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E45 Creams and Lotions Review

Updated on August 23, 2017

A Multi-purpose Dermatological Lotion

My family have been using E45 Creams and Lotions for many years now. It is a multi-purpose dermatological cream formulated to treat and soothe many different skin conditions. From basic dry skin to conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, E45 is gentle and effective in managing a variety of skin conditions.

My latest discovery is its use as a massage lotion following my recent knee surgery

E45 traditional emolient formula can be bought as cream or lotion in different sized bottles, with or without pump dispensers. In this lens I will tell you about some of the many uses for E45 creams and lotions, I'm sure everyone will find at least one way in which E45 will be useful to them today.

Image Amazon Product E45 Dermatological Cream 125g

What is Dermatological E45?

Dermatalogical E45 is a range of products for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions, from mild dry skin to more serious conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. E45 works by replacing the skins natural oils and building up a protective barrier to help maintain moisture levels.

E45 Emolients are available as creams for more concentrated area treatment or lotions for all over body use. The products are perfume free and hypoallergenic so suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. The lotion is particularly light and is absorbed easily into skin, for use on a daily basis.

Both E45 Cream and E45 Lotion are available in different quantities, so you can choose a convenient portable size or a larger one to last longer and cost less in the long run. You can even choose from tubes, pots, bottles or pump dispenser containers, to suit your needs.

Who are E45 Creams and Lotions for?

And where to buy them?

E45 creams and lotions are suitable for everyone. They are perfume free and have a hypoallergenic formulation which makes it fine to use on sensitive skins and gentle enough to use on babies too.

The products can be bought at pharmacies and supermarkets as well as on the Internet, so are widely accessible to all, without prescription. They are reasonable priced and can be bought in smaller containers, for taking around with you, or in bulk type containers for long lasting, economical value for money.

E45 Creams and Lotions for Everyone

E45 Lotion for my Knee Injury

Last November I fell and broke my knee. My whole leg was in a splint for 6 weeks and during that time the skin on my foot became dry and crumbly from not being used (and not being able to soak in the bathtub for way too long! Yuk). I tried various products to relieve the dry skins (foot soaks, skin remover etc) but all they did was make my skin sore and even more flaky. So we tried E45 lotion for a relaxing foot massage and it worked brilliantly!

And then when the splint came off .... more yukky skin to deal with, dry skin galore ... (decides against putting a photo to illustrate this one!)

Then the physio therapy to get my knee to bend again started. Ouch! But once again, E45 came to the rescue, as a massage lotion. Firstly, my physio recommended used E45 to massage the scar tissue to stop it from hardening and to keep the skin supple so that it would stretch more easily. Secondly, I needed to massage the joint and mobilise my patella to loosen internal adhesions, encourage my joint to move and to soothe the pain when physio got a bit much.

My lens Dealing with a Broken Kneecap has more information and a video about massaging the knee for help with injury rehab.

Other Uses for E45

  • Facial Moisturiser
  • Body Moisturiser
  • Make up remover
  • Make up base
  • Hand and nail cream
  • Chapped skin
  • Sunburn relief
  • Prickly heat
  • Insect bites
  • Eczema Relief
  • Dry Skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Ichthyosis

Do you use E45 - Share your experiences

What do you use E45 for and how effective is it?

A Selection of E45 Creams and Lotions

This is a selection of E45 Creams and Lotions available to buy online. I personally use the E45 Lotion option mostly, and because I use it daily to massage my knee and my family use it for dry skin and psoriasis issues, we tend to buy the large pump dispenser bottle. This works out great value for money and the pump dispensing facility makes it so convenient to use.

E45 Itch Relief Cream

E45 Itch Relief Cream contains lauromacrogols, an anti itch ingredient which soothes itching caused by dry skins conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Non greasy, easily absorbed and suitable for adults and children alike.

E45 Itch Relief Cream

E45 Endless Moisture Lotions

New E45 Endless Moisture lotions are enriched with natural oils and vitamin B3, perfect for mature skin. The lotions replace moisture as soon as they are applied and last all day, for a smooth, softer feel. Notice the difference!

E45 Endless Moisture Lotion

Did you find the information you were looking for?

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