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Dull Pain in Cheek

Updated on May 7, 2011

Dull Pain in Cheek

Ever had a dull annoying pain in your cheek? Did you find out what might be causing it. Rest assured it is mostly likely temporary and simple. Occasionally, a dull pain in cheek can signify a bigger problem, but more often than not you can most likely trace it back to an injury, over exerted muscles in the jaw, an accidental bite to the inside of the cheek or anything like that. Just kind of think back on what possibly could have caused it before you run out to the emergency room, bury yourself in medical books, annoy the people around you by asking them if they’ve ever felt it or drive yourself crazy! Hopefully in this article I can put your mind at ease or send you on the right track to finding out what wrong and/or how to fix it. A dull pain period, anywhere on the body is an annoying thing above all else. First the pain could be caused by the nerve endings in that area of your face and body. A more serious cause of cheek pain is diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes are so “all over the place” that it’s really hard to notice and sometimes difficult to diagnose and dull cheek pain is such a mild symptom to have for serious reasons and not so serious reasons that it’s be extremely hard to determine that your dull cheek pain is a result of diabetes but if it is accompanied by other more serious symptoms it could very well be diabetes in which case you would need to see your doctor or a true diagnosis of the disease. A mouth sore or canker sore or mouth ulcer could be another cause of pain in your cheek but I have to be honest with you a canker sore would deliver a very, very short but painful feeling to your cheek if that is what you have. A canker sore might only last 48 hours to a week and would not be a dull pain, it would feel just like a sore and be irritated every time you opened your mouth, ate certain foods or rubbed it with your tongue. I personally think that dull cheek pain and canker sores are two totally different feelings in the mouth. However, if you have a canker sore that last more than a week, say like a month or more, a trip to the doctor is imminent.

Dull Pain in Chest

Dull Pain in Cheek

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Dull Pain in Cheek


Another more serious cause of pain in the cheek area is trigeminal neuralgia. This is a condition where there has been some serious damage to the nerve endings in your face or cheek that will cause a surface pain in that area as well your eyes and other areas of your face, again, a trip to the doctor is necessary in this case. Hopefully I have shared some information that will get you started in the right direction to finding out why you are experiencing the pain that you are experiencing. The earlier you get professional help with this condition, if it is serious, the better chance for finding a treatment and getting rid of the pain. In conclusion, a dull pain in cheek can be cause by quite a few things, some in significant and other a bit more significant. You have to know your body and know when to see a doctor.


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    • praveen000 profile image

      praveen000 7 years ago from Good Old USA

      True, jeanie. Thank you for the input.

    • jeanie.stecher profile image

      jeanie.stecher 7 years ago from Seattle

      Nice hub. One good thing that could ease this pain is to probably brush your teeth regularly. Well, at least this might help.