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What to do if you suffer from dry skin as a diabetic

Updated on April 19, 2016

Unfortunately for diabetics, the problems that stem from out of control blood glucose levels can be numerous. These spikes can cause issues all over the body. Those with diabetes can suffer from conditions like hypertension, hypoglycemia, amputations, kidney disease, and blindness or other eye problems. One of the most common things someone with the disease will face is a skin issue. These can run from painless problems like dry skin to harmful issues like fungal and bacterial infections. It is estimated that one third of people with diabetes will have a skin condition related to the disease.

For those who don’t know they suffer from diabetes yet, dry skin can be one of the first visible signs of the disease. Dry skin diabetes sufferers know that flare ups occur when blood sugar levels are not under control. When blood sugar is too high, the body loses fluids which rids your skin of a necessary, natural hydrating mechanism, leaving the skin dry.

Luckily, dry skin can be treated and managed in a few different ways. One way is to keep yourself hydrated by consuming plenty of liquids (mainly water) that do not contain caffeine or sugar. Another step is to keep the skin moisturized. This means applying moisturizer to the body, but avoiding areas like between the toes where fungal infections can occur. The area between the toes, and the armpits should have talcum powder applied to keep them slightly dry to avoid infection. It’s also key to not take long, hot baths or showers. Hot water, no matter how good it feels, can dry out your skin even more. It’s best to take warm, shorter showers to prevent this.

Sometimes it feels like your skin is as dry as the desert
Sometimes it feels like your skin is as dry as the desert

The best way to control dry skin is to keep your blood glucose levels in check. This will prevent spikes which can cause your body to lose fluid resulting in dry skin.

If you have dry skin diabetes should be your main concern. Dr. Hess’s Diabetic Care Cream is perfect for hydrating and providing relief to dry skin you may suffer from. (A little cow told me that Dr. Hess has coupons and promotions on their site!) The most important thing is not to let your dry skin get the best of you. Keep your blood glucose under control, moisturize, and drink fluids to help keep your skin comfortable.

Written by MARKIT Group, a proud member of the Dr. Hess herd.


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