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Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine Devices, and Energy Healing

Updated on September 22, 2014

Energy medicine

Energy medicine is the alternative medicine that uses various forms of energy as the source for healing. The common factor of all of the energy medicine devices is one form or another of wave. Sound, Light, Ultrasound, Magnetic Waves, etc.

Energy medicine has become more and more accepted, and now there are many devices that improve the life of millions of people. We might even use energy medicine and not know it, you'll see in a bit what I mean.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Energy Medicine - Devices Types

The Magnetic Therapy uses static magnets applied over an affected area. There is an increasing amount of data that shows positive results using magnets as a therapy. For example a study in Germany with elderly people as subjects has shown a major improvement in joint mobility and reduced pain levels after placing magnets on the affected articulations during the night.

Sound Energy Therapy is a relatively new therapy, which uses sounds, (vibrations), as the healing agent. The sound can be a single tone adjusted to a beneficial frequency or a music that uses a complex of frequencies destined to induce a special state of mind where the brain has the ability to accelerate the healing processes.

Millimeter Wave Therapy is a medical technology used in Eastern Europe and China. It is used to treat various diseases ranging from skin conditions to cancer and psychiatric illness. It is not known the mechanism behind the technology but the results are more that encouraging.

Light Therapy uses light to improve various conditions. The light can be monochromatic, natural light, or laser. There is enough evidence to prove that the Light Therapy is effective. The allopathic medicine knows about the huge benefits of the UV light on our health.

Subtle Energy Medicine

Besides the regular energy medicine devices, alternative medicine also works with unverifiable energy, which is called putative energy, because even though we cannot detect it with instruments, and we can't scientifically prove its existence, people can feel it, and they can also feel the results after a treatment.

Scientific evidence is conflicting, but the medical world is generally in agreement that putative energy medicine does not work. Very interesting fact is that against all the recommendation of the medical and scientific world, a lot of people still use the services of "spiritual healers".

Another interesting fact is that Edzard Ernst, a doctor who researched putative energy healing, initially thought that distance healing worked. After two years he changed his opinion and he concluded that distant healing is nothing more than a placebo. At this time his conclusion was a little conflicting, because on one hand he concludes that distance healing is placebo, but he also states that based on the results of "two other furthermore studies", distant healing can be associated with adverse effects.

HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds

Reiki DSCF2008
Reiki DSCF2008 | Source

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healers, or Energy Healers

Energy healers are many time associated with quackery, and the reluctance to it is justified, because there are many "practitioners" who are in it just for the money. The lack of research and the missing regulation, makes the field a great place for dishonest people.

The dishonesty is not only manifested on the practitioners' area, but also on the training area as well. Starting with instructors without any healing capability, or experience, and ending up with training material that belong to religious sect rather than a school.

Given these facts, it is not easy to find a good spiritual healer.

Spiritual Healing Practices

There are many energy healing practices, with the most famous being Reiki, Tai-Qi, Qi-Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal Healing, Distance healing, etc...

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Intuitive Healing work in a similar way, the healer lays his/her hands on the subject and rebalances the patient's Qi, or Energy, or whatever we want to call it.

Can I Be A Spiritual Healer?

How To Become an Energy Healer

Energy healing can be performed by virtually everyone, provided they learned how to do it. Energy healing is an ability that we are born with, we just have to nurture it and develop it. Lifestyle can play a major role in the ability to control the energy, and meditation, and physical exercise are mandatory for maintaining healing abilities.

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