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Equipment Needed for Home Gym

Updated on August 1, 2016

So what is it going to take to build a gym? Well depends on you budget. Here is a list of equipment that you can start with and get some really good workouts in at relatively low cost.



This is going to be an absolute must for a starter gym. You don’t need to go to expensive or heavy. Anything in the range of 1lb - 25lbs for women and 5lbs - 50lbs for men will do fine. If you are unable to get all of the sets you can start off with one you can afford and keep adding as you go.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

You can also go resistance bands in place of dumbbells. These are very affordable and portable to be taken anywhere if you travel a lot. Plus they provide a really good workout.


Simple Bench or Stability Ball

This isn’t a must but it does help add a variety of additional exercises. A stability ball will require more balance but it is a tad less expensive. Some thick floor mats can also be a good substitute for a bench and you can also use them when you do ab workouts.

Pullup bar

Simple Bench or Stability Ball

This isn’t a must but it does help add a variety of additional exercises. A stability ball will require more balance but it is a tad less expensive. Some thick floor mats can also be a good substitute for a bench and you can also use them when you do ab workouts.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

When it comes to an enclosed place and needing to do cardio, jumping rope is one of the best options. So put on some Rocky theme songs and start jumping.

Plenty of space

Plenty of Space

Ok, maybe not that much space, but you want to make sure you have adequate space to perform your workouts with good form. Sometimes all you need to do is pull out a coffee table. If you can dedicate an entire room for workouts.

If you do have some extra money to build something bigger here is all you need.

Bench Press

Bench Press

I think this one goes without any explanation. If you have the resources, get a bench press and be sure to add the next thing on this list.

Olympic Bar

Olympic Bar and Olympic Weights

Don’t go for the cheap ones at Walmart. Get an olympic bar, the cost is worth it. For the weights you want to get at least the minimum of 225 lbs, of course more is better. For 225 lbs be sure to get two of each, 45lbs, 25lbs, 5lbs and four 10lbs (remember the Olympic bar is 45lbs, some are 35lbs so make sure you know what you are getting). If you get a 35lbs get two extra 5lbs.

Squat Rack

Squat Rack / Power Cage

If you are feeling generous you can always get a squat rack/power cage. Now if you will be going this route you don’t need a bench press. All you will need is a simple bench with adjustable angles and you can slide that baby into the squat rack for bench.

Now I know a lot of you are wondering about an elliptical or treadmill, I personally wouldn’t spend my money on something that you can easily substitute for going outside and running or doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, like insanity). However, some prefer the former over the later. To each their own just be aware of the expense and the fact that you need to get on it more than once to burn actual calories.

You don't need to get everything on the list, you can get the ones you can afford at the moment and still get in a great workout. Slowly build your gym, you don't need to go out an purchase every equipment out there. Most important of all, have fun!

And remember, just because you have a gym sitting and collecting dust doesn’t get you a workout. You need to put in the work, time and effort.


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