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EFT Eye Sight Challenge

Updated on April 4, 2011

My EFT and Eyesight Diary

Having great eye sight was part of my identity. I took it for granted. I was not a little vain about it.

Eye doctors wouldn't believe when I said I could see as far down the chart as I could. They would challenge me, and I would read out the correct words. I could see a license plate blocks away; I was a bit of a legend.

I did go through a stage in high school where I wanted glasses. I even talked my parents into an eye exam. But alas, it was not to be. I was not going to get a pair of those really cool glasses.

When my friend's brother, studying to become an optometrist, insisted that I too would wear glasses, everyone did, its fate, no escaping it, I scoffed. It wasn't going to happen to me, even though my parents both got glasses at 40.

Then one day, just after my 42nd birthday, I woke up to a dead car battery. And I couldn't read the phone number on my AAA card! I was trapped. And scared. What would I become when I wasn't the woman with the great eyesight?

I was soon wearing trifocals and they were not cool at all. They were uncomfortable, I couldn't see when I woke up, and they were expensive! Ugh.

I eventually got contacts, but what a struggle. They are hard for me to put in and take out, and I still couldn't see when I got up. I took to wearing reading glasses to bed. Then I got contacts that could be worn a week, two weeks or a month without changing. Better, but they aren't all that comfortable and I tend to wear them too long.....

My dad recently got in touch with some old classmates of his. Amazing how many of them are left at 90. Anyway, one woman, 91, living on a farm by herself, has never worn glasses. She sees fine. No macular degeneration like Dad, no glasses like me. Hmmmm....apparently, wearing glasses isn't inevitable. I think of my friend Ellen, who at 60 only uses readers.

Then I found the EFT book that says that you can use Emotional Freedom Technique to improve eyesight. I have thought about lasik surgery, but that is expensive and iffy. I really don't like the idea of people using lazers near my eyes. EFT, huh? That method I have used for so many things where the only side effects, and there are many, are positive....

Can I do it?

EFT and Me

Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing system where in the principles of acupuncture are used to relieve people of negative emotions that have been trapped in the energy systems and recking havoc on peoples' lives. As a psychotherapist, I have used the technique on many people with amazing results. I have also used it for relief from stomach aches and the pain from a tooth abscess.

Look did a study with self reporting volunteers. 75% of her participants reported a 15-75% improvement in their eye sight.

You should go to , Gary Craig's website on EFT. Gary is the founder of EFT and everything is here.

Also check out my lenses on EFT which are listed below.

What I Like About Wearing Glasses

As I said above, I went through a stage in high school where I wanted glasses. I think they just looked cool. I still think so. They look cool, wearing them isn't.

But readers are ok. I like wearing them. I can get light ones, I get really cool ones. In fact, I have a lot of really cool ones. Whenever I am in a book store or yarn store, I ask to see their readers. My favorite pair, but ones I get the most compliments on are leopard print!

I can justify getting a lot, but because they are cheap and because I keep losing them, usually temporarily, but I have to have others laying around so that I can read.

I got a pair of Sarah Palin's at RiteAid for $9.95. She paid over $700. I have also found websites that sell more accurate ones for around $100. I haven't given it here because they change and you can search easily.

Anyway, my goal is not to not need any glassed at all. I like the readers and I using them doesn't bother me. What I want, what my goal is, is to be able to walk down the street, drive and wake up being able to see. I want to do this without the hassle or expense of contacts.

Simple, right?

My Purpose With This Experiment

1. I want to be able to stop wearing contacts (readers are ok)

2. I want to test the limits of EFT on me (I know this has worked with others)

3. I want to find out what positive side effects I will get from this.

Note: EFT will only remove emotional impediments to seeing more clearly.

There Are Side Effects With EFT...All Positive!

Sometimes we say that EFT has no side effects, but that isn't true. What we should say is that it has no known negative side effects.

I have worked on someone who had a fear of banks, and not only could he go into banks, but his sinuses cleared up for the first time in years.

