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Excellent Hearing a Blessing and a Curse

Updated on November 26, 2016

The Human Ear


My Hearing is Too Good

My excellent hearing is a blessing and a curse. Sounds others don't notice are often startling, and, at time, even painful to me. I can't go to concerts because I can't take the loud music that blares from giant speakers. I can't even enjoy going to a movie because the volume is so loud. I know. You don't think it is loud, but to me, it is very loud. I wear ear plugs in church because the music is so very loud to me; and I wear them on planes to drown out the engine noise. That beeping sound that trucks make when backing up? It's painful to me. My husband says I can hear a mouse whizzing on a cotton ball.

I usually know of problems before others around me are aware of them. Things such as an ambulance coming from behind, thunder. So, yes my excellent hearing is both a blessing and a curse. Among our family and friends, only our little dog, C.C., introduced in Living With and Caring For a Maltese Dog, has better hearing than me.


My Hearing is Too Good

I cannot tune out sounds and conversations surrounding me in public places. Would I exchange it for the opposite problem? Absolutely not.

Good hearing is truly a blessing, but sometimes, it can be annoying. For example, in a restaurant, I hear the conversations at all the tables around me. Sometimes those conversations drown out the person with whom I'm trying to converse. It is like a constant cacophony of voices all around me -- and it can be maddening. Sometimes the conversations I overhear are funny, sometimes they are private, and I know that, if the people knew they were being overheard, they would be embarrassed. Sometimes I can't help laughing at a conversation three tables away, and my husband wants to know what's so funny.

On the other hand, I have changed my mind about what to order from a dinner menu after overhearing someone two tables away describe his/her food. One time it was a glowing report to the person's dinner companion. Another time, it sounded as if the food was terrible.

Once, I wanted to shout to a man that the Colbert Report is meant to be funny -- it is NOT real news. This was after hearing his indignant comments to his friend about a news story he had heard on that program. I didn't comment, at least not so he could hear me.

Newborn Babe


Have Your Newborn's Hearing Checked Immediately

Some states require that hospitals check the hearing of newborn infants before the child leaves the hospital. This simple hearing test can detect problems, and prevent future hearing loss. More states should require it. More insurance companies should cover it.


Is Your Hearing Being Damaged Daily?

Do you constantly have to ask your spouse, roommate, parents, etc., to turn the TV or music down? If someone around you has a hearing loss, and needs sounds to be louder, the increased volume is causing further damage to his/her hearing. At the same time, it is also damaging your hearing. The fact that most people resist hearing aids is a commentary on false pride that many of us have.

There is no shame in getting hearing assistance. Not only will assistance help you to hear better, and therefore, to be able to participate in conversations around you, it will also prevent further hearing loss. Hearing aids these days are tiny, and not even noticeable.

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As a Child, I Thought Everyone Could Hear What I Could Hear

As a child, while riding my bicycle, I would get so mad when cars would come from behind and honk their horns as they went around me. I know now, the drivers were simply letting me know of their presence. Little did they know, I could hear them long before they were close to me. I was a child. I didn't know I had exceptional hearing. I thought everyone could hear what I could hear!

We have returned to going to movies:

We have recently begun going to a few movies. I take my ear plugs and my Beats headphones in my purse, then put them on after I am seated. I have noticed that, for some movies, it is only during the previews that I need the headphones.

Please have your newborn's hearing checked immediately. You will never regret it.

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