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Effects of Bulimia

Updated on October 2, 2014

Effects of Bulimia - Long Term Health Effects - Side Effects of Bulimia (Eating Disorder)

Welcome to my Effects of Bulimia site.

Hi, my name is Michelle Lacroix-Toro and my intent is to offer helpful information regarding bulimia nervosa, one of the more commonly known eating disorders. Knowing more about bulimia could help you make smarter decisions if you have this eating disorder or you may be able to assist someone else who has it. There are so many health effects of bulimia that can develop over time that it's worth taking a few minutes to learn what "could" happen the longer you have this eating disorder (or any of the other eating disorders).

Please stay for a few minutes to view the bulimia nervosa (bulimia for short) information I have placed in this site.

It is my hope that passing on information about bulimia and the health effects of bulimia to those dealing with this eating disorder (and any family members and/or friends who would like to help those affected) will enable change for a better life. Living with ANY of the eating disorders, not just bulimia, diminishes the quality of life.


Having bulimia can lead to having a life long bad self image, induce depression, and health, physically and mentally, can so easily be affected; short and long term. Bulimia has too many health effects for anyone to want to stay in its clutches for any length of time. In the long run, eating disorders can ruin your health and it can ruin healthy relationships!

I have been working on an effects of bulimia site for quite some time now and plan on adding to this one going forward. It's about a subject, short and long term health effects of a particular eating disorder, that people have hidden in a closet for way too long. It is my hope that by sharing some of my personal trials and bulimia experiences that those of you hiding in your closets may find the courage to open the door and start living your life the way you were meant to. . . . bulimia free!

I happen to have recovered from bulimia at the age of 19. However, that doesn't mean that I don't suffer from some of the ill effects of bulimia; decades later!

I started binging and purging when I was around 9 or 10 years of age and don't really remember "why" I started having bulimia. I don't recall there being a definitive "event" or "occasion" why I started binging and purging, but I do remember wanting to eat as much as I could in small sessions (of course, only when there was no one else around). Then I'd wonder what had I done and immediate purge to get rid of it. It was almost an action of denial. If I got rid of it (purging), then I didn't have to think about the action that made it necessary (binging).

I know, I know, it doesn't make sense, but when you deal with bulimic teens and pre-teens, it won't usually make sense to an adult who doesn't understand why anyone would start bulimia habits.

As a nine year old girl, I was binging and purging on an almost daily basis! And I've since talked with other bulimics who started even younger than I did. Can you just imagine the health effects of bulimia on those who start so young and continue for years thereafter?

There were periods of time when I would get it into my head to stop eating altogether when I could get away with it. When I ate in the presence of others, I'd eat just enough to keep me off the radar and then purge what little I did eat as soon as I could. Again, I don't remember "why" I would follow through with these bad eating habits, but bulimia is a hard one to pin down once started.

I bounced back and forth from anorexia to bulimia and back again for nine or 10 years once I started and had a difficult time with these eating disorders during my teen years. Once you start, it's hard to stop binging and purging. It's a habit . . . and it's more difficult to stop once the pattern is set. You don't think about the possible (and sometimes probable) future effects of bulimia, you are just dealing with the stress and factors of your everyday life any way you can. And it's not so much a physical thing, it's more of a mental thing. You are confused, stressed, and feeling like bulimia is a way to take some kind of control back over your life. Bulimia literally takes over your life and you don't realize that there are health effect consequences until you are well into it.

For me, there were a multitude of little things that added up to too much for a pre teen to handle. And, at that age, you just don't think about how bulimia may affect your future health; the effects of bulimia just aren't considered. AT ALL! And I do believe that most people don't think about it when they start with the binging and purging either; not at first.

As a mature adult, I now know firsthand what some of the Effects of Bulimia are long term as I've lived with some adverse health effects from this eating disorder my whole adult life. Bulimia may feel like the right thing to do as a kid, but dealing with the effects as an adult are definitely not what I would consider a fun thing to do.

While most of the information here is targeted towards people who have bulimia, much of it pertains to those with other eating disorders, too. Anorexia, compulsive over eating disorder, and other eating disorders often share certain signs and symptoms with each other so lots of the information here will help you if you are looking for eating disorder knowledge. Bulimia isn't the only eating disorder with bad health effects, each of the eating disorders have their own ill effects, long term and short term.

This effects of bulimia site is dedicated to those who have (or had) bulimia and may be dealing with the health effects of bulimia. If you are not experiencing any effects of bulimia yet, this site will also help you find out what you could be looking at in the future if you continue your bulimic behaviors. Bulimia (and the other eating disorders) can be compared to alcoholism; the longer you indulge, the more health problems, or effects of bulimia, you may encounter in the future.

Thanks for visiting my effects of bulimia site.

Michelle Lacroix Toro

Author of Playing Hide and Seek With Bulimia;

The 7 Signs of an Eating Disorder in Your Child

Help Prevent the Effects of Bulimia - Any Child Can Develop Bulimia

All Eating Disorders Like Bulimia Have Health Effects

Bulimia (actually, ANY eating disorder) can happen to anyone; male or female, young or old, and there are many reasons why it develops. The effects of bulimia can be lifelong in some cases and there are many ill health effects from being bulimic, some very dangerous.