I have worked on people for feeling guilty about some minor childhood incident, and head aches are gone. Talk to any EFT practitioner and they will tell you lots of stories of unexpected and delightful side effects. In fact go to and read lots of great stories.

Now, my reason for doing this is to improve my eyesight and retire my contacts. I am going to do the exercises for that. However, in order to do that I will have to deal with lots of other emotional issues. I am not doing an expose on this. I will give general issues that come up, but I am not going to reveal a la Dr Phil, all my issues to the world. However, I will keep you apprised about the generalities of 'delightful side effects'


EFT works, it has worked on me and millions of people. I am testing the limits with an experiment that has worked for other people, although not with the nearly perfect record that it does with strictly emotional issues.

An EFT Tutorial Watch to Get the Basic Recipe

This is a good basic lesson on how to do EFT.

I Want Your Opinion About This

I am doing this for two reasons.

1. Because I want to give up my contacts!

2. I want to test the limits of EFT

I would love to hear what you think of this!

So Do You Think This Can Work?

Week One January 7, 2009

Tonight when I go to bed, I will take out my last pair of contacts. I am now committed even though I realize that I am very resistant to the process. That's ok,.resistance is normal, its part of why I have the problem and it is what gets tackled the first week!

Tomorrow morning I will first do some rowing, something I have neglected, but love when I am in the habit, do my own test using the chart above, and then I will start the EFT, doing it at least once, for at least 5 minutes every day.

January 7, 2009

I look at the chart, as I sit up in bed with the back of my laptop against my knees. I have no contacts in my eyes. If I eye #3 readers I can see most things in the room AND I can read the third line up on the eye chart. I can read the text next to it with a lot of squinting and strain. When I take them off I can recognize the shapes of the 'H' and the second line, but honestly can't read them. The text is totally illegible. i>

Emotionally, I am very stressed about a lot of responsibilities and have been having a hard time keeping up with anything but Squidoo.. That increases the stress. Additionally, I have had some bad news about a client and am angry with how something is being handled with her. I was up last night from 3-4:30 worrying about it.

I woke up late and did not do the rowing. I have done some Squidoo critiquing work, but that was stressful also, as I think I spotted something illegal.

So there we have it and here I go....

The four questions for the week are about resistance and I know that I have a lot of it.

The questions are

1. What is the downside to improving my vision?

2. What might change in my life that will be uncomfortable for me?

3. How might my eyesight improvement 'rock the boat' in my family or at work?

4. Who might feel uncomfortable with my seeing more clearly?

I can't answer any of these in relation to my eyesight. But I can say that I have fears about things going too good for me. Seeing better certainly means that at least that is going really good.

I will do to EFT on eyesight, but will, on the second round add, 'and other things going good".

Day 1 1/7/09: After the first round I decided to let go of also being afraid of other things going good. Expecting too much would just be another resistance and if I work on it also, it wouldn't be a side effect. I also note that there are phrases about 'being able to see clearly' and the double meaning is not lost on me.

I rechecked and any change (did the third row look a little more shapely) is unreliable.

Day 2 1/8/09Bad night again, although coming to accept work issue. Did do interrupted rowing. Decided to do self test once a week.

Day 3 1/9/09 Better night sleep, did rowing 5 minutes of EFT

Day 4 1/10/09 Sleep well last night. Work problem at bay. No rowing 5 minutes EFT. Underarm has been the most sore of all the tapping points, but felt better today.

Day 5 1/11/09 I noticed that yesterday I felt much happier, it came from inside. The case is still unsure, I am still concerned, but feel lighter. 5 minutes of EFT.

Day 6 1/12/09 I got a big start on a job in the house yesterday, something I haven't been able to do the slightest thing for for months. 5 minutes of EFT this morning.

Day 7 1/13/09 Woke up at 3:30, couldn't get back to sleep, but am still more positive and optimistic. 5 minutes of EFT.


It is Tuesday night, the end of my first week.

