constant pain! Any suggestions from others who have gone through this would be much appreciative.... God bless you all and may you recover fast and become pain free

    • profile image

      Elvita 4 years ago

      I had low back problems and went to chiropractor.He said I have problems with hips,my hips not siting right.He moved my pelvis(I don't know for what reason-he said will improve my spine)....But after 2 month I feelt really bad,I cud not even walk proporly.I come back to the same doctor and had my MRI scan done,whitch showed different back problems.I'm asked can you back me where I was.He said yes....He did moved my pelvis,but I'm now in very bad pain and still can't walk proporly.I have big inflamation,my left side hip just sweling...I don't what to do,where to go.Somebody said to try orthopedic.And this is not all....After last time when I went to doctor,he did move my pelvis and I got bad kidney and my blader infection,which is not clearly out.....Somebody can help me!Where I have to go and what I have to do?

    • profile image

      Irene 5 years ago

      My golden retriever knocked me over the other day. I have pain in the pelvis right side over and alongside the pubic area. Can walk very slowly. Takes forever to get out of bed and getting up from sitting or bending is very painful. Do u think I maybe cracked the pelvis when I fell. No bruises or hurting to the touch.

    • profile image

      hmapm 5 years ago from Red Bluff, California

      I was in an accident 5 days ago on my Lance 150cc scooter. I fractured my pelvis they said it was stable so al I can do is rest and keep weight off it.I am already using a walker and getting around good.The only major problem is the muscle spasms I get that are so bad that I scream in agony.They are getting less severe thankfully. Anyone else have these spasms?

    • profile image

      Amie 6 years ago

      I was t-boned in a crash 12 years ago and never had a lot of pain, just now and then. Now that I'm getting older I can't work an 8 hour day,stay in the car for the ride home and then stand up w/out a lot of pain. As long as I keep moving I have no pain,it's when I stop that the pain starts

    • profile image

      Kaylee 6 years ago

      I was T-Boned by a car who was going the min of 50 flipping my car times and hitting a pole. And fractured my pelvis in 4 places front and back. It took me about 2 months to heal, First I was in a wheel chair, then walker and cane. Since then I have had bad pain in my lower back and when I cross my legs my right leg goes numb instant. Sometimes my it hurts to walk. But I am blessed to be alive.

    • profile image

      Ng 6 years ago

      Hi, i met accident 4 year back. My t-bone has broken into 3peaces,doctor have fixed rod.and doctor had told me to take rest for 6weeks, after 6 week seeing xraw doctor suggested me to using wheel chair for one month. After that waker. Finely tried walking freedomly... All this took 1 year 2month to recover... Now after 3year they have changed rod in my t-bone. 25 days back but still pain is ther... All i need to ask you all/doctor. Can i have sex when i am in bed rest?

    • profile image

      Angel 6 years ago

      I was T-boned while driving almost two weeks ago, I was taken to the ER by ambulance and was there no more than 8 hours. I was sent home after a few x-rays and CTscans that showed no broken bones or serious injuries. I thought I would be fine in no time but as per my job, I had to follow-up with a family doctor a few days after the accident. After 3 visits with this doctor and not very much improvement, I have been having terrible hip pain and lower butt pain, he sent for me to have an MRI. Well just a few hours ago I got a call back from him saying the results were in and they found multiple fractures of my pelvis. I have been up and walking around (although in a lot of pain) since the day after I was released from the ER, I even tried to do so exercises, you know, because nothing was supposed to be broken. I don't know what I will have done when I visit the orthopedist next week, but if it isn't good I will be very, very angry with that hospital that sent me home at 12:30AM with "no serious injuries"! I knew there was a source for this never-ending pain.

    • profile image

      thakur 6 years ago

      i injured my right pelvic part in a road accident.its been 6 weeks now i am on bed rest. my fracture has been healed up. but i m feeling buring sensation and tingling in my right feet. what to do to get relief from it. and it become severe after walking few steps.