During the period of time that bulimic behavior is happening, your health is directly affected. And it only makes sense that the longer you binge and purge because of bulimia, the stronger the chance you'll have of having lasting health effects.

It's been 30 years since I stopped destructive eating habits and I'm still dealing with health effects of bulimia, almost daily.

Get help, please, so you don't have to go through this! Ill effects of bulimia can be minimized when you spend less time with this disorder.

A Well Written "Bulimia Recovery Plan" Book Available on Amazon - Emotional Yet Uplifting Journal on Recovering From Bulimia

I've said it before and I'll say it again; the longer you have bulimia, the more ill health effects of bulimia you may have going forward . . .

This well written book will move you to tears and smiles as you read it. Bulimia is all about having a mental health disorder that can be changed, but it starts with YOU!

Stopping the effects of bulimia starts with having the will to become healthier and the knowledge that you can do it if you really want to. It's not easy, some days it will seem impossible, but it is attainable if you don't give up.

Bulimic Behaviors - Eating Disorder Signs to Look for

Is Your Child Exhibiting Any of These Behaviors? Watch Out for the Effects of Bulimia

Eating Disorders like Bulimia and Anexoria are often genetic. Is there anyone in your family history who has or had an eating disorder? If so, keep on eye on the kids as they may already be predisposed towards bulimia or another eating disorder.

If they talk about being fat or overweight, of looking gross or ugly, keep on eye on them. This could be an early sign that they have a negative body image and may be thinking of ways to change themselves.

Does your family talk about overweight or fat people? Does your family joke about fat people? If so, your kids could be learning that being fat or overweight is something that is very undesirable. Undesirable in that they wouldn't want to be made fun of, right?

Do your kids spend a lot of time in front of a mirror? Do they pinch or tuck their skin as if they are looking for fat on themselves? This could be an indicator that an eating disorder is developing. Remember, they want to make sure that others are not making fun of them.

Do they wear baggy clothing or clothing that completely covers them? Is this a new habit? This is worth watching out for as it indicates a hiding behavior. Keep in mind that bulimia (and the other eating disorders) is all about HIDING! It's a big part of the disorder.

Is your child needing to have cavities filled? Is the dentist telling you that their enamel is wearing away? This is another sign that bulimia may be happening as stomach acid ruins teeth over time.

Are they skipping meals? Appetite gone? Any rituals or changes happening during mealtime?

Did they tell you they're on a diet? Refusing to eat sweets or high calorie foods? If they are already thin, WHY are they on a diet? Red light on this one, parents.

Bad breath? That stomach acid in the mouth not only ruins teeth, but can affect the esophagus and other digestive organs. One of the results, bad breath.

Are they withdrawing or detaching from family and friends? One of the common behaviors of bulimia is "hiding" the behaviors from others. The easiest way to do this is to withdraw from the ones they love.

This list is by all means not all inclusive, but they are some of the more common.

Bulimia is completely treatable, but it does need to be treated as soon as possible to minimize the effects of bulimia.

I think I mentioned this before, however, it bears repeating. . . many of the "behaviors" or "signs/symptoms" listed here are common among the other eating disorders. Also, you need to know that MANY people who have an eating disorder also have some symptoms or behaviors of other eating disorders. I myself went back and forth between bulimia and anorexia for years and this is actually quite common for sufferers.

Watch out for signs of eating disorders in those close to you so the effects of bulimia can be minimized.

Playing Hide and Seek With Bulimia
Playing Hide and Seek With Bulimia

Playing Hide and Seek With Bulimia

How to Identify if Your Child Has Bulimia

I'd been telling myself that I had to write a book regarding bulimia for quite a few years, but I kept procrastinating. I didn't know if I wanted it to be about the effects of bulimia, how to know if you have bulimia, or some other specific topic about this eating disorder.

Last year I finally did it!

Here is a no-fluff, concise, easy to read booklet on how to determine if your child has bulimia so you can get them the help they need. It's a short read written by someone who spent most of their childhood dealing with this eating disorder . . . ME!

The title is "Playing Hide and Seek With Bulimia" and it is only available as an Amazon Kindle book at this time. Remember, for those of you who do not own Kindles, there is an app that allows you to download Kindle books onto your personal computer instead.

The next one being written is about how I beat my eating disorder and lots of suggestions on how you can beat it, too! I would love to hear from those of you who have purchased my booklet to let me know what you thought about it.

If you read the introduction to this lens, you saw that I was bulimic as a child and, because of that, I have suffered effects of bulimia for quite some time.

I watched my own kids like hawks when they were growing up in case I saw signs of bulimic or eating disorder habits. My three sons made it through those teen years, however, I was able to catch a few hints and behaviors from a few of their friends and clued in their parents. In both instances, both parents hadn't had a clue that their kids were binging and purging, but thankfully, both sets of parents took it seriously and got help for their kids.

Any of you care to share your eating disorder stories here? Do you know anyone with bulimia who is experiencing effects of bulimia?

If all it takes for a parent to see what's going on with their kids is to hear similar stories from others, isn't it worth taking the time to write a short post? Help me reach out to others to help protect our kids!

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to visit my Effects of Bulimia website.

Michelle Lacroix Toro

Effects of Bulimia Guestbook Section - The Effects of Bulimia Can Last a Lifetime! Get Help Before It's Too Late

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