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Ectomorph Bodybuilder Tips

Updated on March 30, 2017

What Is An Ectomorph?

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Ectomorph Body Type - Skinny Guys

If you have an ectomorph body, you require serious focus on mass building.

The good news is that you have a naturally low body fat percentage so knowing the right weight training tips will help you bulk your muscles.

I hope this lens will help you build a strong, muscular body that you dream of and deserve.

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Weight Training Results

Mark has always been particular about nutritional supplements, so when he found a line of health and wellness products that had the highest quality and best composition he had ever seen, he jumped at the opportunity to try them.
Mark has always been particular about nutritional supplements, so when he found a line of health and wellness products that had the highest quality and best composition he had ever seen, he jumped at the opportunity to try them.

Feed Your Muscles

If you have an Ectomorph body and you feel that you can get away by eating any type of food without any ill effect on your body, then it is the right time for giving up that habit.

Muscle growth = Nutrient intake and not calorie intake.

Carbohydrates and protein are the best ways to make healthy and definite muscle growth.

After a workout, your muscles are "hungry" so feed them quickly and effectively. Give them the best of glycogen: Fast Absorbing Carbohydrates.

Glycogen make your muscles start the recovery process efficiently after a workout.

The best source of glycogen:


Lean meat


These foods take time to be processed and absorbed into your blood stream. Therefore, it is better to actually drink a protein drink after a workout. It absorbs quickly and does not overload your digestive system.

Protein and carbohydrates will feed your muscles; exactly what your body needs.

When To Eat - What They Don't Tell You

You must eat within 15 to 30 minutes right after your workout.

The body's receptors are completely open to accept nutritional uptake at optimum levels immediately after exercising.

Your energy levels are depleted and in need of nutrients to replenish the energy storage units of the body - your muscles.

Muscles are the battery storage units of your entire body.

After your workouts, eat a meal that has sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and protein. If you just eat high protein foods, your body is forced to use proteins for energy which stresses the liver & kidneys, along with energy levels.

Protein takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to be converted to an energy source, but carbohydrates restores your energy more rapidly, in only about 20 to 40 minutes.

You need at least 20 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates at each meal, 5 to 6 times a day.

Try to consume 20 to 35 grams of protein at each meal along with 30 grams of low glycerin carbohydrates and only 7 to 9 grams of fats at each meal.

If you are going to overeat, make sure the largest portion of your binge is a good protein source.

Ectomorph Gain Muscle - By Timing Your Meals

Eating well and consuming the right amount of calories is the biggest stumbling block an ectomorph faces in their workouts and ability to gain mass.

If you want to gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest time, you must learn to eat by "Timing Your Meals" instead of eating when it is convenient or when you are hungry.

The reason is simple, because your liver searches the blood stream for "complete chains" of amino acids every 3 to 4 hours.

If all of the essential amino acids are in place (circulating in your blood stream TOGETHER), the liver will convert these "Complete Proteins" into new muscle tissue.

If one or more of the essential amino acid chain is not in the blood stream, the liver stresses.

Based on your weight, for example: (170 lbs.), height, (6'1'), and body-fat (9%), your LBW (Lean Body Weight) is 154.7 lbs. This means your basal metabolic rate (the lowest amount of calories you can "exist" on daily) is 1701 calories.

Your body always burns much more than that daily such as work, exercise and leisure expenditures. You need an overage of good calories (foods high in nutrients) to create lean muscle tissue.

Start with the amounts listed below:

Calorie Content For Each Meal

Protein: 100 to 200+ calories (+ or more +)

Carbohydrates: 120 to 150 calories

Fat: 60 to 80 calories (- or less -)

Total Calories each Meal: 350 to 450

Meals Each Day: 5 to 6 per/day

Total Calories Consumed Daily: 2500 to 3000 calories

Ectomorphs Bodybuiding Tips

Are you spending hours at the gym thinking the more time you spend at the gym that you'll see faster results?

Most ectomorphs over-estimate the amount of stimulus their muscles need to grow.

Did you know that you could lose muscles by doing too many sets of exercises?

It is recommended to spend not more than 4 hours a week in the gym to build muscles for an ectomorph body type.

Long training sessions cause catabolic hormone levels to rise dramatically.

Catabolic hormones are responsible for breaking down muscle tissue resulting in MUSCLE LOSS.

