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Enhancing Physical Endurance and Stamina Through Yoga

Updated on December 27, 2015

Yoga is the perfect exercise for you

Do you wish to have a body that is fit and healthy?  Well, yoga is the perfect exercise for you.  Yoga is popular for its beneficial effects not only for the mind and soul, but also for strength building and endurance.  In the past years, sages and saints from India believed that yoga can help humans achieve a stress-free and healthy being.  Building body endurance through yoga can be practiced by anyone, no matter how old they are and regardless of their gender.

Integrating at least 10 minutes of yoga every day can give innumerable benefits to one’s overall health.

Beginning Yoga for Stretch and Strength

Yoga For Better Coordination

Yoga can be a big help for people who want to increase coordination between their soul, mind and body.  Good coordination between the mind, body and soul can greatly help in making a person feel extremely fit and fine.  With each yoga session, you can expect more activeness and vigor which in turn help in boosting your endurance and immune system.

Yoga as a Strength Booster

It is normal if you feel tired, drainer and exhausted after a day’s work.  There may even be times when you might feel as if you have been punched in different parts of your body because of the different muscle pains that you are feeling.  Yoga instructors and even doctors suggest yoga to feelings of tiredness, exhaustion and stress.

Numerous studies and researches have already proven the soothing effects of yoga on stressed people.  It says that regular practice of yoga can make a person feel twice as stronger that they did before.  Yoga can also make an obese person handle his weight efficiently rather than falling for some binge diets that are rampant today.

Strength Building Yoga With Tara Stiles

How Can Yoga Improve Body Strength?

Yoga, when practiced regularly, can help improve the golgi tendon reflex – a person’s capacity to hold, control or limit a muscle contraction as long as he or she can.  Yoga can also help enhance the ability of the muscles to let go with a more powerful force without weakening under the response of the tendons that are being stretched.

Yoga Enhances Body Coordination

Yoga and its breathing exercises ensures that the cells in the entire body receive ample amount of oxygen.  The breathing exercises also ensure a stronger immune system and can enhance the body’s ability to burn more fat.

The functioning of the body’s organs and body parts are said to go more smoothly when a person practices yoga.  You see, yoga is believed to have the ability to “massage” the inner organs of the body.  In addition to that, yoga is also believed to improve one’s emotional quotient and overall mental health.


Yes to Strengthening, No to Hardening

Yoga is not like any normal exercise that involves jogging, aerobics, etc.  Yoga is more focused on posture exercises and breathing techniques.  It migh be quite ironic for you to imagine how a “posture exercise” can strengthen muscles.  Well, the explanation is simple: the postures (no matter how simple they may seem) require to be held for a few seconds and that is when the postures strengthen the muscles.  It can be quite challenging (especially for beginners) to hold a pose for a few seconds, or even minutes. 

Yoga mats can help yoga practitioners execute the postures correctly and accurately, without risking themselves to accidents like slipping, getting out of balance, etc.

Performing Yoga Poses

Yoga usually starts with posture or asana.  This is a process of practicing the expanding and softening of the inner body.  This is really significant if you want to strengthen your body through yoga.

Always keep in mind that for your body to become strong, you must focus not only on the outer aspect, but in the inner aspects as well.  That way, there will be a balance and union can be achieved.  When the mind, body and spirit are in coordination with each other, wellness can easily be achieved.  Put simply, yoga exercises do not make your muscles “hard” – they make YOU strong.

Strong and hard may seem to be similar in meaning, but when you look at their meanings deeply, you can clearly say that they are very different adjectives.  A hard object may seem to be tough, but it will eventually break under great external pressure.  A strong object, on the other hand, can withstand any external pressure while retaining integrity.  The goal of yoga is to make you strong, not hard.

Standing Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior 2 Pose

Beginning Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior Two Pose

Yoga Poses

All yoga poses are considered to be muscular endurance exercises, varying only to a certain degree or level of endurance and stamin required.  The most powerful poses in yoga are the standing poses.

There are also core strength exercises (like the plank pose and navasana) are said to give ample support to the musculoskeletal system and can build a body’s endurance.  Advanced yoga practitioners practice headstands, handstands, arm balances, and other poses that require greater strength, endurance and flexibility.

The benefits of yoga are indeed innumerable.  From maintaining a healthy body, sound mind and nourished soul, yoga can really be considered as a holistic exercise.  By the word holistic, we mean that yoga not only focuses on making the physical body strong and healthy – it can also improve and heal emotional and psychological issues of human being.

For people who are always under stress, yoga may just be the answer to their problem.  Studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly are less prone to nervous breakdowns and psychological problems than those who do not practice yoga at all.

Perhaps a good explanation for this is that yoga is a form of an exercise, right?  Well, all exercises can make the body release a certain hormone called endorphins.  Endorphins are known as “happy hormones” because once they are released, they make a person feel cheerful and happy.  People who exercise are the ones who have more endorphins flowing inside them, making them less temperamental and less prone to outbursts and aggression.  Building body endurance through yoga will surely make you a happier, healthier person.

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