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Easy Ways to Lose Weight and Dieting Plans

Updated on September 8, 2015

Do you like the many of us think that losing weight is a difficult process? Were your previous attempts to lose weight a total disaster and have thus hampered your weight loss efforts?

However, it does not have to be like that any longer because we will tell you easy ways to lose weight. Read the below article carefully to find out how you can lose weight without starving yourself.

1. Include More Fiber in Your Diet

Do you know including more fiber in your diet not only keeps you full but also helps you lose weight without starving yourself? Moreover, fiber is also loaded with nutrition and would help you lose weight without compromising on your diet’s nutritional content.

So the question now is how to include more fiber in your diet? There are several delicious yet healthy ways you can add fiber to your daily life and lose weight.

Foods with High Fiber Content

There are several foods which have high fiber content including fruits like apple, banana and berries. Vegetables including broccoli, peas, avocado and sprout also have high fiber content. Similarly, lentils and beans are also a rich source of nutrition and so are the oats.

2. Move a Little

Moving will also help you lose weight. There are various ways you can add a little activity in your life whether it is walk, running or exercise. However, when opting to walk for the sake of losing weight, make sure you walk briskly rather than slowly. To put in simple words, rather than walking slowly for a longer period of time opt to walk briskly for a shorter period of time.

Similarly, opt to run faster for a shorter period of time rather than running slowly for a longer period of time to burn more calories and lose weight.

The Correct Way to Work Out

Irrespective of whether you walk, run or exercise for losing weight make sure you do what sustains your interest and helps you maintain regularity. Instead of walking, running or exercising for long hours on few days focus more on being regular and avoid skipping exercise, running or walking even for a single day.

Remember, being regular with your workout will help you more rather than working out too much on a few days and skipping it on the other.

3. Include More Liquid in Your Diet

Do you know including more liquid in your diet can also help you lose weight? As we all know water is the healthiest of all the drinks therefore, include more water in your everyday life. You can also include other healthy liquid options like unsweetened green tea. However, avoid calorie and sugar rich drinks like sweetened coffee, tea, soda along with sweetened and creamy smoothies.

What to Include

Aim to intake 6-8 glasses of water, healthy tea options like green and fruits tea along with home extracted and unsweetened fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Similarly, lemon juice is another good option for those who are trying to lose weight.


These are the easy ways to lose weight that can help you shed off pounds without having to starve yourself or suffer from malnutrition during the weight loss process. Therefore, if you are also trying to lose weight try these simple yet effective ways to lose weight and shed off the extra pounds in a healthy manner.

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