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Easy Tips and Strategies for Getting up Early

Updated on August 14, 2014

Some people think that to become morning person is like next to impossible if the habit of getting up late is old but reality is that nobody start getting up early from infancy. This is a habit you develop later in life whether in young age or in old age but its better to develop it as soon as possible.

In the beginning it seems difficult to change your habits for example if you plan to get up around 5 in the morning you will keep switching off all alarm clocks and the time until you will really get up will be not less than 7:00 or 8:00 but with the passage of time if you are steadfast and keep on trying you will start getting up around 6:00. In short do not think that getting up early is as easy as swishing a magic wand. You will take time before you will get accustomed to your new habit.

Ask those people who regularly get up early and the answer will be that they have developed this habit but once this habit is developed it becomes much easier to stay stick to it because it is so rewarding to get up early that you can not leave it for anything.


Be punctual in getting up early Punctuality needs to be practiced especially in beginning when you have just started getting up early because with punctuality comes regularity. To obey punctuality in rising early morning try to sleep early so that you can get up fresh and full of vigor.Punctuality does not bound you to be early riser inspite of any problem like illness but it only ensures that whenever you have slept on proper time at night and you are physically fit you can get up on time.

Be regular in your plan In the beginning it will be difficult to be very regular but soon you will find out that its not as difficult as you imagined and once you will become adept of it you will not stay on bed late without any reasonable excuse.

Make it rewarding You get up early each day when everybody else in your home is sleeping, you are sacrificing your sleep for what purpose? You will definitely ask this question from yourself and if you will not be able to give any answer the next morning you will also be sleeping with the rest of the folks at your home. Every individual want to have something rewarding in return for the efforts or energy he/she is using. When you get up early you want to know why I am getting up so early and what is the reward that I am gaining while others can not because they are still slept.

A reward is something very subjective and it depends on the individual what he/she may find rewarding in the morning especially. For some people who are very sporty going out for walk or exercise in the morning is most rewarding activity since it adds to their health and fitness; for others, reading books, writing or engaging in art activities will be rewarding. There is no single activity that can be rewarding for everyone do something which pleases you and which is also considered as a healthy activity. I personally enjoyed going out for walk, picking flowers, making flowers buckets, writing some content for my next Hubs and having a healthy breakfast.

Make it entertaining There should have to be a touch of entertainment too because you can not start working like dogs from early morning and stay happy. Many early risers start their work as soon as their legs hit the floor and they do not consider engaging themselves in some light and enjoyable activity which can freshen their mind and increase their productivity. They think that they have so much to do that they can spare time for anything else but the reality is that their productivity and creativity does not increase rather they feel tiered soon.

Early morning should be spent in gaining full energy, freshness and fitness from exercise, breakfast and by taking bath. Spending some extra time in any of your favorite activity or sport is even worth in itself. Some people like to have all family members up in the morning with them to feel great while others enjoy early morning solitude and they do not want to share it with any one else.

Bring variations to your morning Monotony kills and it is a fact soby bringing variations to your morning you can feel much more happy in the morning. Similar activities for continuous days can ruin your early morning experience its better to do same exercise with an interval of few days. Breakfast should also be different for each morning do not eat the same bread and butter each morning, otherwise, you will get fed up soon.

Motivate yourself for getting up early Inner motivation is the thing that will work and this inner motivation can come from various sources. Think about something productive that you should do in the morning and motivation will come itself. When you have a sound reason for getting up early you consider before taking another 10 minutes of doze after the alarm rang. On the other hand if you find out that you have nothing to do in the morning you turn off alarm and go back to sleep because nobody wants to get up so early and wander here and there.

Fight any hindrance Hindrance can be of any type like you did not get proper sleep in the night and, therefore you can not get up early. Sometimes we are not motivated to get up early and build a hindrance from ourselves like saying that I did not get up early today because my alarm clock was placed somewhere else and nobody came to wake me up. These and other such hindrances can be easily removed if you are motivated to get up. Always place your alarm clock in your room and not somewhere else, hit the pillow at right time to sleep well and avoid any activity that hinder in sleep like drinking lots of coffee or tea at night.

Make a list of goals you achieved by getting up early This does not need to be on paper but its better if you make one, otherwise you can make a list in your mind of how much you have achieved from getting up early. Think about the positive results you saw in your daily routine and you will not only feel happy but great about yourself and your routine. This will help you a lot in becoming consistent in getting up early.

And lastly Becoming early riser and being consistent in it is not an easy task but still not that difficult to avoid it. Just give it a try for few days using all positive strategies and you will be definitely successful. If you have any tip or strategy in your mind for getting up early please feel free to share it in the comment capsule. It will be great pleasure for me.

Make a table of your early morning routine

Got up at
Any hindrance in getting up early
Bread & butter
No exercise
No time for entertainment
Slept late at night
Plain cookies & milk
No exercise
No time for entertainment
Slept late at night
Homemade bread & poached egg
Took photographs of morning fog
No alarm repeat
Homemade bread, omelet & milk
Wrote an article
No hindrance
Porridge, apple & honey
Wrote an article
No hindrance
Bread, butter & creme
Watched movie
Slept late at night
Bread, jam & butter
No exercise
No entertainment
Watched movie late night

Why Tabulation?

A table could be helpful in becoming more regular in getting up early. By tabulating your one week or two weeks early morning habits you can get to know many things like

  1. How punctual and consistent you are in getting up early?
  2. What sort of breakfast you take in morning?
  3. Is there any variation in your breakfast?
  4. Do you go for exercise or not?
  5. Which exercise you prefer most?
  6. Are these exercise really what your body needs?
  7. What do you enjoy most in morning?
  8. How variant your mornings are?
  9. How did you spend your mornings?
  10. Was it really worth getting up so early?

These are only few of the many questions that will help you in becoming more regular in getting up early and also in making your morning a productive and creative time of the day.


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    • profile image

      Yuyun 3 years ago

      I don't know what to say to them. I have a Unicycle. They are a blast. It's just like riding a bike excpet it's more compact. And it is wonderful exercise. Just like riding a normal bike. People do look at me like I'm a novelty when I ride it. And people do have all kinds of questions. So, I can see where your parents are coming from. Just buy it on your own and start riding it. It's really catching on. People are too afraid to try it because they think it's hard. Or they think they might fall off. A decent Unicycle is around 60 bux. What's the harm. Tell your parents you want one or get one yourself.Don't let up on this one. Either convince your parents or get a job and buy one for yourself. You won't regret it.

    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      Nice hub Gulnaz! Was looking out reasons to make it a habit and good that I found your hub at the right time! will consider all your points and try to become an early riser soon!

    • lobobrandon profile image

      Brandon Lobo 6 years ago

      Nice hub!! I do get up early usually but this will surely help me manage it better. Thanks voted up and awesome

    • ronhi profile image

      ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

      Wow! This is a great hub...i almost got to work late today because i just couldn't sleep last night...had too much on my mind...and then suddenly its 5.30am and sleep comes rushing from the blues! Thanks. i will definitely come back for more reference.Voted up, useful and awesome... and am sharing this on my facebook too.

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Really great info, I going to hand this over to my kids as they could really use some help in this area! For me, I wish I could sleep in, I'm usually up at 4 - 5 am, eyes just pop open. Thanks for the info! Voted Up!