Skinny Guys Building Muscles

Don't make the same mistake that so many do when trying to build muscles.

Building muscles and losing fat at the same time just doesn't work.

You need to lift heavy weights and eat lots of food to fuel your muscle growth.

If you are cutting back on food you will not have energy to build muscle, but you may burn the fat away from the muscle to show it as is the case with abs.

If you want more muscles you are going to have to accept some more fat on your body as you bulk up then after that you can cut down the fat to reveal the muscles.

If you just want awesome abs then burn the fat off the stomach to reveal the muscles underneath.

My advice - bulk up first then cut back on the fat or you will never gain the arms, shoulder, chest muscles you want. You will just look like a skinny guy with a good set of abs.

Instead you could look like a muscular guy with a great set of abs but you might need to take a little longer to get that.

“As far as training, our bodies are all so different, which is why there is no cookie-cutter program for everyone.”

Ectomorph Weight Training Tips

Your weight training program needs to stimulate your muscles "deeply" in order to increase muscle mass.

Start your workout with a well laid out program. You need to work intensely with heavy weights and low repetitions.

Avoid isolated exercises, which only target individual muscles. This tactic won't achieve the kind of full body weight training you require.

Instead, go for major compound exercises such as:

- Bench press

- Dead lifts

- Squats

- Lunges

- Bent over barbell rows

Also, exercise using barbell and dumbbell as they allow you to use full range of motion. The more muscles you work, the more muscle growth you get.

Muscles are broken down during workouts which repair and grow during recovery.

The general rule of thumb is don't work a body part less than 72 hours from the previous workout i.e. biceps Monday and Thursday, pectorals Tuesday and Friday etc.

Some people say that you can work smaller body parts more frequently, perhaps every 48 hours. Each to their own of course, but for

"general fitness and strength" you will make good progress working each body part twice a week.

This popular training program transformed people like you into "Buff Dudes".

Bodybuilding Tips For Ectomorphs

Performing 4 to 5 sets per muscle group 2 times per/week per-body part, will stimulate rapid growth, or hypertrophy (muscle mass development).

Resting at least 3 days after your weight-resistance workout insures that your muscle tissue has healed completely, and takes you out of the risk zone of joint & tendon damage,

the #1 side effect of over-training.

The white fast-twitch muscle cord burns the greatest amount of energy, and grows at the fastest rate compared to the 2 other muscle-twitch fibers, but if over-trained, there will be no growth, just a constant feeling of fatigue with no results.

Eat like a mofo!

You need lots of energy

to build muscles -

your body is an energy burning machine.

Feed it so there is enough left

to grow muscle -

that's hard work for the body!

Your Muscle Cords

If the routine stimulates your white fast-twitch muscle cords (the strength cords of muscle), the growth will be more pronounced than the red fast-twitch (intermediate), or red slow-twitch (endurance), muscle cords.

It is recommended to utilize exercises that stimulate the largest muscle groups with sufficient weight resistance enabling you to perform 6 to 12 repetitions per set before muscle fatigue causes you to end the set (this is not "exhaustion," simply the beginning of a muscle "burn" prior to exhaustion).

Helpful Tips

Make sure that you're warmed up properly before you start lifting weights in order to avoid getting injured or pulling a tendon or a muscle.

If you aren't warming up before every weight training session, then you'll get injured sooner or later.

Your warm-up should consist of light intensity cardio and a few light sets with weights.

If you're just starting out weight training, or even if you've been training for a while, don't follow the routines out of bodybuilding magazines because they're designed by and for genetically gifted individuals who use performance enhancing drugs (anabolic steroids).

Never try to "copy" the training routine of the biggest guy in your gym because he's most likely been training for years and maybe even uses steroids.

Have a 10 minute cool-down after every workout.

Do light-intensity cardio and light-stretching after you've finished training with weights. This can help in reducing muscle soreness and speed up recovery after an intense weight training session.

Aim to progress in either weights or reps at least once every other week.

Lifting the same weights for months and never doing more repetitions will lead to a plateau and you'll stop gaining lean muscle mass and strength.

Take an entire week off from all weight training after every few months of training. This will allow your body and muscles to completely recover from all of the training so that you don't lose your enthusiasm for the gym and so that you don't end up in an over-trained state.

"Life's challenges are not

supposed to paralyze you;

they're supposed to help you

discover who you are."

