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The Exerciser 2000 Elite REVIEW - Read This BEFORE Trying

Updated on May 7, 2013

The Exerciser 2000 Elite Passive Exercise Machine - Does It Really Work?

Can passive exercise really manage pain and improve our well-being in most of the same ways that active/aerobic exercise does?

My professional background includes 15 years as a Nursing Home Administrator. We relied heavily on Physical Therapy and Range of Motion exercises to assist our patients in the improvement of their health and mobility.

These exercises were a combination of passive and active, based on the patientâs condition. Some patients could do both active and passive, most could only do passive. Without the help of passive exercises the health and well-being of many of our patients would have suffered greatly.

We are all aware of the many benefits of regular exercise, for all ages, whether it be active or passive:

Increased Energy Level - Oxygenates the Blood - Improved Circulation - Heart Health - Lowered Blood Pressure - Increased Lymph Movement - Diabetes - Reduced Fatigue - Depression - Increased Heart Rate -

Calories Burned - Control Weight - Muscle Tone - Increased Metabolism - Reduced Stress - Lymph Fluid Movement -

Joint Health - Improved Flexibility - Relaxation

The Clark Exerciser 2000 Elite passive exerciser has proven it will provide positive results in all of these areas.

Of course you can find circles where the benefits of passive exercise are debated, but just click here and read the many testimonials by users in response to 34 different health issues from Arthritis to Stiff Muscles.

All these responses come from individuals providing their own self-healing by way of the Clark Exerciser. And they do it without adding any harmful stress or impact to their joints. This is real home health with NO side effects.

And it all took place while they were lying down!

The Exerciser Elite was designed to benefit all ages and most circumstances. It can be included as part of your regular active exercise, both before and/or after. Using the unit before exercise readies your muscles and using the unit afterwards helps the winding down process.

I walk five days per week, do stretching six days per week, and I still need the relaxing benefits of the exerciser.

If you are one of those people who simply does not like to exercise or if you are disabled and canât be as active as you would like to be, but need the benefits of passive exercise, this well-built machine is definitely the answer.

Operating the unit is extremely easy. Just lie down on your back, place your ankles on the cushioned sheepskin covered (optional) ankle rest, power up the unit by using the hand-held controller, select the desired speed and time, and youâre on your way to self-healing.

The machine does the rest by providing a less than 2 inch side to side gentile swing motion of your lower extremities. This basically describes Chi therapy.

The unit comes with very clear instructions about what times and speeds you should use to meet your needs.

The Exerciser can be purchased directly from Clark Enterprises.

Use this promotional code to receive free shipping when ordering from Clark : AFFSHIP

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The Chi Swing Concept

Other similar machines as the Exerciser 2000 Elite attach the name Chi to their equipment.

Chi Therapy is an Oriental concept whereby your energy level is enhanced with the creation of energy flow throughout the body with a gentle side-to-side swinging motion of the lower extremities.

It has been in existence and provided remarkable results for thousands of years.

Machines were introduced in Japan in 1992 and 1997 in the US.

Chi Therapy is utilized by Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Natural Healing Therapists and numerous other health care providers by way of human application as well as machines.

It's popularity has been growing over the last ten years.

Image Credit

About the Clark Exerciser 2000

Clark introduced their first Exerciser Elite in 1999.

Clark purposely designed their unit to match the larger physiques of Western Culture and it is built

for long time use with the idea of providing peace of mind knowing that their customers own the highest quality low impact machine available.

Every unit is built by ISO-9001 certified engineering standards that are designed to meet the demands of their customers which is delivered by concerned management and quality products.

When you combine the Exerciser Elite and the tranquil solitude of healing one's self, the certain benefits can be very rewarding.

Each unit also carries the ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) seal of approval. This simply means that you are buying a professionally built, high quality, safe product.

It comes with a heavy duty, high torque motor, 5 speed operation, 16 minute digital timer, a safety shutoff, a standard 2 year warranty and an additional 2 year warranty option for parts and labor.

Service after the sale is considered to be of utmost importance.

The unit is marketed under title 21 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Other equivalent units may cost less, some may cost more, but the Clark Exerciser 2000 Elite has been built to outperform any other Chi-swing-type unit on the market.

The word Elite is in this product's name by design.

Use this promotional code to receive free shipping when ordering from Clark : AFFSHIP

The Clark Units are also available on Amazon

Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine
Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine

Clark Wellness: The Helping People Feel Better Company


Comparison Chart for Best Passive Exercise Machines

There are at least a dozen different chi type machines available on the market today.

Prices range all the way from $87.00 to $480.00.

Exerciser 2000 Elite

Original price : $360.00

Speeds : 5

Motor : DC 120V / High Torque 36 W

Swing Frequency : 120-160 / All 5 speeds

Swing Travel : 1.75 inches

Safety Feature : ETL Approved

Warranty : 2 Year Parts & Labor

Extended Warranty : Yes

Money Back Guarantee : 90 days

Corporate Ownership : USA

Sun Anchon Chi Machine

Original Price : $480.00

Speeds : 1

Motor : AC 32 W

Swing Frequency : 144

Swing Travel : 1.50 inches

Safety Feature : N/A

Warranty : 2 Year Parts & Labor

Extended Warranty : No

Money Back Guarantee : 14 days

Corporate Ownership : China

The Cost of the Exerciser Elite

$360.00 is a good chunk of change to spend on anything, but let me help you put this in perspective.

At this moment the Unit is on SALE for $320.00.

I like to think of this as an investment in great "Home Health" that puts you in control and will provide years of benefits to everyone in the family.

The "investment" is roughly the equivalent of 5 - 7 visits to a therapist for just one person.

Clark Wellness recommends that you use the unit twice a day. That means the unit would pay for itself in just four days! Plus - You get this wonderful therapy in the comfort of your own home and according to your timetable.

There is an old saying that "You get what you pay for". I believe in this case,

when you invest $360.00 in an Exerciser Elite, you will easily get way more than you paid for....

It's hard to put a price on convenience and Wellness.

Use this promotional code to receive free shipping when ordering from Clark : AFFSHIP

The Passive Exercise Table

For those individuals who don't care to lay on the floor or who are unable to get up and down from the floor, Clark Wellness has the perfect table.

This table is height adjustable, very stable, and extremely comfortable. It also has an adjustable headrest and boasts a user weight limit of 375 pounds.

It comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The table was designed specifically for use with the Elite 2000 which sits on the two wood slats.

The Exerciser Table can be purchased directly from Clark Enterprises.

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Low Impact Exercise Feedback

Have you heard of Chi machines before?

See results

Do you know someone who could benefit from the Exerciser 2000?

See results

See The Exerciser In Action

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Although Chi Therapy has been around for centuries in other cultures, it's utilization in Western culture is somewhat new.

What do you think of this fairly new approach to improving health and healing?

Has This Lens Stimulated Your Interest - Have you ever used an Exerciser Elite or similar unit?

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