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Energy Healing, Human Energy Balancing, Spiritual Energy, and Spiritual Healers

Updated on February 27, 2013

What is Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an alternative medicine based on the principle that a subtle energy flows through our body (biofield). An illness is traduced by an imbalance of this energy.

The energy healing therapy can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can also promote high-level wellness and peak performance. It is a therapy involving putative energy fields, that means that there are no reproducible methods to measure them.

How Energy Healing Works

Does Energy Healing Work, Or Is A Scam?

The energy healers believe that by performing a series of hands movements, (no contact), over the patient’s body, they are able to re-balance the patient’s energy field.

Some of the patients report that they feel the practitioner’s hands and they can tell when the practitioner moves or stops his or her hands, with their eyes closed. It is thought that the healing process is done by activating body’s own natural healing energies. Restoring a high level of energy in the patient's energetic body, would reactivate certain areas of the patient’s brain and theoretically, by learning how to reactivate those areas, would give this the ability to heal by himself after a number of sessions.

Some Energy healing therapies like the Chinese acupuncture, or Ayurvedic medicine are more technical and detail oriented, some other healing techniques, like the Celtic healing take a more intuitive approach. There is, though a common factor in all of these various energy healing approaches, the believe that the human body contain an invisible energy field that is in direct relation with our physical, mental, and emotional health. This energy field, when at maximum potential, insures our body and brains a good functioning. On the contrary, when is depleted or partially blocked we are sick. A few small research studies suggest that the Energy healing is efficient as a complementary medicine.

Many patients witness the efficacy of spiritual energy healing. Despite all of the positive results, energy healing is considered the 21st century's “snake oil”. This is because of the lack of objective means to measure and evaluate the practitioner’s skills and knowledge. The biofield, also known as aura, has not been measured by conventional instruments. Some practitioners say that they are able to see the aura of a person and diagnose them based on the shape and color of this field.

Despite of my strong belief that energy healing is a great alternative medicine, and it works, I always say to people who ask me about it, that energy healing doesn't work for everyone. Sometimes it takes more than a session to start feeling the energy flow, or any benefits, but usually, after the second session you will be fully aware of subtle changes in your body, while the practitioner works.

Because spiritual energy healing is so subjective, the patient needs to maintain a perfect balance between faith/belief and reason. If you don’t notice any change after your third session, then you might consider to abandon your energy healing sessions or change the practitioner.

Sometimes no matter how skilled the practitioner is, you will just not connect to him or her. If you still want to try it changing the practitioner is the fix.

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

What is Energy Medicine

Energy healing is classified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in two distinguishable branches, the Veritable Energy Healing which includes all the techniques where the energy applied can be measured, and the Putative Energy including techniques and procedures where the energy cannot be measured.

Most popular healing practices based on putative energy include:

Reiki and Johrei, of Japanese origin - use the practitioner's hands as source of the energy radiation

Qi gong, a Chinese practice meant to facilitate the flow and accumulation of Qi.

Healing touch, is the practice where the therapist finds imbalances and correct them by passing the hands over the patient. Distance healing is a practice that uses the ability to transfer healing energy at distance to patient. Acupuncture a Chinese medical practice where the practitioner inserts needles along invisible energy channels,(meridians), with the purpose of re-establishing the balance of Qi.

The therapies involving putative energy fields are based on the notion that all life is filled with a subtle energy named in the West bio-field or aura. This energy is differently named in the Far-East cultures, some of the names are: Qi in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doshas - in Indian Ayurveda, Prana - in Yoga, Mana - in oceanic Asia cultures, Homeopathic Resonance - in homeopathy, Ki in the Japanese spiritual practices, Spirit, Ki, Gi, Fohat, Tsa rLung, Eros, biofield, etc.

Some of the therapies involving measurable energy are: Magnetic Therapy, Sound Energy Therapy, Millimeter Wave Therapy, and Light Therapy.

A Subjective View on Energy Healing

Another Energy Healing Advocate

When it comes to Energy Healing I am biased. I know Energy Healing works, period. Regardless of the scientific studies that "proved Energy Healing is nothing more than Placebo effect or quackery". I know it works because I have witnessed it working, and I saw things that are not explainable through the current scientific conventions. If after reading this you are still willing to read you will discover that I am not a blind faith believer.

Is it possible that I am myself a victim of some quackery? I could be, but the circumstances and the nature of my encounter with Energy Healing, assure me that my experiences were genuine and I was not a victim of deception.

What makes me different from other Therapeutic Touch advocates? I take a logical approach to the matter, and not an intuitive one. I am trying to base my demonstration on facts. Of course, there is a lot of speculation involved, even for a rational person, as there is not enough information on the subject and the research is insufficient. I will try to be as impartial as possible and uncover possible areas prone for manipulation.

Not all Energy Healers are Equal

Because there is room for speculation, many people got into the profession for money, Energy Healing can be a profitable occupation. Some practitioners do genuinely believe they have a gift, although their results are questionable.

The reality is that not all the practitioners are the same. In addition, the same practitioner can alter in time his or her abilities to heal. The abilities can be lost, diminished, or improved. This can fluctuate within the day.

Beware of the Energy Gadgets

Most of the Energy Healing gadgets are easy to build and they are cheap. People and companies take advantage of the interest shown for Energy Healing and will develop expensive devices. These devices will, in most cases, work, but the price is rarely justified by production costs and the outcome is not very significant. Gadgets will give a boost to healing processes that occur naturally in our bodies, but in the end it’s the human factor that is decisive.

Energy Healing Versus Modern Medicine?

Some energy healing advocates argue that it is a valid replacement of allopathic medicine, and encourage people to abandon contemporary medicine. healing touch, or Touch Therapy, or any form of Energy healing are not alternatives to modern medicine; they only complement the allopathic medicine, and should only be used as a complementary treatments.

At the opposite side of the spectrum the anti Touch-Therapy activists suggest that energy healing is a waste of time, and money, and the false hope that is bringing is more dangerous than no hope at all.

None of the two extremes is good; denying something just because we do not understand it and we cannot measure, is not the correct answer. On the other hand the modern medicine has saved millions of lives over the history and to encourage people to refuse it is just unacceptable.

Modern Medicine should not exclude unconventional medicine; it should rather adopt it. Society spends huge amounts of money on pharmaceuticals; why not spend on researching traditional and unconventional medicine.

The anti TT activists have their role in maintaining a balance between proven results and blind fate and false hope. Society needs a breath of moderation, at the end of the day TT is a domain prone to speculation.

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    • annedavies lm profile image

      annedavies lm 

      5 years ago

      I don't know if energy healing is a scam or not but one thing I do know from first hand experience that after going to one to please my best friend I started experiencing things that freaked me out. I have stopped after a few seance but maybe I'll give it anoter try.


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