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grandson needs encouragement too

Updated on September 22, 2010

education is a permisson to excel

My son,

Your grandma and I are hoping the best for you as you grow to become a young man.
Son, because you are a (place your last name), God is obligated to bless you if you walk uprightly before him.

My son, what is before you is far greater that what is behind you. In fact, what's behind, your past, has no potential because it has already been lived.
My son, do you eat a meal then go to the wash room and pass it, then pick it up out of the toilet and eat it again? No, but you look to what the other meal has to offer. You let the experience of the meal be a service to you but the meal itself has no future purpose. You can’t frame it or refrigerate it for future use.

My son, it is your future that has your upcoming meal or your "meal ticket".
But only you can determine what kind of meal is acceptable, whether it will be steak or dog food by the education you permit yourself to accept.
Failure to earnestly prepare for the education that will be desired, will ultimately lead you into a tempestuous life of suffering and decay.

Don't allow the damaging thought to prevail in your presence that, I am handsome and that this will be my fail-safe for education, for in your young life you have seen handsome, attractive, beautiful all standing on someone's corner hoping to make a dollar because they misuse that time of preparation.
Not counting the thousands of young men and women in incarceration because they were deceived into thinking there was another way other than being educated.

Yes, there are those who seem to have come into prosperity by the easy route but consider the odds and besides, every false weight, some time or other, will eventually be balanced by sickness, death, divorce or grief.

My son, let today become the final day of indecision.
Make a resolve that from this day on you will succeed in every class and that you will graduate and that you will make your parents proud.
Son, I want you to be a young man that walks in dignity, heads up, back straight.

I want you to begin making a statement to your future that God has kept something hidden until your arrival, for you are God's hand of revelation.

My son, making the proper resolve will require humility but God give support to the humble and if you are willing and obedient then you shall eat the good of the land.

I have always believed in you and you know what's more than that, God believes in you!

But to be successful, you must include him in all you say and do.

I am standing with you as we look forward to your goals for your future because son, I believe in you. I believe you got what it takes to make every mountain a plain and every valley an highway.
Yes, you will have some down times and some up-times and times when it appears as if it's impossible or what is the use of all my labor; but it is in those times when God is closest to you.

And one final thought; some times the ones that are close to you will be used to impede your progress, to make you think that your goal is unattainable but those are the times in which you affirm the will and the goal which you have set for yourself and praise God for the victory.

I love you son,


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