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Exercise Treadmills for Stress Management as Well as Fitness and Weight Loss

Updated on March 16, 2013

Fitness Treadmills for Better Mental Health and a Healthier Body!

Exercise not only benefits the body but can help with mental “fitness” too. Obviously the brain has no muscle to exercise, however the “feel good factor” that most of us have experienced after exercising has a biological cause which can also be good for you too.

Fighting Depression With Exercise

Studies have shown that moderate levels of exercise can be just as effective at treating low level depression as pharmaceutical drugs, this is due to the combination of chemicals and hormones that are released during exercise. Plus the side of effects of exercise tend to be good ones, rather than some of the less pleasant ones caused by prescribed drugs.

Fighting the Effects of Stress

Also exercise can help deal with the effects of stress. The “fight or flight” mechanism often gets triggered inappropriately by the perceived threats of modern life e.g. the boss giving you a hard time or the threat of redundancy.

It’s not really appropriate to physically fight or run away from these things, but the body prepares itself to do just that for evolutionary reasons, this can leave forms of adrenaline circulating around the body that don’t get used.

Stress Can Lead To Depression

If adrenaline is needlessly released on a regular basis the adrenaline can begin to have a detrimental effect on the body and excessive stress can turn to depression.

Depression is often the result of high levels of stress over extended periods of time, rather than as some people seem to think as a result of feeling unhappy or sad.

Yes, sad events can sometimes be a trigger, because they are often the most stressful events too. Onlookers of the rich and famous are often puzzled when these people suffer depression, saying what have they got to be unhappy about, but when you realize it's about stress and not initially being unhappy it is easier to understand. They suffer from stresses too, maybe just different to the ones you or I have.

So back to treadmills, these can be a convenient way of burning off the stress related release of adrenaline to counter some of these negative effects.

Fitness Treadmills In A Weight Loss Plan

Exercise treadmills can be a very convenient way of getting the exercise that should be part of any weight loss plan.

Fitness treadmills are top of the list when it comes to home exercise equipment, they have a proven record of being used rather than being resigned to gather dust like a lot of more gimmicky equipment sold on the shopping channels!

Do You Get Bored Exercising?

Yes, well this happens a lot! If the thought of the next exercise session bores you, what's likely to happen is that you will find some excuse not to do it. So what do you do?

Make Exercise Fun

The beauty of a treadmill is that your body remains in the same space, meaning you can watch TV or listen to music or even read at slower speeds, so it is much easier to find that elusive “right time” to exercise.

Make exercise fun and you'll be back for more, make your treadmill time about doing something you really enjoy, like listening to music or watching a TV program.

Plus you won't have to feel guilty about taking some "you" time to do something you enjoy as you are doing something healthy at the same time. Also the time flies when you are enjoying yourself!

Treadmills are not for avoiding walking the dog ;-)

Grab A Bargain

So whether you want to help lose weight or achieve your desired level of fitness, with the added benefits for better mental health seriously consider an exercise treadmill. With the current economic climate there are some great bargains to be had.

Thought for the day

Smiling has no language barrier, it's free, contagious and the more you give the more you'll get back!

Fact - People who smile a lot tend to enjoy better mental and physical health.

So I hope the video made you smile!


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