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Dream Therapy – Sound Mental Health and Brain Power

Updated on December 27, 2014

Sound Mental Health and Wisdom

Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me puts an end to all misconceptions about the meaning of dreams.

You have proof that the accurate scientific translations exchange images with words that you can understand.

You also verify that these words are the words of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. They don't come from ignorant human minds.

The scientific translations are not based on suppositions, but on arduous research.

These translations reflect your mental condition. They talk about your hidden feelings. They talk about your life and your daily problems.

You verify that the scientific dream translations really help you understand the precious information you have in your dreams. These translations are not empty words. They are not vague and obscure suppositions.

The scientific dream translations help you understand how to successfully solve all problems and how to eliminate all mental illnesses.

You verify that the information you have in the dream images fits with your psychological situation.

You have answers to all questions.

Dreams help you acquire sound mental health and wisdom.

Carl Jung managed to prove to the world that our dreams are very important because they are produced by the unconscious mind, which possesses undoubtable wisdom.

I continued Jung's research, discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind, which he couldn't perceive because he was a scientist.

I was a literature writer. I had to become a psychiatrist and psychologist after discovering how to put an end to all mental illnesses through dream translation. I accepted this arduous mission against my will because I understood my responsibility.

I only wanted to write about the meaning of dreams. However, the unconscious mind obliged me to cure many people through dream therapy into practice (since 1990) because I could help many people with this knowledge and because I had to learn numerous practical lessons.

I had to simplify and clarify Carl Jung's complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation. Everything was very difficult for me. This is why I could finally publish my work only after 19 years of research, studies, and cures.

I didn't want to wait so many years before publishing my scientific books, but I obeyed the unconscious guidance. I never refused to do what was necessary.

The divine unconscious mind was right. I really had to work so hard in order to provide you with a perfect method of instant dream translation that surely helps you acquire sound mental health.

Without my clarifications and simplifications Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation would remain ignored by the biggest part of our population, while it is the solution humanity was looking for. Only now that I transformed his method into a fast, clear and objective process of dream translation based on exchanging dream images with words, can everyone immediately understand the meaning of dreams.

My discoveries help you completely trust the information you have in the dream images with confidence and seriousness.

The unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist because you need psychotherapy. All dreams help you keep your mental stability and evolve.

By following dream therapy you will learn how to completely develop your intelligence and use all of your brain power.

First of all you have to eliminate your violent, immoral, absurd, and evil anti-conscience (wild conscience), which occupies the biggest part of your brain.

You have to acquire consciousness of all the content of your brain in order to use all of your brain power. This means that the primitive content existent into your anti-conscience must become known. This content must also be transformed into human content in order to belong to your human conscience.

Through dream therapy you'll gradually eliminate your primitive conscience and find sound mental health.

You will also become more intelligent.

You can even become a genius if you'll keep translating the meaning of your dreams even after solving your basic problems.

Your will attain higher levels of knowledge and completely develop your sensitivity.

The meaning of dreams was distorted by numerous impostors.

Popular dream interpretations are based on suppositions.

Even dream interpretations based on a psychological analysis are false because they are based on logic conclusions that come from the dream interpreter's conscience. The meaning of the dream language depends on the comprehension of the dream logic, which is totally different from the selfish and ignorant logic of the human conscience.

Only the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung managed to decipher the symbolic meaning of the dream language after arduous research. I completed his mission, clarifying the obscure points in his work and proving that his dream theories were real discoveries.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about dreams:

X The meaning of dreams depends on the opinion of each dreamer.

The meaning of the dream language is always the same for all dreamers. The dream language is based on the unconscious logic and on dream symbols that have a specific meaning.

In order to discover the meaning of the most important dream symbols Carl Jung had to compare the meaning of all the symbols that appeared in dreams, artistic manifestations, religious expressions, and philosophical conclusions of many different civilizations that belonged to different historical times.

He also analyzed the meaning of the symbols used by the alchemists in the Middle Ages.

Carl Jung discovered the unconscious wisdom and he started following the unconscious guidance. However, he stopped his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation at a certain point because he was afraid to find craziness.

In order to simplify and clarify his complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation I had to continue his research and discover the anti-conscience, our wild conscience that he couldn't see.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. The unconscious mind produces our dreams in order to give us information about what the anti-conscience is trying to do in order to destroy our conscience.

The dream language cannot be understood by your conscience because if your conscience could understand the unconscious words in dreams, your anti-conscience would understand them too, and distort the unconscious messages. Your human conscience must study the dream language in order to understand the symbolic unconscious messages contained in all dream images.