(B. Reagon)

Do you think he lifts weights everyday?

Do you think he goes at the gym everyday?

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Transforming Your Physique

When your goal is to build lots of lean muscle mass, it's vital to feed your body with the right foods at the right times.

Avoid junk food and sugary foods and concentrate on eating lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Be sure to drink plenty of water through the day and cut down or eliminate alcohol consumption.

Lean protein sources include:

Skinless chicken

Lean red meat

Egg whites



Other fish and seafood.

Complex carbohydrates are:

Whole grain carbs such as brown rice, whole grain bread, oatmeal, sweet potatoes etc, plus fruit and vegetables such as apples, bananas, green beans and spinach.

After all of your protein sources form food are taken care of, you can add these to your diet:

Whey protein powder

Creatine monohydrate

Other dietary supplements

Remember that supplements are not intended to replace a proper diet, but only to supplement it.

After your workout, drink any form of:

Fast digesting carbohydrates such as a sports drink, fruit juice with a fast-digesting protein such as whey.

To sum up, building muscle mass and transforming your physique will boil down to how you train, when and what you eat, as well as how much rest you're getting in-between every workout.

Make sure you do not train while still sore or tired.

Best Way to Gain Muscles - Sleeping Habits

Remember Ectomorphs burn calories at a much faster level, so a good amount of sleep will help you preserve some of it.

Proper sleep is needed for your muscles to recover.

It is recommended to have at least 8 hours of sleep and an occasional nap if needed.

Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4 am.

Ginger For Muscle Aches

Eating raw or cooked ginger-root after heavy lifting cuts the intensity of muscle aches by 25 percent, according to a study in The Journal of Pain.

"Ginger has an anti-inflammatory action that helps cap pain," says lead researcher Christopher D. Black, Ph.D., who advises eating 2 to 3 tsp. of fresh ginger the day before, the day of and the day after a strenuous project.

Tasty ways to ease the pain:

Blend grated fresh ginger with yogurt, pineapple juice and orange juice for a smoothie, or toss it into hot rice and top with steamed vegetables. I always blend grated fresh ginger in my stir fries.

I put my ginger in a zippered bag and throw it (ok, gently lay it), in the freezer. Peels with the side of a spoon fairly easily after having been frozen and no loss of taste. However, be aware that it does seem to concentrate and you might need a little less.

Stretch For Leg Muscle Cramps

Workouts can cause muscle cramps. If you've had them, you know that they are painful. You might want to try this before opting for painkillers.

- If you're jolted awake in the middle of the night by a leg cramp, immediately flex your foot toward your head. Then pull your feet toward you with your hands, to give your calf muscle a good stretch. After your stretch, give your calf muscle a firm, brisk massage.

If it still hurts, apply a bag of frozen veggies to the ache.

"A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles."


Nutrient Timing


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“If you have a dream, work ethic, and vision for yourself, and you’re willing to do what it takes, it can absolutely happen.”

— Darryl Daniels

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      5 years ago

      Yes this has helped a lot it's been one week that I started this and I feel the difference

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      6 years ago

      Wow! Awesome your sharing! Thanks for your sharing.

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      6 years ago

      yes just wanted to say....started weight training at 20 was 6' tall weight 9th 7 lbs..........ate 6 times a day plus protein drinks.........within 4 5 years reached 17st 7lbs by the time i was 28 or so i grew in height as well to 6'2''

      im 45 now and got glandular fever at 30 and went down to 12th again.......lost my appetite since 30 and now about 14 stone...........lost about half my strength over all............used to deadlift 300-320 kg for 1 rep......squated 240kg for rep full deep squat where calves touch your bum.......and bench 160kg my weakest due to arm length mind my legs r long too...........but the point is anyone can do it with grit and determination.........for ectomorphs like me its all about short intense sessions and loads of food fuel rest etc..............rep range 8 6 4 and 1-2 power set......the over all range helps ectomorphs get strong and thus grow with fuel...........stick to bench squats deadlift barbell curls tricep bench press close grip...........never did forearm etc rubbish...........never did gear...................but still almost doubled my body weight 50''+ chest and 20'' bi.................basic compound training best..........4 times a week when up to sy 30 say split................good luck..............

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      6 years ago

      great lens! very useful content... I'll pass the word around, thanx...

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      Wow, what a great resource. thanks for this, i am going to print it

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      Fantastic resource, well done!


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