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Book Review Emotional Balance.

Updated on August 15, 2011

Book Review Emotional Balance

As a clinical hypnotherapist it really is refreshing to find a good quality book that is devoted to helping people understand their own consciousness,then taking the reader to the next step with some good exercises that can really make a difference to the way you think, feel and react to things in your life. For many more tips that can be helpful to you please visit my website and check out the question and answer section.

The path to inner peace and harmony

Emotional balance.

Dr Roy Martina is a doctor of medicine with over 30 years experience in the healing professions in holistic natural medicine he has combined the best of a number of different therapies.

Within his book Emotional Balance he has focused on a combination of hypnosis and the use of affirmations, kinesiology using specific points within the meridians, the chakras, combined with a deep understanding of spiritualism and the power of mind; coupling our abilities for self healing not only from the perspective of mind over matter, but also looking at the human condition from a holistic viewpoint that everything is connected to each other and also through time.

Roy Martina starts by laying out his philosophy in an easy non-authoritarian way which is well annotated throughout his book, with stories of some of his own experiences and case studies.

From the beginning, this book is laid out as a self-healing book with step by step exercises which are well thought out and explained in a way that gently motivates the reader to take action.

Roy advocates keeping a personal journal of all your experiences and exercises. As I reviewed my own experiences and looked back at my journey through Emotional Balance, at times it was like having Roy sitting with me and encouraging me to do the work. It is only when you take the time to reflect and review your own journal that you can really appreciate the healing journey you have made.

In short, you can take from this book what you need. It really isn't important if you wholeheartedly agree with Roy's philosophy, if you do the exercises you will definitely reap the rewards which is one of the powerful points that Roy Martina makes throughout his book. This is without a doubt coming from a man whose ambition is to help those that are ready to help themselves, Roy Martina leaves nothing out of his book and it is refreshing to find a self-help book that is not dedicated to selling you something else. What's written on the label is exactly what sitting in the can, waiting for you to enjoy, a journey of healing to enable yourself to come to a better understanding of your own emotions and how they affect you, then moving on from understanding to healing.This

book is all about empowering you the reader


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