I have gotten some housework done that I have been putting off. I didn't finish it, but got a start and it seemed almost effortless. I feel lighter in my soul and more optimistic. I don't know if my eyes are any better. I will check tomorrow, but I doubt it. This week was just about getting rid of resistance, skepticism and doubt. Hmmm....perhaps that is why I feel lighter.

The tapping spots that hurt the most (although that has gotten better) are under the arm and the thumb.

Under the arm is the spleen. The spleen clogged us is anxiety about the future, obsession and overthinking. The positive spleen has faith and confidence in the future. Interesting.

Thumb is the lung. Clogged it is scorn, contempt, false pride, prejudice and intolerance. The positive is humble tolerant and modest. It wasn't as sore and not as much.

Week Two, January 14, 2009


January 14, 2009

I just did the test and am not trusting myself. I have had some 'side effects' as listed. They made sense with the theme of last week, which was resistance and skepticism.

Well, now I am more skeptical and am not sure I believe what the test says. Same position of computer and me and.....I think I am going to have to go back and check it again.

Week 2 focuses on having seen something very frightening. I haven't had that in my life, but just in case, I am going to clear it.

Without the readers I can easily see row 2 (maybe 3 when I try really hard to focus) and with the readers, I can read line 8! I am now going to so the exercises for week two. Fear of What I Saw in The Past

Day 8 1/14/09: Five minutes on a new theme. I was supposed to do it on one or two things I have seen in my life that were traumatic. However, I don't have those. Oh, some commercials about abused kids or animals, but not really. Mine is less concrete. It came to me last week that the clarity I am afraid of is more third eye kind of thing. Thus I concentrated on being able to see more clearly, and globally.

Day 9 1/15/09 I tried to help solve something with my Dad's prescription insurance yesterday, and lost my temper easily. (So did he and he never does) So that is still there and I should work on that. But I am still doing more in the house. 5 minutes of EFT this am. Its dawning on me that if I am going to use the third eye kind of seeing, then I must also worry about seeing into myself, having more clarity about myself.

Day 10 1/16/09 I spent yesterday in a town that is not pretty. I will be there every Thursday for a while. Lots of things to see that I don't want to see.

Day 11 1/17/09 5 minutes of EFT

Day 12 1/18/09 5 minutes of EFT, I have gone back to doing exactly what it says. I don't remember a traumatic sight, but just in case....

Day 13 1/19/09 5 minutes following exact words.

Day 14 1/20/09 Inauguration Day! I have been looking forward to this for so long. I awoke to about 4 inches of snow, which in North Carolina is like a blizzard. I may not go out all day. A great excuse to stay home and watch every minute. This is something to not be afraid to see I say that because this week is centered on being afraid to see. I did the rounds with the exact words from Dr. Look, but I also do the ribs and hand spots. I'm an 'old fashioned girl'.

Tomorrow starts week 3 "Guilt".

Improve Your Eyesight With EFT

Improve Your Eyesight with EFT*: *Emotional Freedom Techniques
Improve Your Eyesight with EFT*: *Emotional Freedom Techniques

I have been using EFT for emotional issues for myself and many people for 10 years. Occasionally I also use it for physical issues such as my own stomach aches or a client's relief from the pain of an abscessed tooth.

I was very excited to find this book about an experiment wherein peoples' eyesight was improved with EFT. This lens is a documentation of my personal experience with the method.

Read what I have done and decide if you think this book is for you!


Week 3, Januarty 21 2009


January 21, 2009

This week is about guilt. I think that I may hit something this week.

I could read to the third line without anything on my eyes and could squint to the 5th. With one set of readers, while the computer was on my knee I could read the entire thing. In fact, I couldn't read it at that distance with the second pair. I know that that is the first thing one has to do, it to hold the paper away. I will remember to do this next time. In fact, let me try something new.....Well, as I brought it closer, it stayed. Will this work as I read today?

Day 15 1/21/09: I was angry before I did the EFT. I listened to Tucker Carlson, big mistake. However, 5 minutes of EFT

Day 16 1/22/09 I did the rounds on guilt and added to "this guilt about what I did". I added "and what I didn't do".

