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Is there a Connection between Healthy Living and your Natural Ability to Cure a Disease?

Updated on July 2, 2008

Healthy Living and Diseases


I am sure that you have you ever noticed when your dog is ill, it lies down to rest and stops eating. It is no longer responsive, jolly and playful. With this inference, you conclude that when your dog is active, vibrant and full of energy it is healthy.

Children also lose their playfulness and that extra energy level when they are sick. In fact once they become quiet, you tell yourself that something is wrong.

As adults, we do not normally observe ourselves as we do the dog or the child. But we are aware that something is wrong with us when we see signs. Normally these signs are the symptoms that we are ill. Our first reaction would be to go to the medicine cabinet, pharmacy or even the doctor and get medicines, taking them in the hope that the sickness will go.

But are you able to interpret the signs that something is wrong with your body? Do you really think that taking medicines is the answer?

Ask any honest medical doctor how they cure diseases, and they will tell you that most diseases will, given time, get better all by themselves.

From a hygienist's viewpoint, almost all diseases are simply the body's attempt to handle a crisis of toxemia. (Toxemia is simply the buildup of harmful substances or toxins in the body by way of eating, drinking or inhalation.) For two reasons this will probably go away by itself.

  • 1. The positive reason is that the toxic overload will be resolved: you change your eating habits or get rid of the stress that caused it.
  • 2. The negative reason is that the energy level drops so low that the symptoms appear to go away because a new, more serious disease is developing.

Your body is able to eliminate toxins effectively when you are strong and full of energy, or, you possess a high level of vital force. However, as your vital force drops, the body changes its routes of elimination from the secondary organs and begins to deposit the toxins in the more centrally located vital organs and systems. This is where the complications begin.

A young person's body possesses a lot of this vital force and will normally eliminate the toxins primarily through the liver and kidneys. If toxemia builds up and causes these organs to overload, then the surplus toxins are passed through the secondary organs - the skin and mucous membranes, producing mild infections such as sinusitis, asthma, colds, or a combination of these.

Your body will cure itself naturally in time. But with constant overloading, the body's vital force drops. The ability of your body to eliminate these toxins efficiently is reduced causing the toxemia to go deeper.

When you complain of having an infection for example and visit the doctor, he knows your body will eventually cure itself. Your doctor's main job should be to get you to rest, to wait until your body corrects itself and stops manifesting the undesired symptom.

Unfortunately, you are "plagued" with the modern lifestyle - you cannot afford to rest, you have too much work, you are too busy. Common sense instinctively tells you that your body is in a crisis, but the pressures of your lifestyle dictate a greater crisis if you rest. The typical compromise is then made:

  • You are not happy about your condition, and demand relief, a cure.
  • In fact, if you understood your own body's signals, you would not have to consult a doctor in the first place.
  • So if your doctor wants to keep you as a patient and make a living he must do something.
  • If that something produces little or no harm and better yet, can also alleviate the symptoms, then your doctor is good.

So you give credit to the doctor and the medicines. You had a pain and it is gone. Relief.

Let us now go back to the dog. Do you now see a connection?

The dog's body is connected to its mind. When the body is sick, the mind responds in the manner seen. The dog goes to rest and stops eating. The dog did not lose appetite, but instead is re-directing its body's energy towards the healing process. Digestion uses a lot of energy. That is natural and all animals react this way instinctively.

In a similar manner, the child's first reactions are what you will describe as suffering from general lethargy and loss of appetite. Your concern about the child's health makes you seek medical advice.

When the child gets better, you naturally say the doctor was responsible for this recovery. You do not give the child credit for this, as you feel that the child is a child and does not know any better. But, wasn't the child's body connected to his mind? Was not nature taking its course?

What about you? Do you allow nature to take its course?

Melvin Manoo is a Teacher and Author of the free Healthy Living Newsletters, an eight day series dealing with your body's natural processes to maintain a Healthy Living. It is loaded with reports describing how ill health is plaguing the country and the world today. You can get these at:


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