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Embarrassing Bedwetting Stories

Updated on June 25, 2009

Embarrassing Bedwetting Stories Can Be Funny

Even though thre is nothing not funny to have enurisis disorder (bedwetting), some embarrassing bedwetting stories can be quite funny!

All over the internet you can find friendly forums and webpages that encourage people to share their embarrassing bedwetting stories with other.

Some of these are posted here along with some funny videos of bedwetting and links to the best places to find embarrassing bedwetting stories.

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One Of The Greatest Embarrassing Bedwetting Stories

This story comes from

I have a problem with wetting the bed, I'm know it has a name but I'm not sure what it's called.Anyway My friend invited me over for a sleepover,and I didn't want to say no.The night of the sleepover,my mom made me take one of my grandma's diapers in case.When I got to her house I saw her brother(who I happen to have a crush on)Mike.She offered to take me to a party.It was awesome.When we got back to her house, I was so tired,she let me sleep on the floor.I woke up in the middle of the night to see I peed all over her carpeting.I tried to sneek out and put her dog where I was but she woke up and saw what I had done.

I asked her not to tell and she promised not to.Well, later in the year we had a fight and stopped being friends.She wanted payback for a rumor I started about her so she told these popular girls what I did and she took pictures to prove it.I went to school the next day and all over the billboards where pictures of me wetting the bed.

Everyone saw and now my nickname is 'Pee Pee Patty'.

Another One Of Our Embarrassing Bedwetting Stories

Also taken from

One day when my friend Ryan was over spending the night and we were playing a game of truth or dare! As the game raged one for hours Ryan dared me to were one of my 6-year-old (bed wetting) brother's diapers for the night. We made a rule that no "really bad" dares could be turned down so I had no choice. I quietly went down-stairs and into the bathroom. I opened the cupboard and saw what I didn't want to see: two packs of pull-ups training pants. I really slide one on and and with a weird feeling inside, I dashed back up stairs. Ryan continued pulling down my PJ bottom to see me wearing the soft training pants! Later that night, while I was asleep, Ryan secretly turned off my clock for school in the morning! We woke up really late (but still had about 10 minutes for the bus)and all we did was grabbed some cloths and a candy bar because there was no time to sit and eat a nice breakfast.

We made it to the bus on time (wow) and had all of our things. Almost at the school, Ryan bent over a said "Your still wearing those training panties aren't you?" He whispered. "No" I stammered and put my arm down. As I put my arm down I heard a crinkling noise! "Oh-no!" I got really quiet. "I didn't change the training panties!" We were at school by now. with ever step I took I was able to hear and feel the soft cotton diapers hugging me. At about 12:30 (outside at lunch) I was just walking and Ryan comes up and de-pants me!!!!!!!!! I trip while this happens and when I trip Ryan grabbed my pants a started dashing off! I sat on the ground wearing a diapers and a T-shirt. Laughter came from all sides. never played a game like that again!

Funny YouTubeVids Related To Embarrassing Bedwetting Stories - These bedwetting videos are great!

Here Is A One Of Those Sad Bedwetting Storeis

Got his one from

If I wake up wet then I feel very disappointed and I want to cry. I strip my bed and take the sheets downstairs to be washed.

I feel like a freak because my mum takes me to all sorts of different people. I've been to two doctors, a hypnotherapist, a herbalist and a psychologist. I feel like they're out to get me with their strange new cures, buzzers and medicines. They make my feel that I have to talk about things I want to forget.

I know my mum wants to help me by doing this, but it just makes me feel stupid. I am looking forward to being dry because then I will be able to feel normal and I won't have to go to any of these people any more. When I wake up dry I feel very proud because I am getting nearer my goal.


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