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Emotions fail to understand facts

Updated on July 23, 2015

Say NO to emotions

Drowned in the river of self-induced scenarios, emotions fail to understand facts. They deceive the real eyes with unknown truth. There are cancellations of facts through preaching. They want instant relief from pain and hurt. They stand as insane in the world. They just want instant gratification of emotions from the other person. They fail to understand the truth.

Then down and down they move and hurt the body and soul. They become the cause of pain and wounds. There is corruption of thoughts in the world. The world takes advantage of the weak emotions. The globe rejoices on the downfall of believes. Humans do not understand grief through discomfort. Emotions fail to understand facts and become the cause of failure and even death at times.

How to explain to emotions? Which lessons will bring emotions far from fake? Who will explain to whom and what? They only understand the language of love and hate. They begin with love message and end at hate. The world needs to love or hate to explain true the facts. But they sometimes fail to see hate as hate and love as love. Blinded in its own world, they many times stand as the cause of misfit.

Throw them away, these unwise emotions! When you hurt and wound me hard. When you become the cause of dispute and discomfort? When there is only pain served by your eyes! When in tears stands the emotional; even in bright sunshine. What will they do to the crippled one in material world? They will weaken the soil unseen but heard. So weaken not your soul by sorrow, turn to Divine for strength for tomorrow.


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