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exercise with out knowing it

Updated on April 24, 2012

If the word exercise makes you cringe, you're doing it wrong

I'm right there with you. That word just sounds like its tedious and time consuming. Personally pizza and a good movie with the puppy dog just sounds more appealing then sweating on a treadmill for an hour. However, in my adventures today I found out when its called something different it doesn't sound much like work at all. You can call it Ted if you like but specifically I am talking about kick ball. "Kick ball"...ahh so much better, and nostalgic to boot!

Kids have that active thing down to a science. So what are they doing right? They are not making it a chore. They are having fun with their friends and staying fit. As you get older you hear how important it is to exercise and how it reduces stress and blah blah blah. Now, take the same blah blah blah and put kick ball in front of it. See you smiled just at the thought of playing as an adult. (Just a side note apparently laughing and such reduces stress too so keep going with that) I look forward to my tuesday night kickball games much more then I look forward to my 4 day a week work out. Having a bunch of silly adults run around a diamond is just so much better for the soul.

Don't get me wrong that yucky word (What did we decide on calling it?Oh yes. Ted, thats right) Ted is great for all sorts of reasons but you are more likely to stick with Ted if your having fun. Keep your regular work out going but mix it up a bit. If you and Ted are not acquainted yet try silly things to start out like skipping to the door to get that pizza for Mr. Woofels and yourself. Practice your scary monster pose and see how long you can keep your arms over your head while stomping through the house. Play the lava game and jump to the most obscure colored tile in the mall. People will look at you funny but there are two reasons this is ok. 1) They are not having as much fun and 2) Their leisurely stroll from store to store is not burning near as many calories.

Im telling you kids have it right so bring out your inner child and get the abs you've always wanted.


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