You will eliminate our anti-conscience thanks to the consciousness you'll acquire with the unconscious guidance.

X Dreams are interpreted depending on the dream interpreter's intuition.

The real meaning of dreams is the meaning given by the unconscious mind to the dream images it uses in order to produce our dreams. We have to understand the unconscious intention.

We cannot simply guess the meaning of dreams.

Interpreting dreams based on the dream interpreter's intuition is like trying to translate one language to another based on suppositions.

X Not all dreams are important.

All dream images are important and contain hidden messages. This means that all dreams are very important, even when they are not impressing, or when they seem to merely reflect various situations of the dreamer's daily life.

All dream images have a symbolic meaning, which usually is totally different from the meaning that the same images have in our daily lives.

You cannot understand the meaning of dreams based on your conscious logic.

You must learn the symbolic meaning of the dream images.

Fortunately, Carl Jung discovered this meaning and I completed his research, discovering the meaning of many dream symbols that he couldn't explain, after translating numerous dreams for many people for two decades.

X Dreams reflect our emotions and fears.

Our dreams are the unconscious words. They are not disorganized projections of our emotions or fears.

Dreams are images organized based on their symbolic meaning, which is given by the unconscious logic.

X Dreams are wish fulfillments.

The impression that dreams are wish fulfilments is the result of Sigmund Freud's erroneous conclusions. Many dreams cannot be interpreted as wish fulfilments because of their complexity.

Even the dreams that seem to be wish fulfilments have a totally different meaning from the meaning we suppose they have when we analyze them under the impression that they could be wish fulfilments. The unconscious mind uses people, facts and events of our daily lives in order to give us many different lessons.

If you are hungry and you are eating bread in a dream this means that you are feeding your psyche, and not your body. The fact that you are hungry in your daily life emphasizes the importance of the bread for your psyche. Bread represents life in dreams.

This means that the bread you saw in a dream will give you courage to live.

You will also find food and stop suffering by following the divine unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind changes your life, besides transforming your personality. Everything becomes better for you.

X Lucid dreaming can be beneficial to the dreamers.

Lucid dreaming is in fact a distortion of the real function of dreams. The dreams we see when we sleep protect our human conscience from the attacks of our anti-conscience, helping us preserve our mental health.

The attempt to create dreams based on your will is a useless attempt.

Lucid dreaming is creating dream images based on your imagination.

The dream images that are the result of your fantasies cannot teach you anything.

Only the dream images produced by the unconscious mind can give you precious information and guidance.

The unconscious mind sends you secret messages in dreams while you sleep because in this condition you are not interrupted by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. You must respect the value and the importance of dreams instead of distorting their function with your imagination.

Otherwise, you won't have any protection from your anti-conscience, which is constantly trying to destroy your conscience and control your behavior.

The dreams you see when you sleep contain the precious unconscious words. You should pay attention to the guidance you have, and find the solutions you need.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy – Finding a Dream Translator.

Christina Sponias


You should keep a dream journal and a diary where you'll write what happens to you everyday, and relate this information to the meaning of your dreams.

Write down all the dream images you can remember in your dream journal, even if you cannot remember the entire dream.

Learn how to remember your dreams and follow dream therapy at:

A mental illness cannot be cured by ignorant human beings because it is caused by our wild conscience. The anti-conscience is too powerful.

In other words, a mental illness is like an iceberg.

We can see only the tip of the iceberg.

However, the biggest part of the iceberg is hidden under the water.

If our psychiatrists could see the content of the human brain they would understand that their attempts to cure a mental illness without knowing how the brain works are dangerous and useless. There is too much craziness inside the human brain.

Only the divine unconscious mind knows how to cure a mental illness. All psychiatrists and psychologists must learn the dream language so that they may have information about the real mental condition of their patients.

The functioning of the human brain is so complex that we are unable to understand it, especially because we don't have an internal vision of the brain of a mentally ill individual. We cannot enter inside someone else's brain; we can observe it only from outside.

The unconscious mind gives you explanations about the mental condition of your patients, the same way it shows you how much you are influenced by your huge anti-conscience, which you cannot see. Your anti-conscience constantly invades your human conscience, trying to destroy your capacity to think logically through craziness.

When you follow dream therapy your mental illness is cured because you have an internal vision of what is happening in your brain.

The unconscious mind gives you many explanations in all dream images.

You learn how to perceive the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, acquiring consciousness.

This is a surprising discovery.

