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Essential Oils and Nail Care

Updated on December 23, 2015

Basics of Nail Care

Manicure and pedicure are two of the most common methods used nowadays in caring for your nails. Your nails are made up of keratin, a type of protein that is one of the building blocks of your body. Nails play an important role, especially in protecting your toes and hands from trauma. Therefore, you need to provide as much care for them as you would other parts of the body because they serve huge importance in proper function.

Read below to learn more about natural nail care methods and treating common nail problems using essential oils.

Treating Nail Fungus

According to health statistics, about 35 million people from all over the world suffers from nail fungus. With such an alarming number, you need to be able to realize the value of proper nail care to provide such infections or nail problems from occurring. This particular condition is caused by the presence of a fungus known as onychomycosis on your nail/s that is characterized by discoloration or deformities on the affected nails.

Although there are several OTC products that can be used for treating nail fungus, nothing beats natural treatment such as using essential oils. Common essential oils recommended for treating nail fungus include tea tree oil, oregano, and lavender essential oils. The anti fungal and antiseptic properties of the oils help in combating the fungi that is causing the infection and prevents it from coming back.

Treating Weak Nails

This is one of the most common nail problems that people have of their nails. Most have this misconception that as long as you are not suffering from any type of nail diseases then there is no use exerting that much effort on nail care. This is certainly wrong. Like any parts of the body, your nails need proper and regular nourishment for it to grow healthy. It requires essential nutrients and vitamins to prevent the possibility of developing brittle and weak nails. These types of nails easily split or crack on the edges due to lack of strength.

You can prepare homemade essential oil nail conditioner using a combination of jojoba oil, tea tree, lavender, and lemon essential oils added with a vitamin E gel capsule. By applying it directly on your nail bed on a regular basis, it would considerably increase the strength of your nails.

Creating Essential Oil Nail Care Blends

Nails are an important part of your body, which is why you need to offer it immense care as you would any other body parts. Since they are delicate, you need to precisely choose the products you are exposing your nails to so you can avoid destroying its natural nutrients and deplete it off moisture.

Essential oils and aromatherapy has already wide range of use in terms of addressing several health problems. But your nails can also greatly benefit from its wonderful nourishing and healing properties to enhance overall health of your nails or cure nail problems.

Nail Ointment

An essential oil nail ointment is beneficial in strengthening your nails to prevent breakage or becoming brittle. Preparing this oil solution at home takes only a few minutes.

First, you need to prepare all ingredients to use in making the ointment blend. They are as follows: 4 drops each for palo santo, myrrh, citrus, and geranium essential oils. You must add 10 drops of carrier oil and a jar of rose ointment. You will need a double broiler to heat all of these ingredients together and make sure you use a stainless steel cooking equipment.

Once the ingredients have completely melted, you must add the rose ointment and remove it from the heat. Put it into a separate container and add the essential oils. You will need only a few amount to apply directly on your nail bed using a cotton swab.

Making Aromatherapy Products : Using Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

Pedicure and Foot Massage

Nail Growth Oil

If you want to improve or quicken up the pace of your nail growth, then it is easy to prepare a nail growth treatment using essential oils. Plus, its application is very easy and you can easily get started with preparing this at home.

For the ingredients, you will need 10 drops each for the following essential oils: myrrh, frankincense, and lemon oil. Take a vial or any small container so you can put all these oils together. Then, mix it thoroughly to ensure that all properties of the oils are combined. To use this oil solution, simply apply it directly onto your bare nails using a paintbrush preferably two times a day.

Nail Butter

Creating a nail butter solution using essential oils help to maintain moisture on your nails and achieve an improved appearance on the skin surrounding your nails. The ingredients you need for this natural nail care recipe include two tablespoons each of beeswax and cocoa butter, a tablespoon of grapeseed oil, 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil, and 4 drops each for the following essential oils: geranium, sandalwood, carrot, rosemary, and rose essential oils.

On top of low heat, place the jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax into a double broiler. Once the ingredients have completely melted, you are now ready to add the essential oil ingredients. Then, wait for it to cool down before pouring onto your storage container. For its application, use an orange stick and massage it against your nails.

Caring For Your Nails Naturally

Still, prevention is the best cure. Hence, you need to take note of proper nail care measures to ensure that you are keeping your nails healthy and prevent any types of nail diseases. Here are some practical tips to consider:

  • Avoid excessive hand washing as it can wash away your hands and nails' natural moisture.
  • Always protect your hands and nails by wearing gloves when handling cleaning solutions or other substances that contain chemicals.
  • Avoid excessive use or application of nail care products such as nail polish. If you are going to apply nail polish at all, make sure it contains natural ingredients instead of containing formaldehyde.
  • Use sanitary or clean implements when you are trying to clean your own nails at home to avoid the possibility of acquiring infections.
  • When trimming your nails, make sure it is of manageable length.

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