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EFT For Kids

Updated on August 1, 2013

Tapping For Kids

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a very empowering tool that is easily taught to children of all ages. It is a soothing and easy way to release feelings of stress by rubbing or tapping acupressure points in order to balance a child's energy.

This simple technique puts kids in the drivers' seat of their own life as they learn to process their feelings and tap away their difficult situations, fears, and anxieties...all those things that make them feel scared, sad, mad, or bad.

Many highly skilled and experienced practitioners, care givers, and parents are now using EFT to help children help themselves by tapping for them surrogately and by teaching them to tap on their self and on "tappy bears." With EFT you can create a happy, harmonious home by teaching your kids to tap and then zap away their problems!

Photo curtesy of Dez Sellars and EFT Universe.

EFT the Magic Formula For Feeling Better

Tapping for Kids
Tapping for Kids

“Tapping For Kids” offers a thorough introduction to EFT told through story, activities and rhyme, enhancing children’s learning and capturing their interest in EFT. Full of ‘kid friendly’ explanations, poems, exercises and specialized tapping scripts designed to encourage kids to tap everyday as a normal part of their lives, this book is ideal for reading and sharing with your children and can be used as a teaching resource in the classroom or as a tool in therapy. The book is designed to build children’s understanding and confidence in using EFT and offers plenty of suggestions for incorporating it into their daily lives.


Some Typical Problems To Tap For

I find it to be very exciting that children now days have access to this incredibly effective tool for processing their feelings in a healthy manner. I have to wonder how different life would have been for my generation if we had been taught how to deal with our emotions and upsets as we experienced them rather than carrying them around with us for years. There is no limit to the exciting possibilities that Emotional Freedom Techniques can hold for children. A child could learn to tap away their anger or sadness and replace it with smiles in just minutes. Some typical problems children might tap for are:


Anxiety at starting a new school or class

Dealing with bullies

Sibling jealousy and rivalry

Exam stress

Separation anxiety...being away from mom and home

Bed wetting

Mom going back to work

Expressing anger in a safe and healthy manner

Releasing negative emotions

Self esteem issues

Sports performance

Losing and making friends


Fear of public speaking or performing

Mastering physical challenges

Calming a Temper Tantrum


Paying attention in class

Monsters under the bed

Enhancing test scores

Tap Away the Yuckies - Just like magic!

The Wizard's Wish: Or, How He Made the Yuckies Go Away - A Story About the Magic in You
The Wizard's Wish: Or, How He Made the Yuckies Go Away - A Story About the Magic in You

Brad Yates is an amazing storyteller, his book has the things that kids of all ages enjoy: magic, fantasy, cute animals and a happy ending. This playfully illustrated storybook is as fun as it is helpful. This book not only introduces the power of EFT Tapping to children, but it also conveys spiritual messages like how the key to the Law of Attraction is feeling good. Feeling good is our natural tendency, and children are better at it than adults because they aren't carrying around as many reasons not to be. The ability to quickly tap away the not so good feelings, helps kids put the power to feel good into their own hands so they will naturally create more joyful and abundant lives for themselves.


Kids Tapping With the EFT Wizard - Brad Yates

A "Must" EFT Procedure

From Gary Craig the Founder of EFT

The Basic Idea:

The basic idea is simple. Every night, while children are being tucked into bed, parents should ask...

"Can you tell me about your good and bad thoughts as well as the good and bad things that happened to you today?"

Then, as the events are being told (both good and bad), the parents should lightly and lovingly either tap or gently rub the EFT points.

Expected Results:

As the child tells the story she/he is clearly "tuned into" the problem. Thus tapping on the EFT points is likely to resolve the issues or, at the very least, lighten their impacts on the child.

"Together we can do something very special for our children. When I say our children I don't just mean those who grow up in our individual households and carry around our last names. I mean the children of the world-everyone's children. I'm talking about the little folks of today who become the big folks of tomorrow and influence the direction of this planet"

-Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

Surrogate Tapping

And how it works...

Surrogate Tapping works really well with children! With surrogate tapping, the parent can tap on their self as a surrogate for the child. This works especially well with babies! Using your intuition to guide you, tap on yourself when the baby is uncomfortable and crying, or being a fussy eater, not sleeping, or even not feeling well.

Children can learn to tap directly on them self of course but they can also tap on Tappy Bear, using the bear as a surrogate.The following videos will show you how Tappy Bear, Magic Buttons Bear, or a favorite doll can be used for your child.

Kids Tapping With Tappy Bear

Replace the Ouchies and Grouchies With Smile-ies!

Good Bye Ouchies and Grouchies Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of All Ages
Good Bye Ouchies and Grouchies Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of All Ages

Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of all Ages will help you explain how to deal with real, live, negative emotions to your child. This book explains in easy to understand terms how to use EFT to help clear sadness, depression, fear, confusion, anger, teasing, shame, guilt, negative thinking, eating imbalances, and even addictions. It is well illustrated to keep a child's attention and even adults. Giving your child this book is giving them the blueprint for a happier life as they will learn how to replace the "ouchies and grouchies" with "smile-ies!"


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens. Learn children how to tap and we are creating a better world.

    • TapIn2U profile image


      7 years ago

      I have been doing EFT for years and no reason why kids can't do it, too! EFT has played an amazing role in minimizing and even getting rid of stress and I know children will benefit much from it as well. Plus, it's so easy and fun to do it will feel like they're playing a game! Would love to lensroll this to my EFT lens but couldn't find that button. (Did squidoo remove it?) Anyway, fantastic lens! Hey, do you need a daily dose of happy quotes? Check out my newest lens, "Happy Quotes Happiness" and find hundreds of happy quotes. Be happy and share your thoughts, too! Thanks. Sundae ;-)

    • toriphile81 profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow, if I ever have kids I will definitely do this!


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