Day 17 1/23/09 I was in Wilson yesterday, a long hard day for me. While an appointment stood me up, I read a book. I was very annoyed, however, after about a 1/2 hour I realized that I was reading without the second pair of readers that I use when I don't have contacts. I was amazed, but of course, wondering if it was real, could I do it before. I am going through the, "it isn't real because it wasn't bad before..," syndrome. Last night before bed I did need the second pair, I was tired.

15 minutes of EFT

Day 18 1/24/09 I just realized that I forgot to do the EFT this morning. I am going to have to be careful of this. However, while at a kid's house something happened. I had to read something he wrote. Last week he was teasing me about using two pairs of glasses to read it. This week, I suddenly realized that I was reading the same writing with only one pair!

Day 19 1/25/09 5 minutes of EFT

Day 20 1/26/09 I had a great night's sleep last night, unusual for Sunday. I woke up at 4, but went back to sleep for 2 hours. I dreamed I was hanging out with the Obama's, at their house. I had information for him. But the family went out to watch an outdoor movie. He drove and I was supposed to guide, but couldn't understand the map. He was fine with it. While there, it dawned on me that the Secret Service wasn't visible. I wanted to make sure they were there, but didn't think it was appropriate.

5 minutes of EFT

Day 21 1/27/09 5 minutes of EFT

Week 4, January 28, 2009


This is going to be an important one for me.

January 28, 2009

I could read the first three rows with no glasses and with some adjustment the next two. At 6 am I could read the whole lens with just one pair of readers. This is the same as last week.

This week, I have picked two specific things that I am angry about. One is very personal and the other is more global.

Day 22, January 28, 2009 5 minutes of EFT. Well more actually. I am dealing with a global anger at the right wingers who want people to hate each other, but isn't it interesting that I hold the anger about them. I also did the set, with hands, on a personal issue, with someone in my life for a long time. I felt more emotional today than in any of the other days.

Day 23, January 20, 2009 I am especially amused by one section where the affirmation goes, "I will release my anger" :"I will not release my anger" I was less emotional today and less angry all day yesterday.

Day 24, January 30, 2009 I wasn't as angry yesterday, even when I argue back to the radio! I am calmer and it feels better.

Day 25, January 31, 2009 5 minutes of EFT

Day 26, February 1, 2009 I dropped the global angry at hate radio etc. and added another aspect of the personal, one that more involves being angry at me, and felt some sadness again, though not as much as on 5 days ago.

Day 27, February 2, 2009 Did both today. On the second I concentrated more on anger at myself, focusing on the responsibility I will have when it is gone, what I am going to have to do.

Day 28, February 3, 2009 Did both, the second about anger at myself.

Week 5, February 4, 2009

Anger, Part 2

February 4, 2009

Day 29, February 4, 2009 Read 7th line without glasses, but with squinting.

Day 30, February 5, 2009 Three hours sleep 4 awake, another 1 1/2 sleep, I know I did both rounds, but barely remember it.

Day 31, February 6, 2009 Yesterday I got angry at work, but it did not have the intensity.

Day 32, February 7, 2009 I only did one round today, but I focused on taking responsibility for letting them affect my life AND being able to feel the sadness about what I let myself loose.

Day 33, February 8, 2009 I went deeper today by going into some anger that is going on today, one totally irrational, and both close to me. Whether or not this is affecting my eyesight, as they both happened long after I wore glasses, they are clearly important to me and my life.

Day 34, February 9, 2009 Worked on current anger, which is defending from sadness and pain.

Day 35, February 10, 2009 One round, the anger is there, but in my eyes?

Week, 6, February 11, 2009


February 11, 2009

I can read the sixth line without glasses. However this am I needed two glasses to type.

Last night I got a call from the person who I was angry at. It was much better and we settled some things.

Day 36, February 11, 2009 I can't think of specific things I am anxious about, I will do general anxiety.

