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First Aid

Updated on January 25, 2010


Accidents & Wounds

There are two types of ounds.

1. Fresh Wound

2. Septic Wound

Fresh Wounds: When a person gets wounded, blood comes out from the wound. There is two type of bleeding from the wound. One is Oozing of blood, and the second is Gushing of blood. The oozing of blood will cause when the wound is on the surface of flesh or skin . In this tepe of wound the blood will come slowly and when it is cleaned with a wet cloth, or medicated cotton, it stops.

The gushing of blood is the cause of a cut in Artery. In this type of a wound the blood will gush out like a stream. It cannot be stipped by simply applying medicated wet cloth over the wound. The blood can be stopped only by pressing the Artery just few inches avove the wound.

When ever we see a wound, the following five points should be taken into account.

1. Why 2. When 3. What 4. Where and 5. How. , as these are the five aids to knowledge. The answer to these questions will determine the type of the wound and help the first aider in the treatment of the wound.

Bandaging of Wounds

Bandaging a Fresh Wound: Wash the hands with detol mixed water. Dip a piece of cotton in the detol mix water and clean the wound smoothly. Then apply Tincture Iodine with the help of a stick covered with cotton at the tip. Keep a piece of bandage cloth over the wound. Then take some cotton, keep it on bandage cloth over the wound and then bandage the whole wound.

Treatment of a Septic Wound: Clean the wound with detol mix water. Do not apply tincture iodine instead take some Hydrogen Per Oxide and put a few drops over the wound. A form of smoke will raise. Then put some Boric Powder on the wound, keep a piece of bandage cloth over it and then some cotton, and bandage the wound. To heal fast use Sulphane mide instead of Boric Powder.. If the bandage is not necessary, dip the cotton in Tincture Benzine and keep it upon the wound. It will stick to the wound and serve the purpose of bandage.

What to do in an accident?

'' Blood is Life, and Life is Blood.'' The first thing in an accident, is to stop blood. The victim of accident may die due to heavy loss of blood. Therefore the first and foremost thing for a first aider is to try to stop bleeding.

''Igonrance has taken the deepest roots in India.'' Some one has reightly quoted it as most of the people who suffers a scratch or small wound over their skin uses soil as a healing measure. This is extremely dangerous and may cause in Tetenus fever.

What is Tetenus?

Tetanus is a disease in which the body become stiff and the victim cannot open his mouth. It is caused by an insect and no body knows where the Tetanus insects are.  It can attack in any place at any time and it enters into the body through the wound. As soon as these insects enter the body they act very fast.

Treatment of Tetanus:

ATS (Anti Tetanus Serum) is to be injected . Tetanus may also attack on women at the time of delivery or during menses period. There fore it is advised to be very cautious during these times. Preventive measures should be taken and they should use ''Potasium Permagnet'' dissolved in water for washing.

Potasium Permagnet is also used for Gum Bleeding, Gum Cancer etc. In a pint of water use a few drops of potasium permagnet mix it and gurgle it.


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