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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for the Average Household Chores-Haters!

Updated on August 8, 2012

We all have been through the whole routine since we were children - cleaning up the house. Our parents nagged us out of watching the usual television lineup or playing with our playthings to just sweep, mop, and pick up our stuff. As adults, our boyfriends, aging parents, and even relatives our ages do so likewise - tell us to simply clean up.

Let's face it - an extremely high number of us hate doing the dreaded household chores. The repetitive tasks of sweeping the floors and running the mops over them just irritate our nerves. The rituals of all homes in our world that involve a lot of putting away our possessions and keeping the furniture clean drives us up the wall. With all the work schedules and whatever keeps us from doing the chores (extracurricular activities and errands), we really need something to motivate us into keeping the home tidy.

One of the best solutions to the chore-hating problem is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT.

Here's the Thing We all Hate Since Childhood!

Why Should We Do It (Housework)?

Simply put, housework is an activity everyone should do, but why should we bother doing it?

First of all, cleaning your home clears the mind and promotes balance and harmony in the home. When a visitor steps into your home, he would look around and admire it more. He cannot feel the same if he steps inside your "domestic pigsty" - with all the dust and dirt on the floor and tabletops. It also improves your mood by clearing out the debris that is not needed in your areas as well as your mental states of mind.

Secondly, if done vigorously, housework is also good exercise. A study from the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention showed that women who are approaching menopause cut their breast cancer risk by 30% (with menopausal ones cutting theirs by 20%). Certain activities involved in doing housework - namely, vacuuming carpets, mopping up floors, and sweeping - are very good aerobic exercises without realizing that they are because they burn calories and fat. (Mental note: do it first thing in the early morning so that you won't have to even bother doing it later!)

The tapping points
The tapping points | Source

How EFT Can Help

EFT tapping can help overcome the obstacles of hating and resisting housework by clearing out the emotional blocks that hinder us. Those impediments block the invisible meridians (energy pathways that release it through our bodies), causing us to feel that way.

Other things that can cause this and make it worse are what others think of you when you're not doing housework. (Kids, I know exactly how you feel with your parents calling you "lazy slobs.") This process that involves tapping on certain points (used in acupuncture) can help you break down those blocks and encourage yourself to do your housework.

Note: the EFT tapping scripts shown here are just examples of how to motivate yourself to do chores. Feel free to substitute your own phrases (setup or reminder) to suit your needs.

The Starting Round

To start off this round, think of how intense your hatred of housework is to you, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the most intense). Then tap on the karate chop point or rub on your sore spot (I find that the karate chop is more comfortable with me, but I don't care which setup spot you use.) Then, tap on the phrases:

Even though I really hate the thought of housework, I really accept that I have this huge conflict about it.

Even though housework is such a burden on me, I choose to let go of this resistance and keep the house clean.

Even though housework is such a big job for me to do, I deeply accept that it's OK that I feel this way and I choose to take it one step at a time.

Next, tap on each meridian while saying each reminder phrase:

Eyebrow: I hate housework!
Side of the Eye: I hate the thought of cleaning the house up.
Under the Eye: It's such a huge thing to do.
Under the Nose: It's boring.
Upper Chin: I don't want to sweep the floor when it's sunny outside.
Collarbone: I'd rather veg out than clean all the clutter.
Under the Arm: I want to have some fun than to do this.
Top of the Head: It's driving me mad.
(to other side of body)
Eyebrow: It's adding too much stress.
Side of the Eye: I really hate housework!
Under the Eye: Just the thought of vacuuming the living room is too much.
Under the Nose: It's too much of an effort.
Upper Chin: It takes away my time having fun.
Collarbone: I have better things to do than to clean my room.
Under the Arm: I want to do something besides cleaning up.
Top of the Head: Cleaning up is too much work!

Optional Round: When Someone Calls You "Lazy"

If someone comes into your untidy home, mostly a relative, she would confront you and call you a lazy person or a sloth. She may feel like hating you and despise you with those hurtful words.

If this describes you and you are faced with such a huge mess, then the situations of the past further aggravate your feelings towards housework. Those hurtful thoughts may date back to your childhood, starting when your parents called you "lazy." Start the second round by taking a deep breath and tapping on those phrases. (You may want to do this in pirvate if you don't want only yourself to hear you.)

Even though (relative) calls me a lazy slob, I assure myself that it's my personality and I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though she is mad at me for not doing my housework, I truly appreciate and accept myself anyway and choose to let go of the hurt.

Even though she hurts my feelings by calling me lazy and I hate housework, I choose to love and accept myself and to let the past go.

