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Donate Blood To Prevent Gout Attacks

Updated on June 21, 2012

Blood Donation And Gout

Welcome to this Squidoo Lens about donating blood to prevent gout attacks. You'll find useful information about lowering iron levels in the blood through donations at your local blood bank. Check out our information about acidic blood levels, other chemicals that need to be controlled in the blood, and correcting copper levels to prevent gout attacks. You will also learn about links to other websites with more in depth information about preventing gout.

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Gout Inflamation and Redness
Gout Inflamation and Redness

Purines Not The Main Issue In Gout

Purines found in foods are not the primary reason for gout attacks. We all have read that purines which are in all vegetable cells contribute to gout, but vegetables do not really cause gout because they are actually high in magnesium and low in iron. Many of the eatable mushrooms have a high copper/iron content, which could be helpful in preventing the pain of gout.

The primary factor in gout is actually the excess of iron and molybdenum and low levels of copper and magnesium in your body's blood. For this reason you did not have gout attacks when you were a young man but experienced them latter in life, even though you possibly ate a lot more purines when you were young. If you remove the excess molybdenum and iron by way of regular blood donation until your ferritin is between 30 and 55 you will begin to prevent those painful gout attacks. If you are suffering now it is probably because your iron level is over 150. If you want you can eat moderate amounts of meat if you take 2 mg/d copper (GNC), 200 mg/d magnesium as citrate and 800 IU/d vit D on a regular basis. Remember to eliminate all organ meats which are very high in purines.

Uric Acid Cyrstals
Uric Acid Cyrstals

Reduce Uric Acid and Iron Levels

There is a lot written on lowing uric acid levels to help prevent gout attacks. There are many scientific evidences that show this to be true. But there are other elements in the body that needs to be controlled to help prevent gout attacks and the intense pain that comes with the attack.

Doctors are always promoting a healthy diet that includes foods to avoid and foods good to eat as a way to manage and control gout. They encourage the gout diet to include diversity and eating in moderate amounts.

They also stress that a gout patient should avoid red meat and pork because they contain high levels of purine which is turned into uric acid in the body. Did you know that red meat has similar purine amounts that is in a breast of chicken or white fish. The bigger issue with red meat is that it contains high levels of iron. In fact the darker the meet the higher the iron content. A piece of liver is by far the worst and a piece of dark fowl meat contains more iron than what is in a piece of white meat. Oysters and clams contain a high level of iron (much more than liver), lead, and molybdenum, so do not eat them to keep you iron blood level down. It is documented that too much iron in the body can also lead to gout attacks as well as uric acid.

There is a neat way to remove iron levels in the blood stream and help others at the same time. Simply donate your blood periodically to eliminate the level of iron found in a dozen steaks as well as molybdenum, cholesterol, etc. If you like your beef then you can eat small quantities as long as you periodically donate blood. Before you eat beef you should also make sure the level of ferritin in the blood is below 55. You also want to take 2 mg of copper all the time to correct possible deficiencies in copper which is another characteristic of gout attacks.

One acknowledged gout medicine popular for its gout relief medication unwanted effects would be that of Colchicine. Primarily, what colchicines does is it affects the motility of granulocytes, blocking the inflammatory phenomena to which a gout attac
One acknowledged gout medicine popular for its gout relief medication unwanted effects would be that of Colchicine. Primarily, what colchicines does is it affects the motility of granulocytes, blocking the inflammatory phenomena to which a gout attac

Gout Medication For Relief

One acknowledged gout medicine popular for its gout relief medication unwanted effects would be that of Colchicine. Primarily, what colchicines does is it affects the motility of granulocytes, blocking the inflammatory phenomena to which a gout attack may lead to. One of the numerous gout relief medication negative effects of Colchicine would be that of diarrhea. Other gout medicine adverse reactions boasted by Colchicine would come with nausea, along with other gastrointestinal similar issues of one's body. Colchicine, preferably, should be applied within the first twelve hrs of a gout attack, but with its roster of gout medication adverse reactions, the use of colchicines in the treatment of gout is known to cause certain problems and issues.

Foods Good For Gout
Foods Good For Gout

Dietary Changes To Prevent Gout

Make the consumption of liquids high. Strive for about 2 to 4 gallons of liquid every day. Make sure to drink water about half the time. Avoid drinking sugar soda drinks.

Restrict or steer clear of alcohol. Discuss with your doctor what amount or type of alcohol is acceptable for you. The latest data shows that beer might be prone to raise the risk of gout symptoms, specifically in men.

Consume a balance diet regime adopting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Daily your diet program needs to focus on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat or fat-free milk products.

Consume low-fat dairy products to get healthy proteins. Low-fat dairy products might just have a defensive affect towards gout, so they are your best-bet source of proteins.

Restrict your consumption of meat, poultry,and fish. A little quantity might be endurable, but seriously consider what kinds and just how much will create problems.

Keep an attractive body weight. Select servings where you can keep a healthy weight. Lower the uric acid levels in the body through weight loss. But steer clear of going on a fast or quick weight loss. Because doing so might temporarily elevate the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Give Blood Give Life

Gout Gallery

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is a great article! Im sad that it took me this long to find it because it makes a lot of sense to me. I only have problems with beef and clams/mussels. Eating other foods in the same purine range as beef/mussels/clams does not affect me at all. I can eat fish, lobster, chicken, etc with no consequences. Ive always wondered if there was something else that gave me the tingly feeling aside of Purines.

      I will experiment further and try to come back and response here in a few months to see my progress.

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens with very useful information :)


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