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Easiest Yoga Poses For Beginners

Updated on December 26, 2015

Importance of Mastering Basic Movements

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have of yoga is that it is not suitable for everyone due to the complexity of the poses required for execution. While this is partly true, anyone who engages in yoga goes through different stages. Indeed, beginners are not required to perform the poses that you often associate when you hear the word “yoga”. These yogic experts went through the stage of learning basic movements that will equip their body with the flexibility that will enable them to master the more complex movements.

Beginners are therefore advised to start with the easier or basic yoga poses to acquaint their bodies with these poses. Doing these basic movements will also serve to prepare your body for what is about to come. Hence, when you have to perform complex stretching exercises, it will not put the body into a state of shock or trauma.

Yoga Standing Poses


These positions are done prior to starting yoga. Every beginner to yoga practice must learn and develop the knowledge to execute these poses as they serve to stabilize your joints and provide lubrication for smooth execution of these movements.

These are categorized into the following:

*Standing Position – These type of positions are done with both feet on the floor while close together. As you do this, maintain an erect position such that your hands are touching your thighs.

*Sitting Position – While your back remains erect, stretch your legs out and allow your palms to rest on the floor. Keep your toes pointed upwards as well.

*Supine Position – These are down with your back on the floor while the legs and hands are straightened. Keep your palms flat on the floor and your toes erect.

*Prone Position – This is the inversion of the Supine position since you are lying but with your chest and abdomen facing the floor. Rest both arms beside your thighs for stability.

Beginner's Poses for Relaxation

Here are a few suggested poses that beginners can execute for relaxation of both mind and body:

*Corpse Pose – This one requires the use of a yoga mat as you will be lying down on your back. Slightly open your legs and keep your hands a few inches off the side of your body. You have the option to turn your head left or right, whichever is most comfortable for you. Make sure the rest of your body is relaxed as you keep your eyes closed. You must perform normal breathing patterns while on this position. This position is typically done after performing a series of yoga asanas to allow fatigue to vanish and release tension off the body.

*Yoga Nidra – Begin this position with a corpse pose and keep your breathing under control. Then, concentrate your mind into various parts of the body, one at a time for 15-20 seconds each. Eventually, you will feel that your body becomes lighter, allowing you to focus on the flow of blood throughout your body and your breathing. This is a perfect way to relax, whether prior to bedtime or after yoga practice.

Beginner's Poses for Meditation

Beginner's Poses for Meditation

*Lotus Pose – This pose is ideal for meditation but requires some level of flexibility, even for beginners. Sit on a yoga mat or on the floor, while you fold your knees such that your foot is resting on the opposing thigh. Make sure that your knees are on the ground while your soles are pointing upwards. It is recommended to close your eyes while you do this and maintain an erect position on your back. This practice will help deliver peace of mind.

*Easy Pose – As the name implies, this one is basically a simpler version of the Lotus Pose. While seated, you have to fold your knees but this time without having to lift your foot upwards such that it rests on either thighs. However, you have to keep your back and neck aligned. This is a good pose to execute to calm your mind and body.

Beginner's Poses for Stretching

*Tada Asana – If you want to stretch your limbs and increase flexibility, this standing pose is very ideal for you. While standing erect, clasp your arms upward and maintaining a straight line from your arms, neck, and legs. As you raise your arm upward, inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds while you slightly lift your heels. As you slowly bring your hands down, release your breath. Repeat this 3 times.

*Trikonasana – This yoga asana is very good for adding flexibility into your body. You will basically do this while standing up, keeping your feet firm on the ground. Then, separate both legs 2-3 feet such that it is wider than your shoulders. Let your hands stay loose on either side and your neck straight. Slowly, raise your right hand with the palm facing towards you. Avoid touching your ear with the arm and inhale as you do this. Maintain the position for at least 10 seconds before returning to your normal position and exhale. Repeat this for 2-3 times.

Supine Poses for Beginners

Supine Poses for Beginners

Performing supine poses provide a wide range of benefits to the body, whether for fitness or health. Plus, all you need is a yoga mat to get started executing the following suggested poses that beginners can do at home:

*Markat asana – This one effectively adds flexibility to your back area.

*Uttanpada asana – This particular pose is ideal for treating various digestive or abdominal problems.

*Rotation asanas – This is a good pose to perform if you want to achieve weight loss.

*Padotanasana – This helps boost your metabolism and improves function on your large intestine.

*Cobra pose – With your lower body on the ground and your upper body lifted upwards, it can help work out your spine while improving abdominal function.
*Snake Pose – This is a variation of the typical prone position as you are positioned sideways whil stretching your legs, mimicking the movement of a snake. When you do this regularly, it can contribute to fat reduction and eventually weight loss.

Seated Poses for Beginners

*Camel Pose – Specifically, this one is done while kneeling as you slowly bend backwards to reach the soles of your feet. Aside from spine flexibility, this pose helps strengthen various parts of the body like thighs, arms, waist, neck, and back.

*Head to Knee Pose – This pose might be familiar for yoga beginners since you often see athletes perform this pose prior to engaging in intense sports activities. This pose is very beneficial for your sciatica nerves and bringing more flexibility into your back muscles.

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  • Dr. Aaron LeBauer profile image

    Aaron LeBauer 

    7 years ago from Greensboro, NC

    Great hub.

    Your descriptions of these fundamental yoga poses are right on. They are important for beginners to know, but also necessary for seasoned yogis to revisit.


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