Then tap on the reminder phrases:

Eyebrow: (Relative) is so mad at me!
Side of the Eye: She calls me a "lazy slob."
Under the Eye: I'm such a lazy slob.
Under the Nose: I feel as if she does not love me anymore!
Upper Chin: I really want to please her by cleaning up...
Collarbone: ...but it's too much work.
Under the Arm: If I skip my chores, she will call me lazy.
Top of the Head: That's who I am now.
(to other side of body)
Eyebrow: I am worthless to her.
Side of the Eye: I feel unloved!
Under the Eye: I feel sick and depressed inside because of those hurtful words.
Under the Nose: I hate myself.
Upper Chin: I want to go far away.
Collarbone: I want to kill myself
Under the Arm: I don't like who I am...
Top of the Head: ...all because I am a "lazy slob!"

What If the Girl Used EFT to Deal with Her Overwhelm with Chores Instead?

Imagine if the teenage daughter had used EFT to deal with having too much housework instead of writing on her personal site on hating her parents. Her laptop would be spared the gun her father shot it with in the first place!

Letting Go

After doing the first one or two rounds, it is time to tap a round of assurance. Doing one based on positive affirmations can let yourself go of the resistances in doing the dreaded household chores.Take a deep breath and tap on the reminder points:

Eyebrow: I still hate housework!
Side of the Eye: It's too much work!
Under the Eye: But I can take it one step at a time.
Under the Nose: I love the idea of a clean home.
Upper Chin: It looks so peaceful and welcoming.
Collarbone: It looks so wonderful and I feel very good about it.
Under the Arm: It brightens my mood when I make my house neat.
Top of the Head: I feel so much better and energized when it's so tidy.
(to other side of body)
Eyebrow: Maybe I found the reason why I find it boring.
Side of the Eye: I haven't found what makes it fun to do.
Under the Eye: It's just that I have to find the right thing to make it interesting.
Under the Nose: It's possible for me to have fun while doing my housework.
Upper Chin: It's possible to brighten my mood while doing it.
Collarbone: Taking so much pride in my home makes me feel good in my body and soul.
Under the Arm: It energizes me and makes my home beautiful.
Top of the Head: I choose to let the resistance go and make my home pleasing, even if nobody comes to my house yet.

For those of you who did the Optional Round with the starting one, take a deep breath and tap on the affirmative reminder phrases:

Eyebrow: I am not lazy.
Side of the Eye: I accept how I feel and what I am.
Under the Eye: I am sure that I'm not a "lazy slob."
Under the Nose: It's just that I am incapable of just pleasing (relative).
Upper Chin: Maybe that's why she is mad at me.
Collarbone: She wants to have my home as ordered and peaceful.
Under the Arm: De-cluttering my home makes me and her so happy.
Top of the Head: By doing so, we improve our moods.
(to other side of body)
Eyebrow: We love a neat and orderly home.
Side of the Eye: It's just that I have to make housework interesting.
Under the Eye: I know that I'm not a lazy slob.
Under the Nose: I can put some effort to help her and me feel good inside.
Upper Chin: It's not that bad to help others feel good about themselves.
Collarbone: I choose to let the past hurtful words, the past, and the resistance go.
Under the Arm: I assure myself that I am loved.
Top of the Head: I accept myself and I choose to have the past over and done with.

Conclude with a deep breath and assess your level of resistance. If it's a zero, that's great; but if it's over that, then you need to tap of the remaining blockages that keep you from making cleaning your home. Tidying up is everyone's priority, but most of us really dread it. That's why EFT is a useful method to overcome the loathing and annoyance housework brings.

With EFT, You Can Go From Messy to Neat Without Hating It!



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    • Peter Jimenez profile image

      Peter Jimenez 

      4 years ago from North Bergen, New Jersey

      This article was starting to be inspiring, until you started to be a Tommy Jordan fangirl and abuse apologist. I stopped reading. Anybody who supports abusers like Tommy Jordan deserves no credibility.

    • talfonso profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      @Letitialicious Thanks for commenting! I hope my Hub will help you cope with it! I'd better put my Hub in good practice, especially when I'm cooped up with an elder in my care!

    • Letitialicious profile image


      6 years ago from Paris via San Diego

      This is amazing (not to mention hilarious)! I will have to try it. Anything to get over the dread of housework!

    • talfonso profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      You are very, very welcome! Thank you so much for reading! I hope that EFT really worked wonders on you, and I hope you'll put it to use when the dread starts to come in.

    • PARASMART profile image

      Bruce Peterson 

      7 years ago from Lompoc

      This is new to me and I tried it seeing how I was at the end of my rope in trying to make my life work. I did notice a considerable improvement after doing your 'clean house' EFT. Thank you, I do believe if I keep it up I will finally make my life or accept my life the way I want to...happy and free with money to burn.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's good to see others sharing more about EFT. I enjoyed your hub and like how you've applied the tapping to such a specific and common situation. I'm all about sharing practical tools that people can use everyday.


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