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Eating and Beauty - Great Foods for your Skin

Updated on June 23, 2011

Most experts say eating a balanced diet is the greatest way to get your share of good food for healthy skin. Everything you eat goes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well. The better the foods are that you consume, the better your skin will look.

This article provides more information about vitamins that are improve for your skin. It also says about the foods that you can eat for clear skin.

Water the majority of women are walking around dehydrated. Dull, ashen skin is a sign of dehydration. Water will plump up the skin and make existing wrinkles less obvious. Experts recommend that we should drink six to eight glasses of water throughout the day, but do not fall in the trap of drinking the eight glasses in the morning, you should rationalize them and drink them in a natural way. Be consistent each day with water intake for best results.


Green tea it’s good for the heart and is increasingly used as an ingredient in top-of-the-range skin creams. The reason because it's bursting with antioxidants, called catechins, which are also said to fight viruses and slow ageing. It's an acquired taste but try to have about 1 to 2 cups daily. Fluids are essential to our skin diet because they help moisturize the skin.

Omega3 is that good fat that we’re always trying to get even though we try to avoid the “bad fat”. One of the things that the Omega3 fats do is ward off any kind of inflammation. This means they’re good for the skin. You can find these in many different fish dishes including tuna, shellfish, sardines and salmon. All these will give you an amazing result. Omega 3 and Omega 6 may sound like a Sci-fi movie, but these fatty acids are a must for a beautiful, well moisturized skin. Omega 3 contains many fatty acids that are essential to keeping your skin from drying out.

Vegetables are also a principal root of vitamins and minerals greatest for keeping your skin clear. Vegetables that are high in fiber like bright green lettuce, Beets, broccoli, water cress and such are excellent for keeping your intestines healthy and with a good intestine you have a healthy body as all the unwanted waste has been removed, providing your skin to be better and lighter. Sweet potatoes is a vegetable alternative to the cantaloupe and tomato options that you may need to taste to get those free roots flowing healthfully throughout your body and repulsing skin problems.

Fruits are an excellent source of most vitamins and minerals. By choosing all of the fruits listed below, you can have healthy food for your skin no matter what the season. Plums, mango, papaya, Carrots, Avocados, strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries (These berries are also high in magnesium, manganese, and potassium). Citrus fruits are good for your skin, and accept fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and limes. All these Fruits have a great antioxidant capacity which means the more of these we have, the longer our skin will look healthy and youthful.

When you are shopping in a food market, or looking to add certain things to your diet which will contribute to the health of your skin, it is very essential to experience what role each vitamin and mineral works in restoring the health of your skin. “You are what you eat” they say.


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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Another great hub from you. Very informative. You have great combination of healthy food, between water, green tea (this is my favorite), vegetables, and fruits. I am glad to follow your tips. Good work, my friend.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Thanks for the great advice. I probably don't drink enough water, now that I think of it.