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Drug Addiction Recovery Programs

Updated on October 26, 2010

A drug addiction recovery program may be the last resorts  for someone struggling to come to grips with their addiction. Before one attempts to really make that change they will need to consider the effort and commitment that will be needed to over come their habit. I know for someone reading this article the words commitment may sound a little overwhelming and daunting in the long term, that is why i also believe that there is a deeper reason within ourselves that we need to recognize. For we know what we are doing to ourselves and the loved one's around us, and also know this is not the path we should be taking, but the addiction and emotional stress is so strong that we tend to forget about our morals and keep on doing it anyway. so we need to first recognize that we have a problem and then we can move on to the next stage which is recovery. As with most addictions there is usually a reason why people are trapped in the cycle of drugs and alcohol, it can be past hurts such as abuse, weather it be sexual or physical, it maybe present concerns such as finances and living to a whole range of things. But at the end of the day one needs to discuss these concerns with someone who is willing to listen with open ears and a non judgmental attitude.

First Step To Recovery

So the first step to recovery  is to release all that baggage and let it go, there are drug addiction recovery programs that are there to help those in need. A big part of the process is the willingness to want to recover and to learn about the options that are available to you and to educate yourself into why you have this addiction and ways that can help you to break free. Sometimes it may feel that your own family members are actually keeping you in this additive cycle and you may say to yourself if i can't get help from them, where else am i going to turn to. Well just remember there are people out there that share the same experience and are looking for help as well.


 You need not be alone on this journey there are many places that are there to help you, you must not ever think you are in this alone help is just a phone call away. Sometimes the only way to break free is to commit yourself to a clinic for a period of time to get over the physical symptoms as this is the most difficult part of the recovery process. Once you have done that you can then address the emotional symptoms and begin the internal recovery, yes it will take time but the end result will have you looking at the world with brighter eyes.

Finding Help

OK who can we turn to when it comes to taking the first steps to recovery, if you feel that family or friends is the last place you want to go to then there are organizations that will help. The salvation Army have been helping people with drug addictions for years, they run AA or alcoholics anonymous programs that let you speak your mind in a supportive environment and are there to stick it out with you in the long term as well. Your local GP my be able to lead you in the right direction and provide you with similar programs , and can also give your a physical check and determine weather you may need medical treatment. Even if you are not religious your local church can provide advice and help, they are there to listen and not to pass judgment as well as giving you genuine and heart filled advice. The main concern here is that you decide weather or not you want to break free from your addiction and move from there that is the first and most important step you can take so don't feel isolated there are many resources you can turn to, but you must take that first step.


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    • SoberNation profile image


      7 years ago from Boca Raton, Fl

      Excellent article. I love reading your stuff! Please check out some of my hubs!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub! Very useful information! I recently read an article by John Derry (Founder and Director, A Home Away Retreat - where he discussed the topic of choosing a rehab facility. He stated that the a rehab facility should be chosen "through surrender, as an act of faith and trust in the integrity of the professional they are led to ask help from"...So true.

    • gd2knw profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I am glad to hear you have made it through :) it sounds like this guy Danny Jones w/Harri really had an impact on you, they are truly rare people. And i totally agree with you not to let anyone steel your joy, you can't replace that feeling and the energy it gives you to face the world.I hope that people who are trapped in their own addiction realize there is a way out, and start to live the life that we are entitled too.

      Thank you for your thoughts great comment!

    • Amez profile image


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Good Hub, Straight Forward and hits allot of good points one must seriously consider before choosing the proper Recover program, for any kind of addiction. To me allot depends on those already in a program, that you may choose, and just how serious thy are to wanting to recover. I live in Houston Texas, and the one I have actually participated in a program, that had changed my life called New Choices. Danny Jones w/Harris County is one of thier best counseller to me. Told us when we were full of Bull Shi... and made it clear we either joined in and became part of the family of those who were here to change thier life by making new choice through the contant reading of the AAA book of personell stories of those who had struggled with the same addiction, then the one thing that was expected is you had to memorize the 12 steps. word by word, because that was going to be one of your tools when you reenterd society and took having a family to heart seriously. The best tool he gave me, is the one he reminded us everyday for 6 months,that had keep himself on the right path ever since he made the choice to take back his life and rebuild his relation with his Lord. THe thing he told himself each day, and sometime several times when need was what has ghelped me the most "Don't let anyone to ever steal your Joy". Yep I owe Mr Jones the Joy I now have in my life. He never gave up on so many of us. and believe me some fought him most the way, I know I was one.


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