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How to Deal with Emotional Problems During Pregnancy

Updated on August 14, 2014

Emotional problems arise in pregnancy or may be there were some previous problems that intensified in pregnancy. Emotional problems can lead to other psychological and physical problems too, therefore, they should be dealt with care. A proper understanding of the reason can help in treating the problem. Not only your consultant but family plays major role in getting out of any such problem. Emotional problems become worse in last trimester when expectant mother is under constant physical and psychological problems too.

  • Parenting guides Read only those parenting guides that provide accurate and reliable information. There are clutter of websites that provide information related to pregnancy without thorough research. Reading such stuff can make you depressed as the information is not what reality is all about.
  • Trust your doctor first Its better to rely on your doctor than to trust anyone else. Your doctor can best understand your health and suggest you how to deal with any problem whether physical, mental or emotional.

Authentic Websites and Books on Dealing with Emotional Problems of Pregnancy:

  • Healthy activities and hobbies Indulge yourself in healthy activities to keep your mind busy and to be productive at the same time. Pregnancy does not mean that you are ill or you need rest all the time. Rest should be taken when rest is needed but too much rest can make you dull and you will become more conscious about your health.

Any changes in your previous routine should be made only on doctor's advice. Pregnancy is part of life and you do not need to change your routine completely, rather change it when you think or your doctor suggests that yes it is time for a change. Some activities can be physically tough and strenuous, such activities should be avoided after discussing with your doctor. Hobbies and interests should not be left behind in pregnancy because these hobbies keep you feel better. You an develop new interests like knitting sweaters and booties, shopping for the baby and decorating baby room etc. These things will keep your mind engaged and any negative thought will not come.

  • Exercise in moderation Keep yourself physically busy too as doctors suggest light exercise especially in third trimester because exercise helps in easy delivery. Walk is the best exercise for pregnancy, a brisk walk in morning and evening will help you feel better. Swimming, yoga and stretching are also good exercises for pregnancy.

In third trimester as the baby reaches desired size and weight you feel more difficulty in digesting food as the baby pushes intestines and stomach so exercise will help you in having better digestion.

  • Share your worries with your partner If you feel depressed a lot and constant pressure and worries entangle your mind share your worries with someone very closer to you. The right person with whom you can share your worries is your partner, let him know about each and every problem that you encounter. This will be great experience you will release stress by sharing it and your chemistry with your partner will develop more by sharing everything. Your partner can be an invaluable support in pregnancy and he has also right to know everything that is going on with the passage of each day, week and month of pregnancy.
  • Physical health and emotional stability When you are physically well you will feel emotionally well too. If pregnancy has caused any physical problems like vomiting, constipation, heartburn, indigestion or urinary infection you can not stay emotionally stable too.
  • Emotional problems and physical health Your emotional problems can also lead to other physical and mental problems. Sometimes when we are feeling depressed, stressful or anxious suddenly our stomach start to churn or we feel heartburn or other heart problems. Similarly emotional problems can also cause anorexia nervosa or sleeping disorders. Therefore do not take any emotional problem lightly.
  • Share with experienced people In case you want to get help from someone else too other than your doctor talk to someone who has gone through pregnancy previously and can share her experiences.
  • Seek professional counsel If anxiety, stress, depression or any fear keeps overwhelming you all the time and you can not get control of it you might need professional counsel. Talk to a psychiatrist who can guide you in better manner.
  • Don't become superwoman Sometimes it is extremely opposite even if you are pregnant you want to stay the same as you were before pregnancy and do not let those routine tasks that interfere with your health. Becoming a superwoman will not help in pregnancy rather aggravate any emotional problem. Do what is best for you and avoid those activities that can cause any problem.
  • Be yourself For controlling emotional problems sometimes be yourself and take reigns of your life but stay connected with those people who love and are important in your life.


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