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      My girlfriend and I we're hit my a car, while riding on my motorcycle. We were both thrown off the bike and slammed to the ground, for whatever reason God didn't hurt me as bad as my girlfriend. She fractured her pelvis in 5 places and was in the hospital for about 10 days. It has now been 12 weeks and shes up and walking now. Some days shes okay as far as pain but others, its like she is SOOO much pain. Her back is numb sometimes and feels like she will never be pain free again. My question is will her pain ever really go away? or is she always going to be numb and cry in my arms in pain?

    • profile image

      lynne griffiths 6 years ago

      i broke my pelvis just over 2 years ago by just getting up of a chair , i was 37 years old at the time , i do suffer quite bad with arthritis but did not expect this , it has still not closed after all this time , i cant walk anywhere without aid and am in agony for days afterwards surgery will not work because of the arthritis so i still have the bed in the living room as i cant get upstairs and a comode as well as my bathroom is upstairs , i know i should be grateful that this is not life threatening but it has ruined my life , ki am just lucky that i had my children young and that they are now teenegers as bad as i fell that i cant be as i should with them it would be a lot worse if they were young children

    • profile image

      Amelia morrow 7 years ago

      @0 years later and people think i should be in any pain..I wish they where right.

    • profile image

      Fosamax Lawsuit 7 years ago

      Since we may have come across hip pains once or twice, we sometimes could not tell our pelvises have been injured. Thanks for the lens.

    • profile image

      Lois 7 years ago

      I have stage 4 breast cancer. When it began to spread, it attacked my spine fracturing my T9 vertabrae. Extremely painful. My husband rushed me to the hospital to find out what was causing my back pain. I was told "well, you know you have cancer, don't you?" No I didn't but I do now. Well, it has spread again into my hip and has poked a hole in the back of the right side. Again very painful, but not as bad as before, still very painful, regardless of all the medication I am taking. My nurses say that they are amazed that I am able to stay awake. For the first time in my life, my husband had trouble waking me which nearly freaked him out, me too. I am taken 10 treatments of radiation, plus I am also still taking hormone (Faslodex), as well as chemo (Navelbin). To strenghten my bones I am taking Zometa. I am trusting God will use the medicine he has inspired mankind to develop. Considering the fact that when I first arrived at the hospital my doctor only thought I would last a few days to maybe a couple of weeks. That was over 2 years ago. Walking has now become rather difficult. Still, I trust God to take care of me.

    • profile image

      helping a friend 7 years ago

      one of my best friend was in a really bad car accident last night and she broke her pelvic bone many bones in her arm and many bones in her leg and her foot is crushed from your own experience what can i do for her to make her feeel more comfortaable

    • profile image

      Tamara 7 years ago


    • profile image

      ps 7 years ago

      I was hit from behind by a SUV while biking to work. I had a broken back and broke my pelvis in 4 places. I was in a lot of pain. It has been 5 weeks and still can not walk or stand on my own or sit for more than 2 hours. I am hoping that the 6 to 8 week thing is correct because I have a wedding I need to fly to and can't miss in 3 weeks.

      My advice as a "newbe" is that listen to your body is it is tried or sore lie down by keep trying to move a little more each time, when the doctors say you can. You will lose it if you don't use it. I would also like to say I am sorry for anyone who has to go through this it is pain full and takes away your independence. And for me that was just as painful.

    • profile image

      KK 7 years ago

      This my sound a little weird but my pelvis was fractured while having sex, and the crazy thing about it is that the doctor's never knew what was wrong with me. I remember being sent to a physical therapist and the therapist measured my legs and told me that one side was longer then the other, but never told me that I had injured my pelvis. I never spent time in the hospital, infact they sent me home the same day and I was in PAIN, they told me to come back to see the therapist maybe one week later... after reading these article, I now understand what happened to me after maybe 12 yrs. Today, I still suffer with pain after standing or walking for to long and I walk with a list as well.What kind of X-ray needs to be done in order to find the problem? I need this pain to stop...Now I know why that dame hospital is closed down, they where worthless...

