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Essential Oil To Naturally Fight Aging

Updated on October 4, 2014

Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Have you ever thought about exactly how much you've spent on anti-aging creams, soaps, and other skin care treatment products? Only then are you probably aware of how expensive these products can get. The sad part is that most of these synthetic cosmetic products fail to live up to the promised quality such that you do not acquire the anti-aging effects it promised.

And did you know that the use of essential oils in aromatherapy offer a natural and inexpensive way to slow down the process of aging so you get to preserve your youthful appearance over a longer period of time? Read more to find out how.

What Are Anti-Aging Essential Oils?

Since they are produced from organic plant sources that contain natural healing properties, essential oils offer a mild but effective way to nourish your skin with beneficial properties that preserve its youthful glow and appearance. In fact, if you were to examine the labels of some of the skin and hair care products you purchased in the market, you will find that it includes essential oils as some of the ingredients. Hence, their ability to protect or promote better health for your skin and health is widely recognized.

Two common properties found in various essential oils are responsible for this anti-aging action: astringent and antibacterial properties. They fight free radicals that result in various forms of infection or skin disorders. And by eliminating the root of the problem, the enhancing properties of the oil take over and provide natural skin care treatment. In combination with using oils, you also need to observe proper means of caring for your skin to avoid damage. Below are some of the few excellent choices of essential oils you can include in your natural skin care treatment.

Herbal & Natural Remedies : What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil

Oregano Oil

Oregano is a trusted oil when it comes to combating the effects of aging in the body, particularly your skin. Some of its valuable properties that contribute to an anti-aging effects are antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti-aging properties.

Regular use of oregano oil can have multiple benefits to your skin. It essentially contains antioxidants, which help eliminate harmful toxins off your skin to promote natural health. Moreover, the elimination of toxins help to cleanse your skin to replenish youthful glow.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a wonderful aromatherapy oil that you can use to naturally slow down the process of aging. This is due to the potent properties contained in it which includes anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiviral properties.

For those with oily skin problems, tea tree oil is an excellent way to reduce moisture and regulate production of oil in your glands. The properties of tea tree oil help naturally cleanse your pores to prevent clogging up, and consequently reduce the possibility of acne formation. Moreover, it provides enough moisture to your skin to keep it glowing and young-looking.

As mentioned above, tea tree oil is an excellent oil to use for acne treatment. Since acne is mainly caused by the presence of bacteria that leads to inflammation on the surface of your skin, you can prevent this from happening by clearing up your pores and discourage bacterial development.

Evening Primrose Oil - CaliVita -secret of youth

Oil of Oregano - Nature's Antibiotic

Evening Primrose Oil

In addition to emitting a mild but sweet floral essence, evening primrose oil is quite beneficial for your skin as it produces an anti-aging action. You can use it to prepare a natural skin conditioner. Evening primrose oil is rich in fatty acids that when applied directly on the affected area of the skin can visibly reduce swelling or inflammation. With regular use, it can help improve the overall complexion of your skin.

To absorb the beneficial properties of the oil, you can add a few drops of the oil to your warm bathwater. In addition to inhaling its steam, it is absorbed directly by your skin to produce an anti-aging action. Make sure to dilute it using carrier oil to avoid skin sensitivity.

More Anti-Aging Oils

Your ability to experience anti-aging effects through aromatherapy basically depend on the type of oil you use. What you want are properties that promote anti-aging action on your skin and body. Here are some of the essential oils that are commonly used for anti-aging supplements:

  • carrot oil
  • German chamomile oil
  • geranium oil
  • frankincense oil
  • jasmine oil
  • lavender oil
  • neroli oil
  • lemon oil
  • palmarosa oil
  • rose oil
  • sandalwood oil
  • rosemary oil
  • petitgrain oil
  • patchouli oil
  • clary sage oil
  • cypress oil
  • ylang ylang oil, etc.

Essential Oil Skin Moisturizer

As you age, your skin's natural texture will gradually change as well. It loses moisture and starts to wrinkle. However, you can maintain the smoothness of your skin and bring back moisture with the use of essential oils as natural skin moisturizer.

The ingredients you need for making this skin moisturizer include the following essential oils: calendula, aloe vera, witch hazel, and green or white tea. These essential oils contain alpha-hydroxy acids that act as natural astringent on your skin to eliminate toxins and reduce the possibility of acquiring skin damage. It also aids in the formation of new skin cells to produce a more vibrant complexion.

Oil of Oregano - Naturally Savvy

Essential Oil Blend For Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the biggest hurdles when dealing with aging skin. But did you know that essential oils also contain natural properties that reduce wrinkling on your skin? You can prepare homemade anti-wrinkle essential oil blend that contains neroli, geranium, lavender, German chamomile, and carrot essential oils.

Combine all of these essential oils with a carrier oil to dilute its concentration and make it safe for topical application. With regular use, you should be able to enjoy wrinkle-free and healthy-looking skin.

Essential Oil For Anti-Aging

For a complete natural anti-aging treatment, there are several essential oils that you can combine into a blend to promote healthy skin. But not only do these oils fight aging, they also nourish the skin to preserve its natural moisture and health.

For your natural anti-aging essential oil blend, you will need the following essential oils to make your blend: neroli, carrot, evening primrose, frankincense, lavender, fennel, rosemary and lemon essential oil. Simply apply the essential oil blend directly on your skin in a lather to nourish your skin naturally. For best results, use this blend a few times daily.

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