You could be a genius, but your anti-conscience doesn't let you evolve. You have to understand what is hidden into the unknown region of your brain and psyche in order to use all of your brain power.

Through dream translation you understand how and when you are influenced by the absurdity of your anti-conscience. You also understand what you have to do in order to transform your evil, absurd, immoral, indifferent, and cruel anti-conscience into a sensitive human being. This is how you'll definitively eliminate the roots of absurdity from your mind.

You'll never be threatened by a mental disorder again.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

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What Can You Discover By Interpreting Your Dreams?

She was attracted to her husband, without really loving him. She didn't believe in real love because she was materialistic.

She was a cold woman because her parents were cold with her when she was a child. She was afraid to truly love someone. She didn't want to depend on someone else.

As you can see, the unconscious mind analyzes all the problems of the dreamer, and reveals their real causes. The unconscious mind is God's mind. The lessons you find when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method help you understand messages that contain superior and safe guidance.

The unconscious mind reflects the origin of all problems, and the solutions for every problem.

Now I will talk about the case of another dreamer, who suffered from panic attacks and was cured through dream therapy, but who also has many other psychological problems. All his dreams contain many different dream scenes without a story.

Examples of Dreams and Translations

Finding Sound Mental Health

I'm going to show you how a mental illness is cured through dream translation by giving you a few examples from the dreams dreamt by two dreamers.

I'm not allowed to publish their entire dreams or tell you details about their life biographies because my translations are private. I can publish only a few sentences from each one's dream, without exposing the dreamers in any way.

This dream was dreamt by a 25-35-years-old woman who had a relationship problem.

I always run in my dreams. Sometimes I'm running away from bad people or I run in competitions. I always try to run faster.

Dream Translation:

The fact that you are always running in your dreams means that you are trying to escape from the control of your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is the absurd and wild side of your conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. The anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior. It is your wild personality.

You represent your ego in dreams. Your ego controls your behavior when it is strong. However, it can lose the control of your behavior if you will pay attention to the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience. Your ego is always running in your dreams because it is trying to escape from your anti-conscience's control.

In other words, you are trying very hard to be a good person, but you have the tendency to accept the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is an animal that has no human feelings. It is violent, immoral, and cruel. You must be very careful and fight its absurdity. Otherwise, your wild side will control your behavior and destroy the human side of your conscience.

All dreams basically reflect the battle between your human conscience and your wild anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within the human side of your conscience.

You are under tension, and afraid of something. After reading your life story I saw that the problems you are having with your relationship have a negative impact in your life.

You are always running in your dreams because you are always trying to avoid an explosion of anger, but finding it very hard.

The unconscious mind gives to the dreamer a clear image of her psychological situation. She understands that she is avoiding what is bad because she is constantly running away from her wild tendencies.

This means that she can easily be controlled by these absurd tendencies if at a certain moment she will stop running.

This dreamer is in a dangerous position. Her mental stability is in great danger.

The unconscious mind gave her more information about her mental condition in this dream, showing her why she is constantly tense.

Her next dreams gave her more explanations. I'm going to publish a sentence of one of her next dreams.

I'm at my parents' house choosing clothes that I will wear at work. My mother is helping me.

Dream Translation:

Since you are at your parents' house (and not at your house) this means that the unconscious mind is analyzing the influence of your anti-conscience (represented by your mother) and the influence of your one-sided conscience (represented by your father) in your behavior.

Even your conscience is absurd because it is under-developed and one-sided. The unconscious mind helps you develop your intelligence and stop making mistakes in life.

The clothes you wear are very important. They represent your social image. In other words, your clothes show to the world what kind of person you are.

Since you are choosing your clothes at your parents' house, this means that you decide what to show to the world about yourself based on the influence of your absurd anti-conscience and based on the absurd conclusions of your one-sided conscience.

Your mother is helping you choose what to wear because your anti-conscience chooses your social image on your behalf.

Your work represents your mission in life.

This means that your anti-conscience controls your mind and your behavior. The social image you present to the world is not the social image you should have.

You must have the social image of a wise woman who knows what is good or bad and never makes mistakes in life.

The unconscious mind gives various explanations to each dreamer, showing them their mistakes, and explaining why they are making these mistakes.

This is how all dreamers understand how to fight the absurdity imposed by their anti-conscience and find sound mental health.

Dream Dictionary - Basic Dream Symbols

Identifying Signs of Mental Illness and Finding Sound Mental Health

You can identify signs of mental illness in your mind and behavior, besides also being able to identify the same signs in other people's minds and behavior, by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

This method is totally different from the methods used by those who cannot understand the dream logic. You will verify the superiority of the scientific translations.