Day 37, February 12, 2009 Good night's sleep, didn't do the EFT

Day 38, February 13, 2009 Friday the thirteenth, one of my favorite days. The anxiety is not a relevant to me as anger.

Day 39, February 14, 2009 Did my EFT

Day 40, February 15, 2009 Did EFT

Day 41, February 16, 2009 Did EFT

Day 42, February 17, 2009 Did EFT The anxiety isn't doing much for me, not even in this time of bad economy.

Week 7, February 18, 2009

Beliefs About Aging and Specific Problems

February 18, 2009

I can read the ontire chart with one pair of glasses. Squinting, I can read the 8th line with one pair of readers.

Day 43, February 18, 2009 I didn't believe Chris Moore when he said I would have to get glasses at 40 "because it happens to everyone" and in fact didn't need them until I was 42. Literally on my birthday, I suddenly caved in and couldn't see anything without trifocals! That was 19 years ago tomorrow.

Day 44, February 19, 2009 My birthday. Interesting week to have something about aging. I am thinking I am afraid to not age, interesting.

Day 45, February 20, 2009 I made the connection between my eyes not focusing (my specific problem) and my not focusing in life and work.

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Reasons Why I Might Not Want to See

Seeing is a great responsibility. When you see something, you have a responsibility to do something. That is why people become blind to the homeless who they pass everyday. You can't help each and every one of them, so you become blind to all of them.

Please sign in, give me your thoughts on this, even if you think its nuts. It will all help. Oh, ya, and stars are always welcome!

I Need Your Encouragement and Positive Energy!

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi Margo, It was a very interesting read. I am anxious to know the final result. Your notes about your experiment stops at Day 45. Please tell what happened when you finally concluded the experiment. Did your eyesight go back to normal and you got back your perfect vision. Please do tell.

    • norma-holt profile image


      6 years ago

      Wonderful inspiring lens. Featured on Blessed by Skiesgreen 2012 and also on Cataracts and Eye Care. Hugs Margo.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Margo! Its been awhile since I stopped by here, but you know you have my love and support always....or at least I hope you do! {{SquidHugs}}

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I wonder if eft can improve my eyesight.. Nice lens btw.

    • howtocurecancer profile image


      7 years ago

      Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Many retinitis pigmentosa treatment are going on throughout the world, and it is an inherited disease and difficult to cure.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      Are you holding in mind fixing 'poor eyesight', or remembering 'perfect eyesight'? The universe only hears in the positive...have realized that anything I hold in mind is what is. Excellent lens and angel blessed.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Sounds interesting. I discovered that I needed glasses when I was about 12 and really didn't want to wear them (uncool black plastic UK National Health specs) and someone suggested I should read "The Art of Seeing" by Aldous Huxley in which he describes his techniques for seeing without glasses. I later tried contact lenses, but have now decided that I rather like wearing glasses (although my 10 month old son disagrees and regularly steals them, so they are usually covered in sticky fingerprints)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I haven't had my eyes examined in years, and I sure could use a good exam...but that costs money...and eye glasses aren't cheap. I got to WalMart and buy reading glasses that I wear. Better days ahead, that's why I work so darn hard. ~ Great informative lens as always.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well my dear Margo -- may I say that it is high time to have my eyes examined because I do believe I HAVE seen pigs fly!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was working with a group on our EFT training when one of my female clients volunteered to share her story. She said she has a chronic problem on her right eye. The group tapped on her. I also suggested that she tap 20-30 minutes each day. I just got an update from her that her vision now is clearer and she can drive all by herself.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Research has validated the many ways physical health is intimately connected to subtle energies circulating in the body, which are constantly influenced by one's emotional state and mental performance. By learning specific tapping methods for balancing the body's energies, gaining positive wellbeing becomes easier for almost everyone, whether it's done as self-therapy or as a healing practice for clients and loved ones.

      EFT is all about people getting the care they need at the right time. Check these EFT Training DVDs to find how EFT training has made life easier even for those with long-unresolved conditions.