    • profile image

      denise 7 years ago

      i broke my pelvis in 5 places 11years ago in a carcrash yes you will always get the occasional pain have got the aluminum plate in mine. have got 4 girls now 10mths 3yrs,5yrs,7yrs my leg is shorter by 1 1/2 inchs. it all depends on you dont just sit about wasten time the more you move the better you will feel later on in life

    • profile image

      coca 8 years ago

      it is very true. i fractured mt pelvis bone and now 3 yrs later it feels as if one leg is shorter than the other

    • profile image

      Marcia 8 years ago

      I was in a motor vehicle T-Bone accident, suffered a crushed pelvis. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital & 1 week in rehab. I was in a wheelchair for 3 months. after aggressive rehab & using a walker then a cane & leg splint I am able to ambulate independently, but with a limp. I suffered some nerve injury so one leg is very weak. One leg is also shorter than the other but this is a very high surgical risk. I consider myself blessed & I am thankful for where I am today. i am pain free except for occasional pain on making some sudden sharp movements.

    • profile image

      Jean 8 years ago

      My pelvis was crushed in a bike accident. It's been 5 1/2 Months,and I'm walking with a cane. Hopefully will be off of it soon. I still have pain when I exercise. I was hoping to be done with PT but I think I'll have to continue in Jan. I also want to go back to work soon.

    • profile image

      luis 8 years ago

      My pelvis was crushed in a workplace accident 12 years ago when I was pinned undernieth a mobile home that had fallen from its supports.The result was several fractures and two clean breaks to the pelvis. I list also but to the left and have numbness and tingling sensations down my left leg. Spent five weeks in the hospital then four more at a rehab centre.

    • profile image

      Rachel 8 years ago

      I would do both rest a little and walk about if you rest to much you're body will get weaker and weaker.

    • profile image

      jonathan 9 years ago


      i fell at the weekend over a bannister at a nightclub. approx 20 ft high and landed on my side. was taken to a&e who said i had a fractured pelvis. refered me to fracture clinic who said i didn't. it was just a blood vessel apparantly ruptured.

      would this cause excruciating pain, to the point where i feel violently ill. i cant stand, i was given a zimmoframe and have trouble even supporting myself on my good left side. it would take me ten minutes to get up off my seat with aid and i can take one pace with the zimmo every 20secs or so. how long should i expect this to be like this. days, weeks. i was on morphine in hospital and am taking tramadol at home. it doesn't ease the pain. just makes me feel anxious and loses my appetite.

      i have a pretty high pain threshold but this is crazy. may as well stick a knife in my side every time i move

      any advice would be appreciated, also should i rest or should i try to get about a few times a day

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 10 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      The amount of time a pelvis needs to heal, as you stated above, differs from person to person, and according to how it was injured, etc. Mine was broken in four places as a result of a fall from a height of 20+ feet onto (thankfully) rain-softened dirt. Missed a concrete sidewalk by inches. As I was falling, I consciously twisted my body to land on a hip rather than on my feet. Crushed the elbow on that side too, but that's a whole other issue. Anyway, at the hospital, I was put into a semi-private room with a woman who'd broken her pelvis 10 days earlier on a concrete garage floor after tripping over a picnic cooler a neighbor had left in the doorway. She was already up and walking, albeit very slowly, when I arrived and went home 2 days later. My next roomie had fractured her pelvis in a car accident...she was released after about 5 days. As for me, I was in the hospital for 5 weeks, and the doctor wouldn't let me even TRY to stand until after 3 weeks or so. After I went home, had to use a walker for another 2 weeks or so. Not a fun time, especially with young children at home.

      As for the pain, going through labor when each of my children was born was a walk in the park comparatively. Constant and unrelenting pain for weeks. To prevent becoming addicted, I was only given enough medication every 4 hours to "take the edge off", which it really never did.

      One result of the injury, even after 20 years, is that I "list" slightly to the right. As if one leg is shorter than the isn't...but I can't walk a straight line for more than a few steps to save my soul. The doctor swears there's no physical reason for wasn't that type of injury...but still I list. It's more pronounced when I'm extremely tired.

      My advise: never, ever fracture your pelvis!!


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