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Exercise For The Obese Person: Selecting The Right DVD Program

Updated on March 14, 2015
If you choose the right exercise program, you will be more likely to stick with it and achieve your weight loss and health goals.
If you choose the right exercise program, you will be more likely to stick with it and achieve your weight loss and health goals.

For the person considered obese, exercise is just about the very last thing they want to even consider. I get that. I have been there. I know how uncomfortable it feels to do things that others don’t even need to think about. I know how horrible it feels to have fat jiggling while you move, to be red in the face and battle with being out of breath while others go through the exercise program with ease, their hairdos still perfectly in place, and their make-up intact.

As much as I tell you that it doesn’t matter what others think of you; that you are making the effort to lose the weight you’ve put on, and wharra, wharra, wharra, I know that if you have been obese for a while and suddenly begin an exercise program which involves other, thin people watching you, you are going to feel embarrassed. But the good news is that you can buy an exercise program on Amazon which you can do at home, and which doesn’t involve a lot of jumping around.

You can start out slowly with a mild exercise program, and progress to harder core fitness programs as your fitness level increases.

Ok, so let’s take a look at the mildest DVD exercise programs you can consider buying on Amazon:

Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Exercise DVD

It’s just a little harder than going walking around the block. Best suited for:

  • Exercise beginners
  • People who don’t want to jump around
  • People who are not into very co-ordinated aerobic workouts
  • People considered obese and battle with a lot of movement, but who want to improve their health and lose weight.

It only requires 2 sq feet of space, and includes using weights which is optional.

Oxycise! Level One Workout – Easy Does It Exercise DVD.

Best suited for:

  • People considered morbidly obese
  • People who have mobility issues due to weight or age
  • Stressed out people who would benefit from the breathing exercises which help to calm
  • Beginners
  • People suffering with asthma, depression, arthritis and/or back pain

Get a glimpse of what to expect here:

Oxycise! Level 1 DVD Preview:

Pilates Complete for Inflexible People (2005) Exercise DVD

A great exercise DVD to buy for anyone who feels inflexible due to age, injuries or weight. Best suited for:

  • Those wanting to get healthy, strong and flexible while losing weight
  • Stressed people who want a way to get calm
  • Exercise beginners
  • Those who don’t want to jump around

Richard Simmons Boogie Down the Pounds! Exercise DVD

A fun workout for those who love to dance. Best suited for:

  • Exercise beginners
  • Those who want a low impact aerobic workout plus toning and stretching
  • People who don’t necessarily want to jump around to get their heartbeat up
  • Those who love to dance
  • People who particularly enjoy music of the 70’s

Here’s a glimpse:

Richard Simmons' Boogie Down the Pounds DVD Preview:

Biggest Loser Cardio Max Exercise DVD

If you would have loved the chance to be selected for the Biggest Loser contest, why not follow the exercise program they used? All the Biggest Loser contestants did this program, and they are mostly quite large to start off with, so if they could do it, so can you. Who would the program most suit?

  • Those who really want to get down to it and sweat off the fat

This is a cardio program, so it involves a fair amount of “jumping around” but not the typical aerobics-jumping-around.

Other Ways to Find an Exercise Program for an Obese Person

If you still haven’t found anything you can relate to, simply go to and do a search on “exercise DVD for obese”, or check other Amazon recommended exercise DVD’s below.

Find any exercise program DVD on this site where a certified trainer has done all the programs. An excellent resource:

What Do You Think?

After reading the above information, do you feel more positive about finding the right exercise program?

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    • Get Thin for Good profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Carradice 

      5 years ago from Western Cape, South Africa

      I've noticed that when people usually start out exercising, they have very high ideals. They may buy themselves books written by top workout guys for really fit people, or equipment they plan to use for workouts they won't enjoy. When their exercise programs fall flat, they don't understand why it could not be sustained. So its best to start off with a mild workout that you know you can finish, and choose a workout program that you actually enjoy. That way you have a fighting chance of victory...learned by experience :-)

    • Get Thin for Good profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Carradice 

      5 years ago from Western Cape, South Africa

      Well I would say that's wise :-) Got to do what works for you, and that's different to others.

      And yes, weight loss is a huge industry because it preys off desperate people...

    • SuperiorInteriors profile image


      5 years ago from San Diego, California

      No problem! Seems like there's a new weight loss craze every couple of months. Not to sound lazy but I like the idea of starting with a mild workout! haha

    • Get Thin for Good profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Carradice 

      5 years ago from Western Cape, South Africa

      Thanks for your comment!

    • SuperiorInteriors profile image


      5 years ago from San Diego, California

      Selecting the right weight loss program is key! Make sure that you select the right bathroom scale as well! Become aware of some common problems with scales here.


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