    • awakeningwellness profile image


      9 years ago

      I have read Carol's study and I think it is fabulous you are doing this, I would like to do it myself someday. I believe that most all physical problems have an emotional basis and anything can be healed by removing the emotional trigger.

      Blessings on this journey! *****

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Margo: I'm a big believer both in EFT and that aging is very much related to what we think aging "should" look like. In fact, I've written about both of these topics on my blog. It's interesting that you began having eyesight problems on your birthday (a clue that it's a "belief" problem). Another great lens by you :-)

    • religions7 profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Margo - How generous of you. You have an uncanny way of getting to the heart of the matter (and bearing your soul to boot), and that's what I love about your writing ability hence, your lenses. You really knocked this out of the ball park! And, I'm proud of you for being so real and transparent. This lens is first-rate, my friend. And, good for you!

    • julcal profile image


      9 years ago

      THAT IS GREAT! i've been meaning to ask you "how's it going?!!??"

      I never read your EFT for your eyes lens, i'll have to take a look. without having done that first, I'm wondering if doing EFT for your eyes brought emotional stuff up or your approach to EFT for your eyes was emotionally based. (I've been doing some EFT, bought one of the books off one of your lenses, so I understand the emotional approach)


      Great dream!

    • Lotusland profile image


      9 years ago

      I had heard about this eye improvement program. Thanks for taking the time to document your progress. Good luck.

    • julcal profile image


      9 years ago

      Margo, thanks for keeping us updated, Keep it up! Hang in there!

      ~ Julie

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sending positive energy your way. :)

    • kathysart profile image


      9 years ago

      EXCELLENT INFO! Thanks for the 'in'sight!



    • SylvianeNuccio1 profile image


      9 years ago

      EFT is serious stuff... I which more people knew about it. Thanks to Squidoo and you they will :)

    • pkmcruk profile image


      9 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Many congratulations on the well deserved achievement of becoming a Giant Squid!

      Take care


    • julcal profile image


      9 years ago

      Margo you are an invincible woman! Sign me up! I'm going to work on the traumatic stuff! :)

      Can you give somebody more than 5 stars????

      ~ Julie

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      9 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Is that a Giant Badge I see up there. Congratulations!

    • sittonbull profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow... you are one interesting lady per your lensography and you have scored another fan with this lens and your bucket list. I have astigmatism, wear contacts to see far and glasses to read. Although I'm a pro-active personality and have an "attitude of gratitude" that I can see at all... there must be ways to improve the current solutions! I abhor the routine sensitivity from wind and grit and late day eye fatigue from contacts and am very hard on every pair of glasses I've ever owned. I hope and pray that you are onto something big here and will be following your progress.

      5*ed, favored and lensrolled.

    • julcal profile image


      9 years ago

      Go for it Margo! Tonight is 1/7 and I can't wait to hear how you progress! I'm with you. I've started looking into the system to help me get through issues going on in my life.

      Keep us posted!

      ~ Julie

    • Janusz LM profile image

      Janusz LM 

      9 years ago

      Very interesting, at the moment I have Eagle Eyes :D How quickly that can change though!. Oh, I gave you 5 wonderful Stars for your Wonderful Lens as well ;)

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      [in reply to sukkran] Well, you guys are really buffing me up, I am going to have to do this! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 

      9 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      one more informative lens. fav & *****

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      9 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      This is really going to be exciting and I will be checking back every week to read about your progress. I hate wearing glasses but sure can't see without them. I had to laugh when you wrote about how you didn't like waking up and not being able to see. I am always falling to sleep with my glasses on and have broken many a pair.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      very interesting! I think we are only starting to learn the benefits of EFT.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      [in reply to rms] Thanks, RMS, I will keep you updated! First week is the setup.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      [in reply to julcal] Glad to hear that EFT can help you get rid of some of your divorce baggage. Thanks for the comments about my writing, I needed that!

    • julcal profile image


      9 years ago

      as per above, i added ***** :)

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      9 years ago from USA

      It sure sounds interesting! I'm curious to know if it works.


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