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Fitness for Children - if They Dont Like Sport?

Updated on July 8, 2011

There are many sport lessons included at school. Some children seems to have nature talents, some are just not. Some may enjoy the competition and try to be the best. Some rather shy and feel uncomfortable.

I was thinking on my own case as I was a child. I was not sportive at all. In fact, I hate sport lesson at school. Later on I realized that the reason was that was not that I hate sport itself, but I hate being observed and being pushed to play good. I felt that I couldn’t be myself.

Don’t laugh, but I didn’t get any swimming lessons at school, and I did not know how to swim until I was 20. Now I love swimming and wish I could turn back the time! My parents are not fans of swimming and thus they don’t bother to introduce me with this sport. The older I got the more embarrassed I became when I try to learn in public swimming pool. It will another story how I -finally- managed to learn swimming and make it to my regular exercise. J

Allright basically I want to discuss why some kids not like sport and what can we do

Exercise in Team

Sport activities such as baseball, soccer, football, ice-hockey, volleyball requires team work and at the same time requires children to do their best. However there are cases where children do not like these kind of sports.

If any child do not like exercising in team, the reason maybe:

1) They are not feeling comfortable playing in a team.

In this case, try to find out what the real reason is. It maybe the competitive situation that put the child on the pressure and thus make the child feel nervous and cannot enjoy his/herself. It maybe the coach that are too hard to the player. It maybe parents that wishing a child continue his/her proud and loyalty in one sport. If one child cannot be a star athlete in football, perhaps he has heart into swimming or running.

It is important to find out the reason and to support the child to find a sport that fit him.

2) They are still developing basic skills

In young age children are still developing their basic skills. Kids who had not practiced in specific sport might need more time to exercise. You may practice with your kids. If possible at your home. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, badminton, you can practice with your child at home. First it will give them the opportunity to learn and to exercise in a comfortable environment. It will not embarrassed them to fail and to learn again. If you don’t have the space at home, you still can practice with your child in public or shared place.

3) Still searching for the right one

A kid who does not like football may have the drive to be a swimmer, or climbing or biking. Parents can support their children to explore many exercise to find their interests and to develop it. Give a thought of possible sports that may fit to the child body, characters, abilities, strength and weakness. It is not to forget to tell and emphasize the children that it is for them to enjoy and to have fun.

4) Physical condition

Eyes condition, overweight, asthma, height, weight - just to mention some that not every children are the same in the physical condition. For example for a child with asthma might feel more comfortable to exercise in golf rather than cycling; A child with not-so-sharp eyes might feel more comfortable to exercise jumping rope rather than ice-hockey.

Some people enjoy playing in team, some other don’t. Actually it is natural that children play outside and exercise. However nowadays tendency shows that more children are spending too much time in front of television or computer -whether it is due to too less time after school, no space to exercise or to play at home, etcetera etcetera, there are plenty excuses as well.


There are exercises that do not requires team work and children can exercise themselves. Free individual exercises are for example

- Walking

- Running

- Trampoline

- Indoor/Outdoor climbing

- Horse riding

- Dancing

- Inline skating

- Cycling

- Hiking

- Skiing

- Skateboarding

- Golf

- Fencing

- Gymnastic

- Martial arts

- Frisbee

- Running

- Jumping rope

- Rafting

- Bowling

- Yoga

All in all it needs a lot of time to investigate what suit to your child. It needs lots of time to try and to have fun. It is investment to what someone will enjoy for a long time. And perhaps you discover something that you like as well and didn’t have chance to practice as you were a child. An uncle of mine find his love exercising golf as he was over 40 already.

Hope you enjoy yourself helping your children finding the right exercise!


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    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 5 years ago from India

      My daughter just shuts the door of her room and dances inside listening to the music in her i-pod. I was worried a bit for her not going out and playing games. After reading your hub, I am relieved to learn that it is okay, if they exercise alone. Thank you.

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 7 years ago from Germany

      @cashmere, princessa: thanks! it is an honor that you dropped by.

      yes indeed parents need to be creative and make it sound less "sport" for the children who dont really into sport. Walking is easy and very healthy. I did the same as you to motivate children do more. As I did daycare for a young girl, I also made her walk and run about half an hour in park on the way to her home. We played chasing or collected stones on ways. she slept well at night too.

      Hope you will never ran out of idea to invent ways! :)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      Sometimes can be difficult to motivate a child to exercise. Mine are not very sporty -at least not yet- so I invent ways to make them have long walks. For example if they want to go to the park, I make them walk there (45m. there and 45m. back). The same if they want to go to the town to buy something or if they want to visit someone. It works!

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 7 years ago from India

      Mine just likes to run around. He hates the rules of games. All he wants to do is run about chasing his friends, so u can imagine Tag is his fav game!