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Essential Oils For Physical and Internal Beauty

Updated on December 27, 2015

Enhancing Natural Beauty with Essential Oils

Today, most people are plagued with stress, financial woes, and a hectic lifestyle that has resulted to deprivation of basic relaxation and some pampering in life. The use of essential oils offer a wonderful but natural way to rejuvenate your body and its senses that will help preserve or enhance your natural beauty. Some beauty experts or those that belong to the beauty and cosmetics industry even advocate the use of essential oils due to its ability to provide natural means for curing, healing, and preserving your beauty.

This applies for both men and women, such as caring for your skin, hair, and other parts of the body. But the ability to preserve your youthful look and glow with the use of essential oils lie in your ability to choose the right type of oil to use and the method of application that will ensure acquisition of its valuable properties.

Physical Beauty

Essential oils contain natural properties that act on the various parts of the body to bring about improvement. The most basic area that most people look into when talking about beauty is on a physical level. Of course, you always need to look your best and essential oils can help you achieve that. There are several aromatherapy applications intended to enhance and revitalize your body. Not only does it help to de-stress your body, but it also enables you to look better.

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin and maintaining its youthful glow is one of the biggest dilemma that most people face. But your problem will soon be over as pure essential oils have been identified to offer skin moisture and add nourishment to keep it healthy and vibrant. If you were to examine most skin care products sold in the market these days, you will notice that they use pure essential oils as one of the basic ingredients.

This is due to the anti-inflammation, antioxidant, cellular metabolism stimulation, and tissue regeneration activity present in those oils when introduced to your skin. For your entire body, essential oils are often used as massage oils to ease muscle tension, soothe and moisturize your skin.

Hair Care

Apart from the skin, the hair is one of those aspects of physical beauty that most people are concerned about. There are actually a lot of hair care products available in the market for just about any type of hair condition. However, they are often quite expensive and you cannot afford to so. Moreover, there are also certain risks with excessive use of synthetic hair care products due to its chemical content that could ruin your hair in the long run while depleting it off natural moisture.

You can make your own hair condition using essential oils. For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon each of lanolin, glycerine, and almond oil, 3 drops of rosemary or chamomile oil, and 1 egg. Mix together the essential oil, carrier oil, glycerine, and lanolin. After thoroughly incorporated, beat the egg. Use this mixture to gently massage on your hair and scalp. Let it sit on your hair for at least 10 minutes before washing it off to ensure that the oils are fully absorbed by your hair and scalp.

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Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

Eye Care

Aside from your skin and hair, one other physical feature that is highly noticeable are the eyes. But due to the excessive amount of stress and lack of relaxation in the modern lifestyle, most people develop eye bags, have weary eyes, and other similar symptoms that take away its natural glow. Therefore, you need to take care of your eyes as much as you would any other part of the body.

One effective natural remedy is a natural gel solution using essential oils. For this one, you will need half a cucumber and reduce it to liquid form. Once you have the cucumber liquid, you can mix it with a wheatgerm oil capsule and other herbs like parsley, marigold,fennel, and comfrey. Wait for the mixture to cool down before applying it around your eyes. By doing this regularly, you will significantly reduce puffness, eye bags, and wrinkles around your eyes.

Inner Beauty

Some say that your inner beauty far exceeds that of physical beauty. After all, the latter is based only on what you see in the surface. Or in some cases, the external beauty is only a manifestation of your internal beauty or your ability to believe in yourself to possess that beauty.

Essential oils and aromatherapy is an excellent way to establish your inner beauty since most people are too consumed with the physical that they fail to appreciate it. The ability to transcend the surface and build your self esteem is just one of the many psychological and emotional benefits that you can derive from using essential oils.

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Lavender essential oil for skin care

Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

In aromatherapy, true inner beauty comes out due to a balance in your mind, body, and spirit. The beauty experienced on the surface is ephemeral and inner beauty is far more lasting and create profound effects on one's life. In order to allow your natural internal beauty to shine through, you must first get rid of the negativities within whether it is caused by stress or negative form of thinking.

For this happen, you need to get your senses involved and the use of essential oils to establish a multi-sensory experience is very important. The essences from the oils provide healing for your life energy instead of just merely treating your physical body. The link between your sense of smell and the brain's limbic system is mainly responsible for producing physiological changes. It involves uplifting your spirit and stress reduction.

Gaining Confidence

In addition to attaining balance between your outer and inner beauty, one of the biggest benefits to using essential oils is to learn to believe in yourself. In this modern world, most people put a lot of value and importance on looks and appearances. But the use of soothing essential oils like rose, geranium, vetiver, lavender, jasmine, and valor will produce that feel good sensation. Once you feel good about yourself internally, it will be manifested through your physical beauty.

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