I will give you a few lessons to show you how you can perceive if you are becoming mentally ill and prevent a mental illness before its total formation. You will also learn how to prevent a severe mental illness in case you already are mentally ill and you need an urgent treatment.

However, you need the unconscious guidance in your dreams. Each case has numerous different details that are very important, but that won't be covered here. This general list of signs cannot really help you if you won't pass through a process of psychological transformation. You have to translate the meaning of your dreams and stop making mistakes.


Here is a sentence of a dream dreamt by a 35-45-years-old man who suffers from depression.

A woman sitting at the table is looking at me in a strange way so I look down and I notice I'm walking barefoot in the restaurant.

Dream Translation:

The woman sitting at the table represents your anima, in other words, your perfect match. She is at the table because she wants to have a relationship with you. When you are sitting at a table with someone in a dream this means that you are trying to enter in accordance with this person.

However, instead of sitting down near her, you avoid looking at her.

This sign indicates that you are afraid to face your perfect match.

Your feet represent your moral principals in dreams because they sustain your body. The fact that you are barefoot in a restaurant indicates that your moral principals are not protected. In other words, you don't have the behavior you should have.

The restaurant represents a place where you feed your psyche (not your body) with various emotions and feelings.

Your depressed past had a negative effect on the formation of your personality. You cannot recuperate your inner energy when you try to be strong. This is why you don't have the right attitude with the opposite sex.

You must follow dream therapy in order to build your self-confidence. The unconscious mind will show you how to eliminate the negative influence of your anti-conscience, which managed to control your behavior because you had traumatic experiences.

Your anti-conscience is your primitive conscience, which didn't evolve like your human conscience. It generates mental illnesses within your conscience. Your anti-conscience is imposing abnormal behavior to your human conscience. This is why you feel weak and you don't have the right attitude wtih your perfect match.

Each dreamer has dreams about their psychological problems and about the issues they are facing in their daily lives.

The unconscious mind shows to each one in which ways their anti-conscience is misleading them, and why their one-sided human conscience is making false conclusions.

This way they understand how to fight their absurd tendencies and overcome a mental illness.

How to Stop Having Nightmares


The meaning of dreams helps you find balance and physical health.

You learn how to find your perfect match or how to improve your relationship.

You have information about the future.

You can change your destiny.

You can practically read people's minds, and easily identify who is controlled by their absurd anti-conscience by analyzing their behavior. You also have objective information about everyone around you in your own dreams, or in their dreams (in case they relate their dreams). This information will help you clearly understand how other people think, feel, and sense.

Your dreams will also help you understand the meaning of life and the meaning of death. You'll learn how to prevent your premature death or the premature death of your children. You'll learn how to prevent diseases, accidents, and other misfortunes. The unconscious protection in hidden dream messages is a miraculous solution for you.

I teach you how to become a professional dream translator like me, but I can also translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy after my translations. We will exchange many email messages until you'll feel that you have really managed to solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

Many people prefer my fast dream translations, but it's a good idea to study the dream language. Now that I simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation translating dreams became a fast translation from images into words. Once you master the dream language, you'll have this knowledge forever. The unconscious mind will always help you in all ways.

You should care about having this knowledge.

You'll see how true the unconscious messages are and how much you'll evolve by following the unconscious guidance. You'll verify into practice that the unconscious warnings help you prevent what is bad. Therefore, you'll feel protected and safe.

There are so many advantages available to you once you learn the language of your natural doctor (the unconscious mind) that you really should be one of those who have discovered the benefits of dream translation.

I have cured numerous people through dream therapy since 1990. Carl Jung cured many people with the same method before my explanations and simplifications since 1920, when he published his work about the psychological types. It was thanks to this work that he managed to clearly define the true importance of dream therapy for our mental health.

Today you can directly translate all dreams thanks to my discoveries and clarifications, after two decades of studies and cures. This is your biggest advantage.

You receive free psychotherapy and wise guidance in your dreams forever.

The unlimited knowledge you acquire through dream therapy completely changes your life, helping you attain goals you have never thought you could achieve. Dream therapy helps you attain total consciousness.

The unconscious mind transforms you into a wise, calm, and sensitive human being. Your brain power is based on wisdom, goodness, and self-confidence. This is why you find peace and authentic happiness in life.

Dream Power Collection

Vivid Dream
Vivid Dream

Do you follow dream therapy?

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