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Effective and Healthy Ways to Lose weight

Updated on May 27, 2013
Never Give Up!!
Never Give Up!!

Healthy ways to lose weight

Generally, we all know that there are various systems and weight reduction programs in whole Internet. And in this particular hub, i am going to mention some healthy ways to lose weight. Overweight and clinical obesity are the main cause or foundation of almost incurable illness like diabetes, hypertension, hypo-tension, cardiac diseases etc. It’s definitely easy to increase weight and not losing it.

Our bad eating habits, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet are the major causes of increment in weight. We can’t stop ourselves for having junk foods at wrong time. Various programs and products in the Internet guarantee of make you fit and slim and probably some are successful in that. But, the major question is, are you able to keep up the procedure for long duration? Can you be consistent enough to follow the rules for a long time until it becomes your habit? Initially, we get exited in these products and when we start to see results, we get bored and stop using it for a long time which results in gaining unwanted fat soon.

These products can definitely help you to cut your weight but, the major power or push is within self. If we are not consistent and determined to make the procedure mentioned as our long term habits, we are not going to be benefited in the long run. People usually think, weight reduction is only targeted to lose calories or is the only mechanism which targets the physique or body. I say, they are partially correct. Most weight reduction techniques targets the body. But, what about our thinking, attitude, subconscious modeling and all? You guys might be amazed of what i am talking here. Why i am talking these? These factors are important because, these are the pillars or backbone for making you determined and consistent in bodily process for a long duration. I will explain this below.

Procedure of healthy ways to lose weight

  • Positive Thinking (Optimism): Well, the foremost point here is optimism. You must believe in what you are doing internally. If you are not able to believe in your process or products, you sub-conscious will get that information and you will not be able to stick around the system for long time. You must have a right mind-set for the process or products you will be using.
  • Meditation: Yes, meditation is another factor which makes you able to concentrate your inner space. Meditation will strengthen your mind and motivates you for further achievement. Deep breath and meditate for at least 20-30 minutes before your workout. You can use any meditation techniques viz transcendental meditation, yoga (recommended), autogenics (self-suggestion), self-hypnotism, affirmations etc. If you want to know about these techniques in detail, contact me.
  • Planning and Time Management: When you are determined to lose weight, you must have specific plan and a mind-set of nothing is going to disturb or distract the schedule you have made. Be sticking around the system, until you see the results.
  • Exercise or Workouts: If you are not engaged in any products or system, you can create yourself at home. And, exercise is one without which weight reduction is impossible. So, analyze, calculate and plan the exercise routine daily and make it your habit.
  • Avoiding Junk or Processed Foods: Try to avoid this kind of food as far as applicable. Processed foods are not easily metabolized by the body.
  • Never Starve: Weight reduction doesn't mean starving. Calculate your daily calorific requirements, and have food according to them maintaining your BMR.
  • Water: Drinking fresh water not only helps in weight reduction programs but also beneficial for other metabolic activities. At least 2-3 litres a day is an average need of an adult.

I have discussed about one product in my earlier post. Have a look below.

These are some major and good ways to lose weight. Out of all the good ways, last thing you must have in mind is determination and consistency is the keys to make every program or process successful. All the Best!!


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