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emotional stress

Updated on January 24, 2014

Can stress affect my health?


Today I have been feeling both sad and disgusted.

It's the Australian bushfires, so many people have been affected or know someone who has. It is bad enough that the South East part of Australia has been so dry with a lack of rain that a "tinder box" situation was created, but those arsonists that seem to have restarted fires is just unimaginable.

I just received an email from my sister-in-law who now resides in London, however a large majority of her family still live in Victoria. Thankfully they are all safe. Unfortunately a well known Australian news reporter has died in his home with his wife.

Just reading that immediately made me feel sad, and a bit stressed. I remember driving through a recently put out bush fire when I was a child. You could smell the smoke and feel the heat, imagine that amplified hundreds of times as the high wind is pushing the fire towards you. Frightening.

But why is this in an article about health and chiropractic? Well of course a lot of people are going to need immediate medical attention, but there will also be the survivors that may suffer an emotional stress. Your health can be affected in three major ways Physical, Chemical and Emotional.

  • Physical - such as a fall or trauma. Even the repetition of sitting at a desk everyday in a position that is putting stress on the body in an unfavourable way. Exercise can help you to maintain your physical shape and improve your health when done in moderation. Rest is also an important element of well being.
  • Chemical - eating correctly helps the body to function better and build the right building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. Minimising toxic intake such as avoiding drugs, cigarette smoke and pollution which have a negative impact on your health

Emotional - a positive outlook can only help to improve your health. Social and spiritual well being are also an important part of your health and wellness.

Once the physical affects of this event has healed the emotional affects may start to take its toll. All of these events have an affect on your total health. If the scars have healed but the emotional stress is still there the body will take longer to heal.

A holistic therapy like chiropractic can have a part to play in this healing. Make sure your physical shape is in top form, this way the brain will not be impeded by "pain" signals and can start to heal. If you are carrying a lot of grief or other emotional strain, think how this affects your posture your eating habits and your general health. When you are ready to move on from the physical and mental trauma someone like a chiropractor may be able to help you get back on track.


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